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Weather and Clock for Kids [text]

App description: With this app, kids have access to both weather and time information! A funny speaking mouse tells them in real time: -current temperature -weather forecast for the next 7 days -the current time -the current day

iTunes Link: http://itunes.apple.com/app/weather-and-clock-for-kids/id596055030?mt=8

iDevices used for the reviews: iPad2 - iPad3 - iPhone4S - iPhone5

Total reviews: 19

Developer: Stanislas H.

Heather T.

What I liked I like that the little mouse wears different clothes that correspond with the current weather. I really like that the time is displayed on a digital and analog clock and is read aloud with touched. The 7-day forecast on the TV is a neat feature. The fact that there are a few language options and the option to choose between Fahrenheit and Celsius and 12hr and 24hr times make the app more versatile.

Improvements Perhaps I am missing the point of this app, but as an educator, I find it lacking. I was expecting it to explain different weather patterns and maybe even time zones. Maybe this can be an option in a future version.
I had problems choosing different locations. When I would touch a new location, the iPad would register my touch, but it wouldn't select the place and take the app there.

General review This is a very simply app in which young children can view the current time and weather. They can see a digital clock and practice reading an analog clock as well as see the current temperature and the (sky) forecast for the next 7 days. I was expecting this to be an interactive, educational app, but as a teacher, I do not see it as such. This app is lacking for use in the classroom however, it would be a practical app for parents to use at home.

Courtney D.

What I liked I like the simplicity of the app; however, I feel there is some detriment to the simplicity as well (noted later). I like that the user can use their home location or other areas around the world. I like that there is a choice between languages, degree units, and time. I think that helps appeal to a larger audience, for sure! I like that the user can interact with some of the objects and that are not the same every time the app is opened.

Improvements I think this would be a great tool to teach weather vocabulary to young children. The app is set up perfectly with a television showing future weather, but the ability to match "cloudy" with what the symbol for cloudy is, or "snowy" with snowy, would be great for enhancing that knowledge. I would also like to see a wider variety of locations. Would it be possible for the user to input their own location in? I am curious about this because a young user could look up the weather in other cities where family/friends might live and build knowledge that way, too!

General review Great concept! I love the idea of a kid-friendly weather app. I think this is important for children to learn at an early age because they do encounter this every day. I know in early elementary, the weather is discussed, and this app allows for exposure early on! It does need to be synced to "your location" so that it can pull information about weather and time.

Lorraine L.

What I liked I like the concept of checking the time and temperature. Time and temperature are often a part of morning meeting in class, so this app is a good idea. The way that the time is expressed is not common in the US. (Example: 11 hours and 14 minutes.) The graphics are kid friendly.

Improvements The spelling of Antarctica is incorrect. I thought that the silly voices of the mouses was not helpful in learning about the weather or time. This could be changed to have voices greeting the user from their country. (For example, have bonjour or g'day to add another feature to the program.) It would be more interesting to have more interactive graphics on the table including a map, a working compass etc.

General review Overall I felt that the concept of having an app for time and temperature is good but spelling has to be checked, and options for regions should be included so that the time is said correctly for that region. I would like to see improvements in the app as it has potential of being very useful in a classroom setting.

sandy g.

What I liked I felt this app is good for young children (preschool - early elementary). The graphics are suited for young children. I liked that you could choose between measuring temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius and can change back and forth easily between the two. The various clocks that appear will entertain the children using this app.

Improvements I wish there were more countries to choose from to see the time and temperature. I wish the future forecast will be spoken in addition to he graphics that are included. I wish the time when spoken would include AM or PM. I also wish the time was stated differently such as " one twenty" versus "one hour twenty minutes". I feel this would make it more child friendly.

General review I liked the app but felt the amount of content could have been increased. I was disappointed that it only included 10 locations in addition to the home site you input. This app could be used in classroom to discuss the daily weather and forecasts. It could also be used to explain climates around the world.

Jon S.

What I liked I thought the best feature for the app was being able to see the different time and temperature in countries around the globe. That can be a powerful tool when trying to connect a young child to the global community. I liked how it had a digital and analog clock for kids to be able to tell time in both formats.

Improvements The app should have more choice for countries to travel to for the weather and time. I liked the variety, but why just stop with 10 choices for countries? I also was a little let down with the features which seemed like just kind of items to play with. If you have a radio, why not have it do something educational? If the moon is out, why not have it show the actual phase of the moon that is in the sky? I would have liked the ability to create a weather graph or an interactive clock game. More learning opportunities would have been appreciated.

