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The Lonely Beast ABC [text]

App description: The Lonely Beast ABC is a flash card alphabet adventure based on Chris Judge’s much loved children’s book, The Lonely Beast. Chris has created 26 new interactive hand-drawn scenes featuring the Beast and his friends, to help kids learn the alphabet, discover new words and have heaps of fun all at the same time.

iTunes Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/the-lonely-beast-abc/id488126177?mt=8

iDevices used for the reviews: iPad2 - iPad3

Total reviews: 10

Developer: James K.

Mary O.

What I liked It was interactive. Both the 2 year old and 5 year old enjoyed the changing elements. The 5 year old figured out how to work through it quickly and enjoyed it. However, she only played it once and wandered off. The 2 year old didn't make it all the way through. It was well laid out and easy to understand.

Improvements "I" should be for a word with an initial sound of short /i/. "s" should be for an /s/ sound. Currently it is associated with the /sh/ phoneme. For the American market, z is pronounced, zee, not zed. Given these mistakes it is unlikely that teachers will use this product in schools or that parents who are teachers will use the product. The first screen should allow the user to enter the product with either a tap or a swipe. The responsiveness to taps and swipes is slow.

General review It will entertain a three to five year old for a short time. Best used as an interactive storybook. Because of mistakes about how we teach the alphabet for American speakers (zed instead of zee, s associated with /sh/ sound instead of /s/ and i associated with /ie/ sound instead of /i/, I wouldn't use it as an educational app. It is slow and overpriced for what it offers.

Erica M.

What I liked I really like that this app is based on a book. This app is really simple for the little ones. I like that each page is interactive by simply touching objects on the scream. The app has very fun sounds when touching different objects. My daughter particularly enjoyed popping the bubbles.

Improvements I like the app the way it is, simple and engaging for younger children. The letter "R" could be sounded out better as it sounds like "OR" instead of saying its name. I don't really have much left to say other than it would be nice if there were other books to choose from with the same concepts as this one.

General review I would not purchase this app if your little one already knows the alphabet by heart, or are looking for a story line. This is simply going through each alphabet letter, with each letter page being interactive. Example Ss is for shell. Its a nice touch that the app shows both upper and lower case letters.

Heather T.

What I liked This app introduced me to the Beast, which I think is a great character (it made me want to read the books). The pages/flash cards are very colorful and appealing, yet simple. There isn't anything to confuse or distract young users and there are just enough interactive features to keep them engaged.

Improvements Why is "Z" pronounced "Zed"? Perhaps that is a regional thing that I am not accustomed to hearing in the USA.
The only improvements I would like to see are lowering the price and possibly adding in a quiz at the end.
I really like the simplicity of the app and the easy-to-use features.

General review This is a great app to help young children with their ABC's. The Beast interacts with several characters and props as he goes through the alphabet. Some of the words that accompany the letters are commonly seen in ABC books, but several are not widely used, which helps children to see a variety of types of words when reading ABC books.

Frances A.

What I liked The app The Lonely Beast ABC is a well developed app based on a children's book. Each page is intriguing, enthralling and interactive app for young children. Each page is the representation of a letter and introduction to new sight words. I like that there are multiple parts of the page that are interactive and helps young children to play and focus on what is on the page. The ability to click on the letter and words give children to recite each letter and word multiple times helping them to retain what they have learned from the app and enjoy what they learn.

Improvements Things that i would like to see in future updates:
- I think that the price is slightly high for an ABC app. Most of the apps in this category are prices free to $1.99 at most; the priced app also come with a variety of features. Perhaps lowering it would help to intrigue new readers.
- This app would need major improvements if it were to be used in a classroom in the United States. I ran into a few words that have different sounds than we would teach such as the letters S and Z.

General review Overall I enjoyed the app. The music was delightful and it is filled with activities on each page to keep the children interacting with the story. The voice saying the words and letters is pleasant and it is a great app for letter recognition, letter identification and sight word recognition. It has the possibility of becoming an amazing app to use with children with minor adjustments. I would recommend this app to app to parents and educators.

Courtney D.

What I liked I was very impressed with this app! I love the interactive pieces throughout the app. I love that some of the letters have more interactive pieces than others. I believe that helps with exploration and problem solving skills in little ones. I also love that the letters and words can be repeated for more exposure. I love the simplicity and intricate detail to the designs of each letter page. There is enough going on and it isn't overwhelming.

Improvements I really am struggling with items that need to be improved. All of the letters sounded good to me; however, Z was confusing. It sounded as if it said "zed" instead of "zee". Maybe in a future version, you could include snapshots from the page and have a matching game? For instance "Gg" with a picture of a "Giraffe". The picture can have the sound attached to it and the user can drag to the letter. That will help assess the knowledge of letters.

