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Wubbzy's Fire Engine Adventure [text]

App description: It’s raining meatballs in Wuzzleburg! Follow Wubbzy's wacky misadventures in his toy fire engine in this enhanced story experience app in which Wubbzy learns that it is important to leave the real emergencies to the firefighters. The app includes three modes of reading, learning games, music videos, coloring pages and hundreds of fun interactions.

iTunes Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/wubbzys-fire-engine-adventure/id596403787?ls=1&mt=8

iDevices used for the reviews: iPad2 - iPad3 - iPhone4 - iPhone4S - iPhone5

Total reviews: 19

Developer: Carmen H.

Jessica B.

What I liked This cute story has great colors and animations on every page. The animations are wonderful and some of the best I have seen! It also has great additions of videos, and coloring pages. I also like how the coloring pages work. The touch method of painting a specific section of the picture is nice for younger users. My special needs students love this app with the familiar character.

Improvements It would be nice to have the games have two different levels. The current level is great for beginning to learn numbers/letters. I would add a verbal prompt if the user is not adding more meatballs to the truck or to let the user know which letter to spray. A second more challenging level would be nice. On the meatball game, I would have the truck ask for random numbers. For the fire hose game, I would also have a second level that would supply random letters (possibly with a fire that needs to be put out) and the user has to spray the verbally given letter.

General review This app is more than just an interesting, interactive book. The illustrations and animations are wonderful. Each page has at least 1-4 animations for the reader. The app provides additional material for the user, such as videos, educational games, and coloring pages appropriate for younger learners. The price of the app is a great deal for the amount of material that it provides.

Misty G.

What I liked This is a wonderful storybook app. The graphics are wonderful. The story is perfect for kids to help them understand fire safety. The app has many interactive areas adding to the story. I love the different reading levels available. I also l
Ike the real life fire safety tips. My 2 year old twins and 6 year old love this app!

Improvements I would purchase and enjoy this app as is. I don't think any changes need to be made. However, to fit with the fire safety theme, maybe including resources for kids and parents to make fire escape plans and do fire drills at home would be a nice addition.

General review Any Wubzzy fan will love this interactive storybook app! It has different reading levels for kids,a and can be enjoyed by kids from age 2 and up. There are exciting interactions on each page of the story. I love the additional features such as video's, coloring pages, and learning games. The story line is captivating while teaching kids about fire safety. I definitely recommend this app!

Mark S.

What I liked I love the interactive "touch and speak". It is a different feature to have a learning game that you can both touch the word while learning and it will state the word to you to instill how that word sounds. The music in the background is very pleasing to a young child's ear. I LOVE the paint feature. It is less educational, but is a really awesome feature. I very much enjoy how you can zoom in and out in that setting as well.

Improvements The kids that interacted with this game may have been a little young, but a more guided approach would improve the impact on young kids. I would suggest that when they or we as parents, open the application, there is a simple "start" or "begin" button and it says that work when you touch it. This creates a connection between the start of an adventure and the word. As it is now, there are 13 different things you can click on the front screen. I feel this is both confusing and overwhelming for young kids.

General review I think this is a great application that combines many different aspects that a child would love. It has soft yet attractive colors. Almost anything you touch has an interactive feature, especially in story mode with interactive words. The background sound is pleasing to children and not so distracting that parents can't have it on in the background while their child interacts with the application. Overall, I think this is very well designed idea

Odile L.

What I liked Wubbzy is a good and complete app. There is a good balance between the story book, the games and the videos. The wackiness of this whole little world is the real plus to the app. Taking out meatballs from a big spaghetti blob is funny! Wubbzy is easy to use and the menu and options are organized in a friendly-user way.

Improvements The only thing that bothered us is the way interactive elements cross over the narration. We think the little animations are fun but we would rather have them once the narration on each part is over.
The page turning sound is not our favorite part on the app. Why this sound? It is not a book is it?
Also we think the "more apps" on the home page should be elsewhere, in the grown-up section for instance.

General review We really enjoyed this Wubbzy funny little world. The graphics are original and colourful. The variety of content (literacy game, number game, music video clips, colouring charts) gives a complete entertaining and long play experience. The usability is well designed and all the options allows the users to choose their best interactive experience.

Bethany P.

What I liked This is great fun. I liked that the games worked on counting and the alphabet. The comprehension questions were a good idea. The fire safety information was a nice addition. There are a lot of fun interactive items in the story read to them, that are fun.