General review The learning opportunities for this app are very good for young kids. The ability to toggle to different countries and see the differences between where you are located is powerful. I would have liked more country choices, and more chances for interactive learning in the app. The chances were there, but seemed to be traded in for cartoon like features that can be found in a lot of apps. The novelty tends to fade on those interactions.

Jim B.

What I liked The app has good intention - teaching kids about weather and time. Interactive items around the room kept the little ones interested. Kids can learn from both analog and digital versions of the clock. The various radio stations and the changing environment (depending on the time of day and weather) kept the singular screen engaging.

Improvements The mouse character is too small to notice the outfit changes. Would be nice to have more characters to choose from and more than 1 scene (add kitchen, bedroom, or even the backyard). Make the clocks and weather more prominent - they need to be the focal points in the room. Time announcement isn't traditional-instead of 2:30PM it announces 2 hours 30 minutes. I wish there were a 'freeplay' screen where the player could adjust the time - my twins only get to play their iPads at a fixed time each day so they only get exposed to that same hour. The Settings screen is too easy for kids to get in

General review The app isn't robust enough to keep each of my twins interest for more than 5 minutes. They barely noticed the mouse holding the temperature sign. The interactive items are nice but not enough of them. The ability to switch to selected locations in the world is a plus but I doubt that a kid can understand the concept the way it is presented in the app. The app needs a lot of improvements and refinements.

Andy B.

What I liked Loved the logo :) Poppy loved the mouse & tapping on all the interactive parts.
The best thing the kids liked about the app was the exploration into the weather across the world. They all liked going to the really cold places like Antarctica.
The screen was full of things to tap on and find out about, the mouse radio was a big favourite, and the silly languages the mouse spoke, the older boys liked the russian style music & week weather report. the 'home' location feature was great and time, day and weather seemed accurate
Finn 4/5 - liked the different countries
Ethan 4/5
Jake 4/5 - really fu

Improvements The biggest factor was that there was not enough locations - missing UK/England for example. There could be so many more countries/time zones to learn about. The time is read as numbers, not the time (quarter past, 10 to etc)
The kids wanted to search for countries, so this was a disappointment for them
app lacks a little general knowledge about the weather, places, which I think would be easy to do.
We live in Australia which has multiple timezones, these were not mentioned or available, not even the states.
Finn struggled to tap on the countries a little bit.

General review Weather and Clocks for kids has a friendly interface, and is a really great concept, but to fully execute it need much more supporting educational information, facts and many more locations. It would be nice if you had a map of the world to select, with flags & country names, which would add a little touch of Geography. I am not so sure how many times my kids will use this app. The price is not bad, but I already have weatherzone+ which they use

Amellia M.

What I liked I love that kids can see what the time, temperature, and weather is like in other places and countries. This made it more interesting for my students. I like that there are interactive aspects to the objects in the setting. The voice and character are very kid friendly and add to the attractiveness to children.

Improvements I would prefer that there be an option or that the time be stated in a different way when tapping on the clock. i.e. "five thirty two pm" rather than "five hours and thirty two minutes". Ideally, I would like to have the option of either or to have it stated both ways. I would love to see more interactive things in the setting and some info for kids about time and weather. An interactive book in the setting about weather possibly. Maybe even a little game or two.

General review This is a simple app that is very easy to use. Not a lot of options but cute and attractive to young children. It has interactive aspects that help keep children interested. It would be more inviting if there were more interactive options in the setting.

Pam H.

What I liked This app is very visual and engaging for children. It also is easily adaptable for different countries, time zones and geographical locations. The time is listed both digitally and in analog form, so children could become familiar with both. The weather window, temperature and music were also easy for children to learn and manipulate.

Improvements I like the feature of the weather window, although I would have like to see more interaction with this feature. It would be helpful for children to be able to manipulate different weather patterns and then notice the temperature of those weather patterns. I also did not understand the radio feature. It seemed to me that it just babbled.

General review This app is visually interesting for children, although I thought it did little to teach either the time or the weather. Children are not able to manipulate the clock to learn how to tell time nor could they manipulate the weather window to change the weather. Children would really enjoy and learn more about time and weather if they could manipulate and interact with those two features.

Erin B.

What I liked I love that this is a straightforward app that provides the current weather, temperature, time, and day, and with a few touches you can get the forecast. It's simple enough for my young kids to use and understand, but detailed enough that they can learn from it. I love that you can get current information for cities around the world. I like that you can choose C or F and 12 hour or 24 hour. The little interactive parts (like the window opening and closing) add a bit of fun as well!

