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Claustrophobic, v1.1 [text]

App description: Claustrophobic is an endless runner (roller) style game. The aim is to keep the ball rolling for as long as you can. The name comes from the fact that the play area reduces over time, making it harder to keep rolling. It's important to keep rolling to keep the score moving upwards. Higher levels introduce new features & challenges, and get faster

iTunes Link: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/claustrophobic-play-this-endless/id577770813?mt=8

iDevices used for the reviews: iPad2 - iPad3 - iPhone4 - iPhone4S - iPod4G - iPhone5

Total reviews: 20

Developer: Peter E.

Nico D.

What I liked 1. The concept of the game is great. I had lots of fun with it. The replay value is present here.
2. The controls are very precise and this makes the gameplay great.
3. The fact that you don't have to buy in-app purchase is a nice feature. I reached multiplier 20 in a few minutes, no need to buy x16.
4. The integration of Game Center is a nice thing. I can watch leaderboards and unlock achievements. This adds more challenge to the game.
5. A good thing that the app is a universal one. I can play it on my iPad and iPhone and pay only once.

Improvements 1. The application can be played on the iPad, but it's hard to keep something this heavy a long time in your hands and steer the ball. The iPhone version is much more playable and maybe the iPad mini.
2. You need to add some themes or the possibility to change the background or the color of the ball. More variety.
3. The icons in the menu need to have an explication under them. You need to add under each icon what it dose.
4. The volume knobs are cool but they lag on my iPad 2 and on the iPhone 4S, but they work great on my iPhone 5.
5. The ambient music can get boring after a short time.

General review Overall this is a great concept. The gameplay is easy to understand and to master. The graphics are simple, but they need more color options in the future. The game can be a bit hard to play on the iPad because of it's size, but the iPhone version is much more playable. The in-app purchases can be unlocked by playing the game so no need to spend extra money and this thing is hudge.

Mitch W.

What I liked I liked a few things about this app. It is very challenging. Not some easy game you get bored of quickly. I had to try multiple times to get the hang of it. I love that it uses the motion control combined with touch screen controls. I also like how the play space gets smaller and smaller which makes it even more challenging as game play goes on.

Improvements I would like to see some kind of continue feature. Once you die you are done unless you get to level 7 and you get one extra life It goes back to level one and you have to start all over again. Level one can get pretty repetitive playing over and over again. Also more power ups would be nice. There are a lot of ways to kill you but not very many good powerups. Also maybe being able to customize your player or ball would be cool. Also it is hard to tell if you collect something. No noise indicates you collected a power up and no boom when you die.

General review This app overall is a really fun game. I like how challenging it is but that also may deter some players. The price is reasonable at 99 cents. This app also could be improved in a few ways so it's not a 5 just yet. More customization and power-ups would definitely get more players interested. Also a few more sound effects instead of just the same background music over and over again would be nice.

Caitlin O.

What I liked I found this game really addictive once I got the hang of it. I like that there is a tutorial to walk you through how to play and that there are other options to the in app purchases. This is a game that my husband and I can compete with each other on. I also like the ability to be able to post to Facebook and twitter.

Improvements I would like to see some description on the start screen when you first begin to use the app. For my husband who is a "gamer" it was easy for him to figure out what each symbol meant. Of rme who is in no way a "gamer" I had to play around a bit more. Just something when you fist begin the app that says click here to learn how to play,click here to start, etc. maybe with an option to turn it on and off. It would also be nice to be able to choose a level to start at once you have reached that level. So if I had made it to level 4 at some point, when I go play again I can start at level 4.

General review I found this game really addictive once I got the hang of it. I like that there is a tutorial to walk you through how to play and that there are alternatives to the in app purchases (you do NOT need in app purchases to play the game successfully). This is a game that my husband and I can compete with each other on. There is the ability to be able to post your score to Facebook and twitter.

Marc Edward D.

What I liked I love the tilt control gameplay. Graphics looks great on my iPad3. I also like the background music in this app. I also like the feature where I can share my game's video replay and upload it on my Facebook or Youtube account within the app after a game.

Improvements First thing I noticed is that when I tried to use "Tweet", "Post to Facebook" or "Share Movie" after a game, it will return to the main menu. I can still do tweet, post to Facebook or share movie but after that, I can no longer choose another option since it will return to the main menu. Would be nice if I can do all 3 options. I also think it would be nice if you can add an optional virtual joystick or touch control for iPad users since it is hard to tilt the big iPad device specially to kids.

General review This is a good tilt control endless runner game. The graphics is great on my iPad3. Game is very challenging specially in the later levels. Game also have an online leaderboard and Achievements through GameCenter. I just wish to see another control mode where I can use a virtual joystick or a touch control.

mandy N.