Improvements It would be nice to have another level in the games with a more randomized use of the letters or numbers. If the child didn't do anything for the counting game there was no hint to let him/ her know what to do. The flawless painting wouldn't improve motor skills, since all it required was to touch the area.

General review This story has nice alliteration and rhyme (oodles of noodles) that make it fun. This story is ideal for preschool through 1st graders. The "you're a hero" music video has a great theme and was the most entertaining of the videos. I didn't like the flawless painting because It didn't require hardly any motor skills from the child, but for the extremely handicapped,it would work well. I like the choices of having it read to you or reading it.

Dena G.

What I liked My five year old enjoyed playing and listening to the story. I liked that there were 3 different ways to read: Read to Me, Read and Play and then Just a Book. The read to Me option is great for him because he is just starting to read so listening and seeing the text highlighted is beneficial.

Improvements While my five year old son likes fire trucks, I would have liked the app to have been more focused on fire trucks, the fire station and firemen. This is a cute app with bright vibrate colors and is true to the cartoon, and i can't think of any other way for it to be improved!

General review I liked that the pages are interactive, when certain pictures are touched, they do various things. I also liked the extras in this app. There are 3 videos, 2 games and coloring pages that can easily be accessed if the story doesn't want to be read.

sandy g.

What I liked I loved the animation included in the story. It definitely adds to he story and holding a young child's attention. I liked that the words were highlighted as it was read. This helps child get the left to right concept while reading as well as the idea of one to one correspondence in printed text.

Improvements I would like to see the fire house game have the option for the letters to appear out of order. I would like to see the child have to recognize the letters rather than simply go from top to bottom in this game. As an educator I would also like the meatball counting to require the child to somehow show they have the correct number of meatballs rather than the truck simply driving off when the correct number of meatballs are loaded.

General review As a teacher and parent I loved the grown up corner. I liked that it included questions to ask the child after the story to work on comprehension and critical thinking skills. I also liked the inclusion f the web site for fire safety tips. But most importantly I loved that the common core corner showing how this app helps meets the various common core standards.

Frances A.

What I liked I love the app Wubbzy's Fire Engine Adventure. There are a variety of fun and engaging aspects to the app. You can have the book read to you, you can read and play or just read the book. I loved the three music videos that were provided within the app. The songs were wonderful and all pertained to what the story is about. Another option that I loved was the Wubbzy's games. The first game is number recognition which reinforces number and counting skills. The second game is the alphabet and is useful for letter recognition. I think these are both excellent pairings for the app.

Improvements My Wish List:
First, in relation to the games, after they finish they should have a second level that would have the number or letters in different orders to make it more educationally sound in order to make sure children weren't just using memorization but that the games are helping them to learn and grow.
- I would hope to see in future more videos added.
- I also would like to see additional pictures for painting in the paint section, three is kind of limited.
- I would also like to see the tiny modifications or additions to the games in upcoming version as mentioned above.

General review All of the pages were wonderfully interactive. The story was wonderful and appropriate for young children. It is important to learn about for safety from a young age and one of my favorite features of the story is the grown up corner and also has Sparky The Fire Dog's Fire Safety Tips and more resources to follow up with online, it was also so much fun to have a painting pictures option. Always fun for children. I think that the app is wonderful.

Ricki B.

What I liked What didn't I like??
Graphics are simple and adorable
Interactive sound, voice and visuals are placed in the story in appropriate locations - the sparkly stars are perfect - helps child tap the right spot
The storyline captures a child's attention
Love the 3 different options for reading the story and that the words are highlighted when read
The games are at the end - love that - child focuses on the story- and love the simplicity of the ABC and Number game - just right for little fingers to manipulate
Love the Parent's Corner and discussion of the story
Love the tie in to Core Curriculum

Improvements Writing at least 250 characters on improvements is going to be tough - the app runs seamless, has a well organized front page with characterized topics, with ease and flexibility. One thing - you could list the goals listed in the Core Curriculum - pulling at strings here!! One other - the kids didn't appear to be interested in the kite scene,

General review I read this absolutely adorable story containing colorful graphics with 2 children with varied special needs, one verbal and one non-verbal. Both children loved this app. I read the story so I could change it according to the needs of the child. The interactive sound, voice and visuals are placed in the story in convenient locations and the sparkly stars are positioned perfectly - they help child tap the right spot. The game

Christy S.

What I liked I liked the interactive features as you read the story. When the story was read to you, the text was highlighted as the narrator read the story. The coloring pages was also a good feature as well as the option of taking its picture. The videos were also fun and my students loved to dance along with it.