Improvements I'd love to be able to add some favorite places so I could add where friends and family live to track. I'd also like to be able to have Celsius and Fahrenheit listed at the same time to learn both forms of measurement. It would also be nice to have the date listed near the day of the week and also on the forecast.

General review This is a wonderful app for teaching kids about weather and time!! It gives current temperature, weather, time, and day for your home location or popular cities around the world! It also provides a 7 day weather forecast! There are some interactive details that make it fun and engaging, but mostly I love this app to start a discussion with my kids (3 and 6) about the weather!

Nathalie C.

What I liked > The app speaks to kids (days, temperature, etc) and this is great ! It could tell the location and the forecast for even more educational value.
> A lot of littles elements to discover and play with and this is really great too. The meals could be more locale but it's because it is aleady a great app, and kids always ask for more !

Improvements > When we choose another destination, it would be nice to see more clearly that we are not "home" anymore. The landscape outside could change, or the picto could be bigger.
> In the menu for other places in the world, pictos should be bigger.
> It would be great to be able to add other places in the world.
> It might be great to have the two clocks just next to the other
> The weather forecast should be spoken, to add vocabulary
> It would be nice to get some sort of representation of the week (in the forecast)
> It would be nice to add weather forecast within the same day

General review > It would be great to choose locations for weather on a map !
> My son wanted to be able to choose chlothes for the mouse
> A representation of some sort of the temperature on a thermometer would be great.

Overall a great app, with many things to discover, and great to talk about weather and temperature with kids.

Fides C.

What I liked Vey cute and simple app for even the youngest child to enjoy and use. The app automatically sets your location, with your permission, right on start up. I was pleased to find how accurate it is in weather, time, and date. I love how the graphics reflect the current weather conditions and time. Kids can also see what the weather and time is like in one of the countries included n the app.

Improvements There are too few countries included in this app. I would like to be able to see more countries included and the ability to customize which countries appear on the list. When the clocks are tapped, the narrator says "x hours and y minutes". Clocks are not traditionally read that way, at least not in the U.S. I would like to hear instead "It is eight fifteen in the morning" Or "the time is eight o'clock and fifteen minutes"

General review This is a great app to have, specially if you are teaching your children about weather, days of the week, and telling time. I think it should make all countries available for the kids to explore. Currently, there is only 10 countries on the list.

Shelly M.

What I liked The extended one week forecast on the T.V is great and allows a child to plan his activities and attire according. It is outstanding that the day of the week is both displayed and read out. The interaction with the items on the table (and fireplace) is quite fun. It's nice many of the items displayed are themed to time of day. The mouse's changing attire according to weather conditions and time of day is both engaging and instructive. That temperature is read aloud upon touch is great. I like being able to change language, F to C and 12 hour clock to 24. like that the time is read on touch

Improvements The radio channels which play the jabbering mice along with the music really have to go! My child playing that would drive me out of my mind. It would be nice if when the temperature was stated it would say Celsius or Fahrenheit or display the letter C or F by the number. The way the time is read for the 12 hour clock should be changed to common usage, i.e., two thirty versus 2 hours 30 minutes. The ability to see weather around the world is great, but it would have more impact and be more accessible to younger children if there was a map versus the list of cities and countries to choose from.

General review A fun, educational App for children 3 and up to learn about and track weather both at their locale and around the world. A full week's forecast is available and temperature can be set to Fahrenheit or Celsius. Included is a 12 and 24 hour (digital) clock, read upon touch. The forecast displays the day of the week and reads it out. The temperature is read out on touch as well. There are some cute interactive features on touch like the fireplace.

Christy S.

What I liked I liked that the app had different forms to display the time and the temperature. I also liked the character of the mouse. I liked the feature of clicking on the window which made it move and also touching the food which made it get eaten. I also liked how the voice said the day, time, and temperature.

Improvements I would like to see more features that can be interactive in this app. Maybe it can teach about how to tell temperature and how to tell time. It just seemed so basic that there wasn't much to do after you touched on the different features of the screen.

General review This app has a good concept but perhaps it can do a little more. Putting in a teaching tool might expand the app and make it more interactive. I think that teaching children to tell time to the minute (analog) would be helpful as well as showing the different temperatures and in what situation the temperature would be show.

Lena L.

