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Fire Station 1.0 [text]

App description: Children can explore the world of the fire station by watching short documentary videos about fire vehicles, firefighters, their uniforms, equipment, tools and more. Children can swipe and move through an illustrated world and tap and discover ten short documentary videos. Don't forget to tap on the fire station door to explore inside the station.

iTunes Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/fire-station/id582438604?ls=1&mt=8

iDevices used for the reviews: iPad2 - iPad3 - iPhone4

Total reviews: 5

Developer: Julie R.

Lorraine L.

What I liked I liked the simple interface of this app. The app was easy to navigate without reading any directions. I liked the videoclips of firefighters and the person from the local bakery speaking. The option to turn off and on the music was helpful. I like the way that students can start the video by opening the firehouse door.

Improvements I would like to see one videoclip about a fire safety dog. It would be fun to have an activity with interactive controls for the app user to ring the bell, make the siren go on, press a horn button. Fire safety tips such as 'go low in smoke' would be helpful as well. It would be helpful to include female firefighters in the video.

General review The app was geared appropriately for students of the 4 - 7 aged range. The video tours were the right length and level for this age range. This app is an excellent supplement to a fire safety unit. It provides an inside, personal view of the firehouse.

Lisa W.

What I liked Being a family full of fire and EMS personnel, my younger kids (2-6) really enjoyed this app. We also used this app to pre-teach some of the basics prior to the fire trucks and firefighters coming to visit us. They liked the videos of the firehouse, firetruck/engine, interview of firefighter, bakery, paramedic, and ambulance. The videos were like a virtual field trip.

Improvements I'm not sure what the bakery has to do with this app, so it could be removed. There could be some vocabulary teaching, review questions and perhaps a way to make the names of each item (firehouse, ambulance, firetruck, etc.) in the scene when selected to be read aloud for young children who can't read.

General review My students and children found the videos interesting and watched them on their own repeatedly. It was like a virtual field trip to places in the neighborhood. They liked the interactive items along the street as well (birds, fire hydrants, etc.) This app could be used by teachers to show students what a firehouse, fire truck, and ambulance looks like, as well as teach them about the professions of medic and firefighter.

Becky B.

What I liked The concept for this app is fantastic! The videos are as entertaining as they are educational. I like that the narrators of the videos don't talk down to kids; they simply provide clear information. The bakery video was a nice addition as well. The music is catchy. I love that the "main character" bunny is a girl as so often anything dealing with police/fire/rescue is geared toward boys.

Improvements While the scaled down look of the app is nice, it winds up being so simple that there's not much to it. There are no games and not enough interaction to keep kids coming back. How about adding an interactive phone so kids can practice dialing 911? There's a house and a building that are just part of the background. They could be animated in some way to create an emergency scenario (fire, medical emergency, etc.) where the app user could be prompted to dial 911. There needs to be a bit more to it to justify the price. It should also be usable on the iPad1. Lots of untapped potential here.

General review This is a cute app that provides kids with valuable fire safety information as well as educating them in a general way as to how fire stations and their equipment work. Future versions need to provide more interaction to keep kids engrossed and to make the app price appropriate for the content. There is a lot of room for growth with this app if the developer chooses to take advantage of it!

Alison H.

What I liked I liked the videos, the ease of navigation and the way that things were explained in a clear concise way
The illustrations were clear and everything was explained well. My son especially enjoyed looking at the video of the inside of the firetruck and learning about all the different parts
I also liked that the videos were embedded within the app rather than depending on YouTube to stream which means you can use the app wherever and not worry about your data allowances.

Improvements More interactivity like allowing the bunny to try on the fireman's clothes or aiming the firemans hose and reinacting the various items that are seen within the app
A reminder that children should not hide if a fire alarm goes off in the house or at school and that they need to find a trusted adult. I would also like information about fire safety to be included as well.

General review I liked the app as did my preschooler. I would say this app is aimed at preschool and early elementary school children especially boys who are fascinated with the fire department. It would be nice if it contained interactive games for them to interact with the app and try out the things that they learned within the app. Loved the fact that there were no in-app purchases, that the videos were built directly into the app

Stan A.

What I liked I really like the interactive cartoon illustrations and relaxing upbeat music in this app. Moving between cartoon and live action videos is fun and it has a classic Sesame Street feel to it. The videos are short enough to keep kids engaged but long enough to be very educational. I definitely appreciate the lack of ads and in app purchases.

Improvements I would like to see more content; the app seems a little short for the cost. Expanding the town would be great. I think it would be good to have some sort of indication of where the videos actually are, maybe a sign or some sort of animation. It would be really good if there was at least one additional game or activity that did not involve watching videos. A home fire safety area with more in depth tips would be nice to see.

General review This is a very fun educational app for learning about fire stations, firefighters, ambulances, and more. Switching between live action and a cartoon is great for kids. My daughter enjoys trying to find all of the hidden illustrations and videos. This app is well made but I feel like the content is a little bit thin for the price right now, I hope that it gets much bigger. The absence of in app purchases and ads is great for a kid's app.