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App reviews for "Scholar or Scumbag v1.0" [text]


Scholar or Scumbag v1.0 [text]

App description: Scholar or Scumbag is the app that lets you test your stereotyping skills through 21 levels and over 300 scholars and scumbags. It works like this. We'll show you an image and you pick which category they belong in: scumbag or scholar. Think you know the difference between a scholar and a scumbag?

iTunes Link: http://itunes.apple.com/app/id598073546?ls=1&mt=8

iDevices used for the reviews: iPhone4S - iPod4G - iPhone5

Total reviews: 5

Developer: Josh L.

Nico D.

What I liked 1. The application is very good at keeping me entertain for hours, because I'm a crime watcher and I enjoy reading about the characters.
2. The application has a educational side to it, you can learn a lot of interesting things.
3. The design of the application is very good and simple (except for the start screen ).
4. The replay value is good because you don't always get the same characters to identify.

Improvements 1. When I opened the application I didn't know how to start the game. The is almost the same color as the background and it's too small and placed too down. You should have a or at the middle of the screen.
2. Please add some background music, I didn't hear a thing. And no music is very bad, it gets really strange after some minutes.
3. The scoring sistem is strage and you don't have a tutorial at the beginning to explain it. Please improve this.

General review This is a good game, especially for a crime lover. The design of the app is simple and easy to use, except for the start screen where the CONTINUE button is too small and at the bottom (it took me several minutes to start the game). The replay value is good and the app gets educational if you read the characters biography.

Jon S.

What I liked I think this is a very fun game to play and a great conversation starter. I like the interface and how there is a bio of each person so you can use it as a learning game too, not just you are wrong...next question. The interface is very simple to use and it is addictive to play. If I didn't finish a level, I tried again to see if I could beat it.

Improvements One of the things that was difficult to navigate was the landing page. There was the Twitter and Facebook button, which I clicked on both because I thought that was the log in for the game. When it just took me to the developer pages, I had to look around to find out how to start the game. I don't mind the promo buttons, but it should be easier to get the game started.

General review The game is a hilarious concept, and fun to try with friends. I liked how it was very random and you could have a level with all scholars, so you couldn't just guess based on the previous answer. I also loved that whether you got an answer right or wrong, you got a small bio to read on what the person was famous for. I thought it was very entertaining.

Courtney D.

What I liked It was interesting to work through first impressions by appearance. For the most part, I did not know who the people were, but identified correctly based on their face. I liked that each picture had a description to accompany the person. That allowed me to understand why the person fell into th category they did.

Improvements Because it appeared that the majority of the pictures shown of scumbags were mugshots, or very distinct, the game had some ease. If there were pictures that exposed each person in a positive light, this wold be more difficult. Does black and white make this more difficult or could we have pictures in color?

General review Very interesting app! I love that it provides a way to test first impressions. There's a learning curve, too. I enjoyed learning about those within the app because most were new, unfamiliar, faces. Test your skill at reading people based on a picture. You might be surprised how you categorize!

Jennifer R.

What I liked This app can be entertaining as you try to categorize the "scholars" from the "scumbags". While some of the pictures are obvious (recent presidents), others are not and once you click on your choice you can read a short paragraph about this person's contributions or crimes. The paragraphs are interesting and we learned a lot about some very interesting people!

Improvements There are many typos on the description, for example, Charles Luciano, Dr. H. H. Holmes, Barack Obama, and Lizzie Borden. The descriptions are interesting to read but it looks very unprofessional with so many typos. Also, some of the pictures are just too easy to classify, such as mug shots or recent presidents. After about 10 minutes it gets very tiring and no one wanted to continue. Also, it would be great to be able to see the picture again while you are reading the description. Several people commented on how once they knew who the person was they wanted to see the picture again.

General review This is a fun app in which you try to judge a person solely by their looks. There are a huge range of pictures from the earliest days of cameras to more modern times. Many former presidents are included, along with convicted Mafia members, and after you make your choice of scholar or scumbag, you can read a short description of what makes them fall into that category.

Mark S.

What I liked I like the idea behind the application. It is a very clever idea and really proves a point to judging a book by its cover. I very much enjoy the biography after you choose whether you think they are a scholar or a scumbag. I also like that through each level you have to get more correct to move forward. This creates the necessity to actually remember these people and then it becomes less of a guessing game and more of a mental exercise.

Improvements 1.) The very beginning was a little confusing. The "continue" button at the bottom was very faint and it made it seem like you had to click, Facebook, Twitter, etc to move forward.

2.) A link to a page with more information about each person would be a good addition.

3.) An explanation as you move further along would be helpful as well. I didn't know how many I had to get correct to move past level 8.

4.) There are also many typos and grammar errors among the application.

General review I do like the overall idea of the application and it is fun, but only for a short period of time. I played for a short period of time and grew bored after getting some repeats. At the same time, it is neat to see all the different mini-biographies of the people. I personally would not pay $0.99 for this application because I don't see the value in it. This may be better marketed as a free game that makes money through ad revenue.