What I liked I really like the simple controls of the game. Just tilt your device this way or that and get the balls on the screen. The colors and the music in the game are relaxing and not overly noisy. You can adjust the music and sounds easily on the settings option if they are too loud.

Improvements I would love to see what exactly you are pushing on the screen. There is no titles or explanations to what you are pushing such as settings, game, ect and then when you get inside of the settings it still doesn't say what they are until you press it. I would also like to see where the screen shrinks a little less frequently for younger or inexperienced users.

General review This app seems to have a calming effect on you while playing the game. It is fun and enjoyable simple to use app. It's not the easiest to win but practice makes perfect and over time you will get better. Not badly priced at 99cents if your looking for a quick easy game to play :)

Courtney D.

What I liked It definitely left me on the edge of my seat. As a competitive person, this was an app that challenged me and made me want to beat my personal best. I appreciated the tilt configuration being completed before every game. Some people like to hold the device horizontal, while others vertical, and this allowed for some change in preference. I liked the ability to gain points by reaching certain objects, but also having the uncertainty of detriment if I rolled over the wrong object!

Improvements There were descriptions of all the objects, but there were so many that I got confused initially. I ended up just decided to play the game to figure it out because I couldn't keep them all straight. I think the main problem I faced was that they were similar in color. The only few that differentiated dealt with wall movement, I believe. I'm not sure about the x2 object. I don't know its purpose and when I noticed the "mult" increasing, it would then decrease, too, which left me a little befuddled.

General review Addicting! This game is so addicting! I played for a while just trying to beat my personal best. This game does take some getting use to, but if you are persistent, you will do just fine! It is a great time-waster, that's for sure! My husband appreciates these games when we are stuck in a place for a length of time and access to anything productive is limited. I would definitely recommend this entertainment!

Andrew M.

What I liked It's addictive. I set the third highest score ...while being distracted by a two year old. I have absolutely no problem with the IAPs as they are not necessary. In my observation, the game is very well designed. Not overly complex, but lots of fun!

Improvements Since I absolutely must put something down, I'll comment on the fact that there is not a great deal of variety in the game. Once you get about five minutes into the game, you start to race through the levels. I would like to see more variables introduced - more (and possibly different) balls in the higher levels.

General review Highly addictive game. Definitely worth the cost. Don't hate on the in app purchases; if you are good enough you won't need them. App plays very well on the iPad with no bugs encountered. Once you get the hang of the motion, chasing tokens and avoiding walls will be your new obsession!

Gadi A.

What I liked The developer has created a unique game, filled with cleverly developed tension. Gameplay for claustrophobic is both fluid and tense. Whilst the tutorial explains the properties of the spheres, during gameplay, you soon forget, which adds further tension. The first few times you never know what you are going to get, and whether it will help or hinder. As the player advances through the levels new spheres and obstacles appear, maintaining the players desire to continue playing. What struck me the most is the great use of the IOS devices gyroscope, making this a great tilt and run game.

Improvements I really liked this game, and felt compelled to play again and again. What I found frustrating was the color and design of the spheres. If they were color coded or their imagery were more distinct, the user would learn more quickly whether to hit or avoid them. Whilst not knowing makes the game fun, forgetting that you are about to hit a vortex and end the game can be really annoying. What would also be useful is access to a chart listing obstacles that have been encountered by the player. A 2 word summary of the properties of the spheres would be beneficial between rounds.

General review Claustrophobic is a tense and atmospheric tilt and run game. The developer has created a unique game which best utilizes the IOS devices gyroscope. Random obstacles appear which can help or hinder adding tension to this fun game. The developer would enhance the game if the sphere obstacles were made more distinct and colorful. This simple change would enable to the player to remember which obstacles are useful, and which to avoid.

Amanda S.

What I liked I like that you move the whole device to control the game. I like how there are different items on the game board to change up the game. I liked the detailed descriptions of the different items and what they do. I like the pace of the ball, it makes it great for kids and adults

Improvements I didn't like how the main menu wasn't labeled. It was confusing (the only one I could figure out just by looking was settings). I liked the detailed descriptions, as stated above, but there were too many and they look so similar that I couldn't remember when I started playing. I suggest making them more distinct, maybe use different colors. I think adding sound effects would also make this app even better!

General review This is a fun addicting game! A tilt to control game play that is easy to get the hang of. Very detailed instructions (there are a lot of different ball-like objects to look out for). I liked it better on my iPhone but works well on iPad too! Great graphics! Well made app? Worth the price!

Larry S.

What I liked The main thing I really liked about the game is the challenge. This is a challenging game and one that takes a steady hands. It is also a game that you can play over and over again and it not really be the same. This is a game for those at want to compete against themselves and try to get the best high score possible.

Improvements I found the game a bit hard to see. I would like to see maybe lighter colors or better contrasting colors. The in app purchases could be better highlighted. A pause button would be nice to have. Maybe a tutorial level. would be help. In general I figured out the game pretty easily.