Improvements I would just like to see more stories in this format. It's very entertaining and can be used for English Language Learner students. I can't think of any more features that can improve future versions as games, stories, videos, and different features were offered.

General review I thought this app was great. I was surprised on how engaging it was when I showed it to my students. The story format, games, videos, and other features were a useful tool in learning how to read and develop their fluency skills. Overall, it was an app that could be easily used by a young reader or a young English Language Learner student.

Heather T.

What I liked This is a very cute app that my students love to use! It grabs their attention because they know Wubbzy and the story keeps their attention all the way to the end. I really like how users are able to interact with the pictures and add another dimension to the story. I also like the little bit of information at the end for parents.

Improvements In a future version, I would like to see an assessment where children are asked questions and given the opportunity to answer. I like that there is something at the end where a parent could ask the questions and the child could answer aloud (encourages parent involvement). But I would still like to see where the child could put an answer into the app and receive feedback.
Another great addition would be some more complex games for slightly older students (mid-kindergarten to grade 2).

General review This is a fantastic app that goes along great with the TV show children are already familiar with. The story is engaging and the user can interact with the illustrations to get even more action! I love the options to have the story read aloud, have the child read and interact with the pictures, and to just have the child read the story. I like the included number and letter games and the additional options to watch videos and "paint."

Stan A.

What I liked This is an excellent educational kid's app with a fun interactive story. In addition to the story there are many different activities. The songs are and catchy and the coloring game is much better without having to worry about staying in the lines. It's great that all of the links are childproof. This is the first app that I have seen that is designed to help prepare children for the Common Core Standards.

Improvements It might be nice to have an advanced mode in the games to allow random letters and numbers. At the end of both games there is a blank green box, one time it said "watch what happens next" but nothing happened. The game endings could be better or the games could be restarted from the end screen. The games and videos tabs might look a little bit better if they were full or re-sized to fit the content. It would be good to be able to access the fire safety page from the home screen. More interactive surprises in the story and auto advancement in the "read to me" mode would be good.

General review I really like this app, it is a well-made educational children's app that is a good value. It has a cute story that is fun and interactive. There are plenty of different bonus activities like painting, a counting game, and an alphabet game. There are some very fun sing along videos and I especially like the lock on all of the links they have that asks for the year you were born before you can proceed.

Terri J.

What I liked I really liked the app. I think it could be used as a class activity/early childhood (especially if it was mirrored so everyone could see). Obviously it is also great for a parent to do with a young child. I liked the animation- it required the chld to be actively involved. The part I was the most excited to see was the listings at the end of the common core standards - brilliant!

Improvements The characters are a bit odd in my opinion, but I'll look past that as I really did like the app. I wished that the alphabet/water game would allow you to have the leters not in order and you had to truely pick the order (instead of A B C have B A C). I also wanted to have the ability to use my finger or a stylus to do the coloring activity vs. just taping the area and it automatically filled it in.

General review Great app for parents and teachers. The story can be read to you or it allows for reading and playing. There is fun animation that a child is actively involved in. There are also counting and alphabet games. This app even provides the common core standards that it aligns with (important to educators).

Damon B.

What I liked I really appreciated the interactivity of the app and its versatility for a variety of ages. The read aloud story was well done for younger children to follow, while including just the story gives older, emerging readers a chance to read themselves. Kids will love interacting with the characters as they read or listen to the story. The games include are great for little learned. As a teacher, I appreciated how the story an skills tied to the Common Core curriculum as well as the questions at ther end of the story.

Improvements In future versions it would be nice to see more learning games added or at least a higher level of game for those beginning readers. Perhaps an option to mix up the letters in the alphabet instead of going in order, the alphabet is given across the top already. Have kids use the alphabet at the top to spray random letters in order.

General review This app is great for young learn ears. There are 3 options of how the story can be read along with games to reinforce basic letter recognition and counting skills. This app would be a great resource in a kindergarten or preschool classroom due to the variety of options it lends itself. For teachers and parents, additional comprehension and higher level thinking questions are included as well as ties to the Common Core standards. Highly recommend

Krista C.

What I liked I love the multiple reading options included in this app. The story is fun and playful. I enjoyed the voice acting, music and sound effects. There are many fun interactions on every page. My kids enjoyed listening to the story and the music videos.

Improvements While the app is fun the educational value is pretty low. There is very little to be learned from the story-line about fire engines or fire fighters. The educational games seem like a bit of an afterthought. The counting game is impossible to count too high or too low. The letter game has you spray the letters always in the same order- top to bottom. I think both of these games could use improvement. Would also like individual word help added to the "just a book" feature.