General review This is a great app for letter exposure, letter recognition, and letter identification. Beyond those things, the users also have access to interactive pieces that incorporate problem solving and expsoure to other vocabulary items beyond the letters. This is a great app to utilize in and out of the therapy room! I would suggest this to pre-school parents, for sure!

Valerie M.

What I liked Kids loved the graphics in this app as well as interacting with it. The drums and lights were very popular (almost too much) as well as the zoo animals. Being able to tap on a letter or word to repeat it was nice, too. Sounds were authentic and animations engaging. Every page was interactive, making kids excited to explore.

Improvements The kids who played with this loved it the first time and liked it the second and third, but rarely played a fourth time. Considering that, $2.99 is a little high. A few technical notes, I think the xylophone is reversed; I I think the largest is the lowest in reality. Also, kids asked what zed was; I think that is a British or Aussie pronunciation. Finally, there might be a higher return rate if you could directly navigate to a specific letter.

General review Although slightly overpriced, engaging graphics and creative interactivity on every screen make this an appealing app. Being able to repeat letters and sounds help new learners and play is highly motivating. The xylophone needs to be reversed and z changed from zed to z in American version. A letter navigation screen would be very helpful, too. Still, kids liked it a lot at least 2 or 3 times.

sandy g.

What I liked I love the interactive pages of the book. Each page contained its own unique interaction which would keep a young child's attention for an extended period of time. As an educator I loved that you could tap on both the letters and the pictures and it letter of name of the picture would be repeated.

Improvements I wish that the "s" page of the book did not have a "sh" picture. I feel the sound that s makes by itself versus the diagraph sh sound should be on this page. I wish that there was a chose on language as in the United States the "z" page pronounciation would be different.

General review This a a great app but not sure if it is worth the price. With the various interactions on the pages the children would not grow tired on listening and playing with this app. I loved the sound effects also especially the "d" page were the child can play the drums. I like that you can swipe back to previous pages without having to start over from the beginning of the app.

Kerry E.

What I liked This is a pretty straightforward app for children learning their letters. I really appreciate the animation on each page. I think that children really enjoy those kinds of things, and it certainly helps keep their attention focused on the app. I also think it's neat to have the letters and words repeat when you tap on them again. Repetition is a great way to learn.

Improvements I do wish that there was some kind of indication that you need to swipe to the left to advance each page. There are no arrows or any text explaining what to do in this regard. I got the pages to turn by process of elimination instead of knowing what to do. I think some children might get frustrated by this. Also, "Z" is pronounced as "Zed" instead of "Zee." I don't know what this means, but it's confusing for kids to have a letter pronounced incorrectly.

General review This is a great app for kids who are learning the alphabet. They get to play with neat animations on each page, all while having their capital and lowercase letters reinforced. This is a good alphabet app for children to both keep focused and have some fun at the same time. I have two little ones currently learning their letters, and this is a definite hit with them!

Andrew M.

What I liked A delightful app that features the Beast in one "scene" for each letter of the alphabet. While I have not read the original book, if it is anything like this app, it is one my children and I would love to read! I thought each page had a great level of interactivity: cute actions with just enough variety to be fun without being too much.

Improvements For the features include in this app, the price is definitely too high. My wish/suggestion is to reduce the price. If the app is meant to teach children the alphabet, a quizzing/review feature would be great - perhaps a matching feature where children tap the correct letter to match the word that was called, or vice versa.

General review A delightful app featuring the Beast in interactive scenes for each letter of the alphabet. My favorite feature is the level of interactivity - enough to be entertaining but not so much as to be distracting. Although a bit overpriced, it is a fun app.

Cheryle D.

What I liked I liked that the book displayed both upper and lower cases of each letter. I liked that most of the pictures did multiple sounds/movements when tapped. I liked that you can tap the letter and/or the word to hear it again. This was a simple book to learn the letters and one word/picture for each.

Improvements It is a little pricey for what you get. It would be great to add a couple of mini games to incorporate what they've learned. You can have them match the letter to the picture in the book or have other pictures to match with the letter.

Some parents might not like the "z" as "zed" if you want to target children in America.

I wish that the original story of the beast was incorporated a little more into this book. Some people might not know the original story.

General review This was a nice book that shows a picture beginning with each letter of the alphabet. Each picture makes a sound and/or movement when tapped. This is a nice book for working on early literacy and phonic skills. It's based on another story about The Lonely Beast.