General review Claustrophobic is a fun challenging game that will frustrate you but will make you come back again and again to try and improve your score. This is an easy game to learn but a hard game to master. The music adds to the fun of the game and the graphics are nicely done.

Targo D.

What I liked It has a decent layout and interface. Works without any bugs or problems. Quick to open and start playing. High score system makes it reletively addictive. Like the fact that theres nothing you can't get without paying. Like that the game is explained well in the instructions. Like the ability to video your game.

Improvements The game seems alittle bland. Theres only one objective and not much change. I feel there should be different challenges, hardness levels etc. The ball is also slow to respond so if that isn't on purpose then maybe the ability to change sensitivity would be nice. Also feels like there is so little space. I think making the ball smaller and putting in more obsticles would makw it more interesting. Also maybe adding in the ability to earn money that could be used to buy upgrades could make it more interesting. Main menu has no labels. Game just feels like it could have so much more added to it.

General review Its a great idea for a game. Can be addictive and interesting. It has been designed well but it still gives off the feeling that its not the full version as it feels like there are many features missing, and that the game is a little restrictive. The game is still fun to play and i really like it but i feel that it has the potential to be MUCH better

Mark S.

What I liked Much like other games, I like that it is a constant distractor and a game that you continuously play (as opposed to a game where you play for 30 seconds or less then pause between "levels). I also like that there are many different "powerups" you can run into to gain an advantage or even a disadvantage.

Improvements I would like to see the game have a better reaction to the accelerometer for the iPad 3. I felt that sometimes I leaned the iPad and it didn't react correctly.

If you could more clearly diagram what the buttons or pods you run into are that would be helpful. I only found out what pause was by accidentally hitting it. The levels seem a little mundane after a while. The background never seems to change, so that would be a nice improvement for the background to change. It would make it easier on the eyes as well.

General review This game does not seem to have much action. In another continuous moving game, you use your fingers to jump and turn in the game which provides a little more action. In this game you can earn points by simply rocking back and forth, that does not constitute much of a challenge to me, which is what I enjoy in games.

Michelle C.

What I liked Both my husband and I enjoyed playing the game, and it was a bonus that the instructions showed up localized in Spanish, as this is the language of the iPad I tested it on. There are many different symbols to make it more difficult, and that kept us interested even if it proved more difficult than we thought to figure out which were good and which weren't.

Improvements I think the landing page could be tweaked to make it easier to understand, my 7 year-old couldn't figure out how to start, and even I had a hard time getting started. Maybe a demo? Or a transition screen to show people how the game works? I also think the symbols could be improved (using colors) to clearly see which to hit and which to avoid. The game in and of itself is fine just as is! We enjoyed seeing the scoreboard, etc.

General review In general I think the game is fun and enjoyable. As I said, we enjoyed seeing ourselves on the scoreboard and competing between the two of us. It was too hard for my eldest, but fun for the adults in my household. I'd take a look at the intro to make sure people get playing as soon as possible, and maybe simplify the good/bad symbols to increase playability, but besides a few tweaks we thought it was a good little game!

Dheeraj R.

What I liked >The app itself is really amazing, and is very nice to play. It's very different from other games on the App Store.
>I absolutely loved the menus, it was totally unique, and especially the settings menu was really cool.
>The feature to record gameplay is also amazing, not a lot of apps have this feature. This is definitely something a lot of people will use to share on Facebook or Twitter.

Improvements >One part I didn't like about the app, was the background music. It isn't bad, but doesn't get the user into a positive mood.
>The ball/sphere is a little too slow, if it's speed was a little higher, then it would be so much more fun.
>Although the menu looked cool, it was a bit tough to understand the controls at first.
>It would be best to include an introductory video for the aforementioned point.

General review Claustrophobic is an amazing app, a game for all ages. This app is very well thought out, and has very few negatives in it. It's a very addicting app. Yet, I feel this app should be made free. A lot of people would love to play this app, and would gain huge popularity if it was to become free. Maybe a lite version is needed for the app, or probably an ad-supported free version.

Jonathan R.

What I liked I really like the concept of this game. I think it has a lot of potential to be a five star game. I think that it is an application that you can play over an over again and never get tired of playing. I would play this game any chance I had free time.

Improvements I do not like the controls at all. I believe that they are hard to get used to and too sensitive. I think that if instead of using the accelerometer you had joystick-like controls it would make the application easier to use and more fun. It is a great concept but the controls ruin it for me.

General review I really like the concept of this game. I think it has a lot of potential to be a five star game but the controls ruin that for me. I think that if instead of using the accelerometer you had joystick-like controls it would make the application easier to use and more fun. It is a great concept but the controls ruin it for me.

Matthew E.