General review Wubbzy's Fire Engine Adventure is a fun and playful book app with many extras. With multiple interactions on each page, this app kept my children easily entertained. The 3 different reading modes allow you to customize your child's experience. Videos and games extend the play value.

Michelle A.

What I liked I liked the fact that this app includes three options; Read to me, Read and play, just a book. The ‘Just a Book’ option is great for quiet times when kids just don’t need any additional stimulation. The Read and play option is the most fun with highlighted words make it easy for beginning readers to follow along.The narration is well done in a clear, engaging voice. The bright illustrations, animations and touch interactions move the story along in an interesting way that will hold the attention of the youngest users. As a parent the educational extras within this app appeal to me.

Improvements Overall I thought that this this app was very well thought out with a fun story and many activities to entertain younger children. In future versions I would like to see less extra activities and a longer storyline. The story is a fun one and my child enjoyed it but also found it to be very short.

General review This App is well made and it not only passed my MOM test, it also passed my kid test too, he loved the forkity forklift action and using the firehose. Throughout this story children are challenged to help and become a part of the story through touch interactivity and sound. With fire engines, spaghetti and flying meatballs, this app is a sure winner in my book.

Maria B.

What I liked I like the discussion tips at the end as well as the fire safety cautions which helps remind and educate children about fire safety. I also like the graphic execution and the story line which is executed in line with the Wubbzy character on TV (unlike the Christmas Wubbzy which was not as kooky). And it offers small letters and numbers exercises for kindergarten age kids, that's good.

Improvements I personally would like to see Wubzzy apps bundled together, it makes more sense to pay 5.99 which includes 4 apps (or 2,99/1 and .89 per new app) than keep on buying one standalone app that only has a few things to do; give the option to unlock all apps or addition apps for a fee as they become available and let the kids access them from one central Wubbzy interface. This is more inviting to parents and children. Also, this is the second Wubbzy app I purchased and I strongly believe that the "Play and Read" and "Read to Me" sections should be combined, Play and Read is an unnecessary section.

General review Overall, Wubbzy Fire Engine Adventure is a nice and perky interactive book-slash-activity app, my child was engaged but he complained that it's too short ('only 4 things to do mama', he says. not quite accurate but you get the drift); the meatball made him laugh and he comes back to play it so I would count that as a win. It is preferable to pay 2,99 an app and then ,89 to unlock additional apps which are all accessible from each app interface.

Shannon W.

What I liked My daughter is a huge Wubbzy fan! She loved this app.
I loved that even though it was a Nickelodeon character from tv,
the app had a lot of learning aspect to it! I loved the counting meatballs
game and loved the ABC game that was included! Also I loved
the fun and colorful illustrations and the fun animated storyline!

Improvements I'd love to see the words highligted as the story is read to the user!
My daughter is an early learner and can already read sentences. However,
most early readers need some sort of way to follow the text as it
is read to them. Perhaps have the words highlight red on their own as the sentence is
is read by the recorded voice instead of waiting for the user to touch the word. Or maybe have
the words animate bigger as the sentence is read so the. Hold can read along easier!

General review My husband is a firefighter and loves doing this app with my daughter!
In fact he brought the iPad to the firehouse to show the other guys
this cute app! He loves how the fire truck plays the siren sound as you touch
the light. He said a lot of kids are afraid of that sound so this was a good way to teach
them. He also likes reading the Smokey Fire tips to my daughter at the end of he book.

Eileen L.

What I liked This app was wonderful! It had ticked all the checkmarks of an educational app. Things I liked were:
1. Clear menu navigation.
2. Entertaining story using a popular TV character.
3. Interactive features throughout the story with prompts.
4. Ability to control music, sounds and voice.
5. Videos you can play in the app.
6. Coloring pages in the app.
7. Educational games in the app.
8. Read to me and read on your own feature.
9. Highlighting words read and voice prompts when you touch each word.

Improvements The developer has thought through this app throughly, so there are not many things I would ask for in an update. I would say the only thing I would have wanted to see would be to have the actual character voices. If you have the rights to the characters, not having the actual voices may confuse a child.

General review WOW! WOW! What a fun time we had reading the story an playing the games! Although my son has not watched Wubbzy for quite a while, he was engaged through the whole review process. The story was really fun to read while interacting with each page. There were some educational activities and some coloring that would suite ages 3-6. I would highly recommend this app for any child. Worth the price.