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flippi memo v1.0 [text]

App description: "flippi memo" let's you play the well known match 'em memo game without the need of restricting rules and blocking game mechanics. Just play this card game as if you have bought a real memo game box! The cards are not fixed can be freely moved around.

iTunes Link: https://itunes.apple.com/ch/app/flippi-memo/id605715335?mt=8

iDevices used for the reviews: iPad1 - iPad2 - iPad3

Total reviews: 10

Developer: Bianca A.

Frances A.

What I liked I liked that the app flippi memo had an extreme ease of use for children. The app is very touch responsive and gives children the ability to flip and move cards around the screen. It has a wide variety of uses such as for matching and identification skills. Children can play hours on end just flipping the cards and finding all of the pictures held underneath them. The pictures are engaging and have beautiful illustrations of different animals; a category that is recognized by many children.

Improvements Even though this game provides the medium of flipping cards from memory it lacks to much structure. I agree with taking out restrictions and blocking game mechanism but it would make for a better app if there was direction of something that happened when you make a match. I think though it is a game needs some instructions to follow. I found children would just start stimming on the flipping of the cards and were not doing anything constructive.
It doesn't provide motivation for children and this app should be free without additional features added such as multiple levels or difficulty ranges

General review I think the app overall can be very fun and used for a variety of means such as educational and recreational. This app supports communication skills, memorization, socialization and fine motor skills. I think it does need a few slight modifications and then I think app would better serve children on a variety of educational levels.

Lena L.

What I liked Memory card games are a favorite among my younger children. Most memory apps they play provide an exciting element such as sounds or revealing a puzzle picture. This app doesn't provide these elements which was disappointing. My child did enjoy clicking the cards and turning over the animal cards. The pictures were cute for young kids.

Improvements What I would like to see improved with this app is the following:
1) add sound when matches are made
2) make the matches disappear
3) flip back over the cards if a match isn't made
4) provide clear instructions on how to start a new game ( young kids don't understand to click on the sun card for a new deck)

General review I think as the app is right now, it should be offered for free. Work needs to be done to make the app more entertaining, engaging, and educational. This app would work for children under age 3 in my opinion. Since this age would enjoy turning the cards over and seeing the pictures. Children over age 3 will not be challenged and the app will become boring very fast.

Erin K.

What I liked The colors were very bright and the music was nice. The animations were smooth and it worked very well. I also liked that it allowed you to use your own rules and style for playing and it felt like it would be a very good game for teaching a child how to play memory.

Improvements I would like to see the option to choose the size of the matrix. Perhaps 3x3 to 6x6 to allow for a bigger and more challenging game play. That would allow it to mimic box games a little more as those allow for a lot of variety in and larger sized games.

General review For a $1.99 app it seemed very limited. The fact that there were no rules and pressure on making matches seems like it should be an option I can turn off. My son lost interest quickly and noted that it was boring because nothing flipped back over. I also at that price point would have expected other tile sets to help add variety.

sandy g.

What I liked I like that this app is a free play with no correct or incorrect way to play. This app would be a great way for children to play the memory game without having actual cards that can get misplaced. It would be a great on the go entertainment for children to play with each other.

Improvements I wish there was an option to change the illustration on the cards. I would have to see different themes with the playing cards used in the game. I also wish there was an option that allowed you to choose how many cards were shuffled on the playing area which would allow this app to grow with the children playing it.

General review I like the simplicity of this app but am not sure I would pay $1.99 for this app with it current features. I like that there are not restrictions on how you can play this game. This app allows the child to play the memory game as you would play it with actual cards.

Valerie M.

What I liked Kids loved the bright and vibrant graphics in this app. Not having to remember where cards were made it easier for them, but kind of defeated the purpose of memory improvement. It was a great app for kids with disabilities to work on finger isolation and dragging without penalty.

Improvements The kids who played with this liked it the first time and some played it a second and third time, but rarely played a fourth time. Considering that, $1.99 is a little high. This would be more popular if there was a setting to automatically turn cards back over after a pair was not made. Another future enhancement would be additional matrices, from 2x2 to 6x6.