What I liked I really liked the tron-like space theme, the difficult game-play, and the dark color scheme. Many games like this one tend to glitch out when you tilt the iDevice, but I didn't encounter a single glitch with this one. The game-play kept me focused, and I didn't realize how much time was passing until I looked up from my iPod.

Improvements The IAPs are a little too expensive($1 for another life?) The game felt a little slow to me. I wish that the speed of movement had been faster, and the time that it took for the momentum of the ball to dissipate had been shorter. Also, the levels are a little bit too long.

General review Overall, I think I would recommend this game to most of my friends. The only things that really need improvement are the price of the IAPs and the speed of the game. I think the tron-like theme will attract a lot of people, and I think that this game will be very popular.

Jonathan M.

What I liked I'm honestly kind of surprised that this app came from an "indy" developer, because I actually think it's really good. The game is definitely fun to play and you can easily pick it up and play for a bit then put down and resume it later. The sound effects really add to the production value of it. You also really put a nice touch on the audio level controls in the settings menu. I like how you rotate the button to turn it up and down kind of similar to that of an iPod classic. I also really appreciate that you can earn the in app purchase items in the game.

Improvements I've noticed that you can only hold the phone one way (i.e. you cannot rotate it to the other landscape position). It isn't really clear how you get to the next level (Is it based on time or the amount of points, ect.). It would be nice to have some text in the main menu so you have an idea of what you're actually clicking on. On a final note, I would love to be able to play a tutorial round of the game instead of having to read through all the instructions because I'm a visual learner and it makes more sense to me when I am learning how to play the game by playing it.

General review This game is one of those great time wasters that you will keep playing over and over again to beat your previous score. There are some minor things that I'm sure will be worked out which is why I am giving it four stars for now. There are in app purchases, but you DON'T have to buy them because you can EARN them by playing the game, which is a HUGE plus in my book. Overall it's fun and it's priced cheap at only $0.99.

Stan A.

What I liked I can definitely see the reason why it is called Claustrophobic, the concept of a shrinking play area is interesting. This game has a somewhat unique style of game play. I like the fact that all in app purchases are available for free if you are able to earn them. There is a variety of power ups and I like how the ball looks.

Improvements I was pretty disappointed by the game since it is advertised as an "endless runner" which is one of my personal favorite genres. I expected it to be more of an action oriented obstacle course rather than just moving the ball back and forth in a confined area. Not calling it an endless runner would probably prevent people from having these expectations. The game is pretty repetitive and doesn't really change from level to level. It would be nice to see more variety beyond just different power ups. Different achievements besides just scoring points might help make the game more interesting.

General review This game does not seem at all like an endless runner type game to me. Instead it is more of like a balancing game where you move a ball back and forth trying to stay in a confined area that gets smaller from the beginning to end of each level. I found that the game gets boring pretty quickly since there is no real difference between levels except different power ups and the speed that the area shrinks.

Tony B.

What I liked The game play in this app is pretty fun. It feels both natural and challenging to try to move the ball around. I like the graphics of the ball and some of the obstacles. It is good that it integrates with game center and I like that you can do a game capture.

Improvements I think the background, ball trail graphics, and the explosion graphics don't look that great and could be improved a lot. In the help screens, the options should be 'previous', 'close', and 'next'. 'previous' and 'back' are too similar. I think you are going to lose a lot of users by giving only 1 life. I'm not sure if other games do this but I thought it was pretty bad and I would have deleted the game at this point and written a bad review.

General review Overall game play is natural, fun, and challenging. Some of the graphics are good but there is definitely room for improvement. There are a lot of different obstacles and rewards in this game that make it more interesting. However, after losing all your lives, you only get 1 life from then on unless you buy more.

Amber N.

What I liked Claustrophobic is actually a pretty neat concept, and I like the idea of it being a tilt-to-play/roller game, which is something you don't see nearly as much as you would expect with the iPhone having said capability. It's a nice little time waster game that you can play while waiting in line or killing time waiting for a friend. It's quick to learn but there's definitely a learning curve as the game goes on, so it's not a game that you will pick up and master within ten minutes as is often the problem with mobile games.

Improvements The games physics seem a bit off to say the least. The ball starts off pretty slow, and it doesn't seem to "break" very well. While this can be a fun mechanic, similar to rolling a marble on a flat surface in real life, it becomes very bothersome very quickly when you realize that the objective of the game is to last as long as you can in small spaces. I also wish that the game itself was a little more pleasing to the eye - maybe with a few less glowy effects. I like the vector/metal style on the ball and the tokens you collect, and I think that should be more prevalent in the design overall.

General review I think a little more tweaking on the physics itself would make the game a lot more enjoyable and a bit easier - especially for people who may not use axis-based controllers very often. That being said, it really isn't too bad of a game if you're into tilt-to-play games that get progressively harder as you go. It's got replayability and is challenging, which is something that more apps these days could use!