What I liked This app was fun and engaging for my children. They loved clicking on different parts of the world and seeing what the weather was like! I like how the time is shown on both a digital and wall clock for children to learn both ways. I also like the 7 day forecast so they can learn about reading the forecast.

Improvements I would like to see the 7 day forecast show temperature high's and low's. The clock ticking is too loud in my opinion. It would be nice if when you click on the clocks if they would say am or pm after the time. That way children can begin to learn that there is a difference between 9 am and 9 pm. Maybe even have it say, "9 hours and 21 minutes am, morning time".

General review My children and I thought this app was fun, entertaining, and educational. Not only can you see the time and temperature where you live, but also explore the same for places around the world. This app is a great learning tool for kids. They will keep coming back to explore.

Amanda R.

What I liked I like the simple interface. The features are clearly laid out and easy to use. The illustrations are inviting and kid friendly. It was fun to switch to another location in the world and we could really conceptualize the time difference. Also great for students learning a different language.

Improvements I would like to be able to mute some of the sound, especially the clock ticking and crickets. When switching between locations there is a long gap with the pin wheel. It would be nice to see a map/globe of the different locations to add to visualizing the concepts. How the time was read wasn't accurate for how we read it. 00:17 was read zero hours, 17 minutes instead of 12:17. Would like to see a future update include Spanish.

General review Overall this is a cute and simple app that children can use to tell the time, check the weather as well as learn about time changes in different parts of the world. Great language practice. We liked seeing what the little mouse was holding and wearing which was a great way to start conversations about time and weather.

Kerry E.

What I liked I like how the child can click on the food or crayons or whatever it might be on the table and have animation occur. Making well-known cities available is a great idea. Having the user be able to click on the city and see exactly what time is and what the weather is like there is so neat, not only for the little one, but for the parent, too!

Improvements I would really like it if you were able to add your own cities. I didn't see a way to do that. That way, we could see the cities that our relatives live in, since we live far away from our family. Also, it seems like there's not much to the app; I would love if there were two or three activities that you could do related to time or the weather. Maybe you could increase the price of the app to $1.99 or even a little bit higher if you added a couple of activities.

General review This is a fun, cute little app for those kids who are curious about the weather and what time it is. You can see what time it is and what the weather is like in your current location, as well as other famous cities, such as Paris. I absolutely love the other language options, since that's my profession. You can put it in Portuguese, Russian, French or English. Perfect for your little budding linguist!

Frances A.

What I liked What I liked about the app Weather and Clock for kids is that children were able to explore times and weather in various parts of the world. These concepts than lead into lessons on geography, as well as just math and science. I love the concept of the game teaching them the time and the weather, I think the funny speaking mouse is both cute and engaging for children. I liked that when they clicked on the TV they were able to learn about the days of the week, which is a great addition to the app. Also there are many parts of the page that is interactive to play with which I feel is a must have

Improvements This app needs help. The concept is great but how are children supposed to learn time and weather without going through any processes. It would be wonderful if when clicking on the clock, it brought you to a game to teach you about the time. Next, when touching on the weather I wish it went over different aspects of the weather and had the child match today's weather, not just show the picture of the sun or a cloud. Maybe a matching game to match weather picture to pictures or to words. If you added mini games teaching even just the basic concepts of time and weather this app would be amazing!

General review I like that children were able to view two different types of clocks and that the weather was accurate for the day. the pages were amusing but it left me wanting to see something a little more out of an app that has such potential. Overall, I think that the app did show the weather and time but it was not on the educational side, which is what I would want to see out of an app. With an update, I think this app would be a wonderful teaching tool.

Caitlin O.

What I liked The Mouse is adorable and the interactive surprises are great. I like how things change depending on the time of day. I also like that there is the ability to change to a different location. Having the two different clocks give the ability to show children how different clocks look.

Improvements I would like to see the addition of being able to see the weather in more places. Maybe by zip codes for those in the USA in addition to what is already available.
I would also like to see more to this app such as a game as to what the mouse should wear based on the weather or the ability to play a game to match different clocks. Another option would be adding a calendar with the month, date, and year. With that you could add a matching activity for the months or days of the week. At this time I would not pay to download this app without some additional features

General review Overall this is an app with a cute mouse. It tells the time, current weather and weather forest for the location you are in. It also provides the same information to a limited number of other worldwide locations. It provides for exposure of an analog and digital clock but does not allow the children to manipulate the clocks. There are some cute interactive additions such as the window going up and down or the fire starting when you touch it