General review Kids loved the bright and vibrant graphics in this app. Not having to remember where cards were made it easier for them, but kind of defeated the purpose of memory improvement. Good app for kids with disabilities to work on motor skills. Slightly overpriced without additional features, like perhaps adding a setting to automatically turn cards back over after a pair was not made and perhaps additional matrices, ranging from 2x2 to 6x6.

Andrew M.

What I liked The cards are colorful and well drawn. No glitches encountered. The ability to drag the cards around the playing surface is novel and fun: my five-year-old loves that. The music is nice if not particularly spectacular. Overall a good app as my daughter keeps playing it.

Improvements One cardinal rule of memory card games is broken in this app - you MUST turn the cards back over when you fail to make a match. Because the app does not do this automatically, the temptation is to just keep turning cards over until the match is found - and that fundamentally changes the nature of the game. If that is fixed, this would be a great game.

General review flippi memo sets out to put a twist on traditional card memory games but goes one turn too far. The ability to freely move cards around the playing surface is great. However, it's a big draw-back that cards stay face-up even when a match is not made. If this issue is changed in an update, this would be a great app. To be fair though, my little girl likes likes this game the way it is.

Lynn G.

What I liked Beautifully illustrated and easy to play, this version of a memory game is great for non-readers. An unlimited number of players can participate. There is no time limit, so a child can play for an unlimited amount of time. There are no distractions, so parents can allow play without fear of seeing inappropriate content.

Improvements I would like to see a different form of feedback for incorrect matches; the simple jump of pictures may not be enough positive feedback for correct matches. I would rather see pictures automatically flip over if incorrect. I think it is always helpful to have a note directed to parents/teachers regarding the goal of the app that also gives direction.

General review If you are looking for a simple memory game, with little feedback or motivation to find matches, then this game is for you. Teaching your child to find the correct match would be difficult in this version: cards remain flipped up even when they don't match. Beautiful illustrations, easy to play. Very little feedback for correct match. I would not be interested in purchasing this app as a parent or educator.

Nathalie C.

What I liked > Simple app that will let kids and family play memo in a not directed and very simple way.
> Nice way to play with 2 players (each player can easily claim his/her cards, like in the real paper board game.
> Cute graphics

Improvements > people may be happy with a little bit more info and options around the core app : introduction menu, with some options (sound off, free game or against the computer game, number of cards in a party, number of players if not against computers, etc.

General review There are tons and tons of memory apps on the AppStore, some of them being very advanced, with many playing options (number of players, level of difficulty, kind of memory, thematics, etc). This nice and cute app has a big advantage: letting players play their own game, as in real life, but lacks a lot of options, especially for the price.

Courtney D.

What I liked I love the simplicity of this app. I love that the user can turn the cards over and keep them flipped, if they choose, or they can turn them back over so the picture is not seen. I think this allows a wide range of users to access the app and enjoy it. I love that the users are exposed to vocabulary targets throughout the game even if that is not intended.

Improvements I wish there were more options than the main screen. I would like to have topics to work through. I think this is a game that, however fun, will be put off to the wayside because there are no differences from experience to experience. What I mean is that I can push the sun and I see the same cards I did the last time and I am doing the same flipping motion. If I could change the pictures or the task, have a time-limit, etc. the challenge might be increased.

General review This is a simple app; however there are a lot of skills that accompany a simple memory game. Memory, problem solving, matching, and picture identification are just a few! I wish the app had more to offer than one board with various pictures. Each interaction seems to be repetitive; however, it is meant for children playing other children and the entertainment factor is present.

mandy N.

What I liked I really liked the pictures in this app. They are cute and friendly with nice bright colors. The music in the background is calming and also inviting. The game is simple for anyone to use with no rules or time limits or set structure to the app. The very young to the very old could use this app easily.

Improvements I would like to see some type of set structure to the app even if the original was there but then only flip two cards at a time, more cards, less cards, ect. I would also like to see where you could change the colors in the background or the card sets even maybe. I would love to see where you could turn on/off the music as well.

General review I believe this app has potential but is not quite there yet. It has a great layout but right now is just a simple matching game that you could easily do with some cards anywhere. If some more was added to it I would defiantly bump it up a rating or two :)