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App reviews for "Dingtone for Free Phone Calls, Texts & Walkie Talkie, V1.0" [text]


Dingtone for Free Phone Calls, Texts & Walkie Talkie, V1.0 [text]

App description: Dingtone, the new way to talk, text and share, for free! Dingtone allows users to make phone calls, send text messages, share multi-media, use walkie-talkie like push-to-talk functions, leave live voicemails and setup conference calls - anywhere in the world. All communication between Dingtone users is entirely free.

iTunes Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/dingtone-for-free-phone-calls/id588937297?ls=1&mt=8

iDevices used for the reviews: iPhone4 - iPhone4S - iPhone5

Total reviews: 5

Developer: Steve W.

Courtney D.

What I liked The app was easy to manipulate. I was able to determine the purpose and how to utilize the app with ease. I like the multiple functions and ability to contact others with the app. I love the ability to talk to others worldwide for free. I like the innovation of a walkie talkie through an iOS device. There really isn't much to not like about this app. I think it is a great app, especially for free!

Improvements The only thing I would wish is that the app would be available to Android users as well. With only having one iPhone in the house, it made reviewing this app slightly difficult, but also can't be used with others within the family. I think it would be a great thing to have when a family goes to other locations and needs a "walkie talkie" type of communication system! A little instruction on how to use this with the iPad would be helpful. I think more people have iPads than iPhone devices, so with an internet connection, it would be nice to have that ability to contact similar to FaceTime.

General review The simplicity and ease with this app is undeniable. I think the app suits all users of various ages. I think it is functional and applicable to daily life now. The ability to call, text, group (conference) call, and walkie talkie make this app stand out among the rest. I would definitely recommend this app to other iOS users!

Nico D.

What I liked 1. I tested the app with several friends and the sound was loud and clear over 3G and LTE.
2. The design of the app is very minimalist, simple and really easy to use for all ages.
3. The Facebook massaging feature is really cool and I'm glad I can use this app and delete the messenger app.
4. The service is FREE and this is great.

Improvements 1. The first thing I would really like to see improved is the sign up feature. For me it was easy but when I asked several people of older ages to sign up, they hesitated when they had to enter the phone number to receive the confirmation code.
2. A lot of people use the app on the iPad. So a native iPad version would be awesome.

General review This application is a great way of saving some money on phone bills. The sound is good and the design of the app is simple and easy to use. The fact that this is a FREE calling service is great, but the low number of people on this service is the biggest disadvantage.

Marc Edward D.

What I liked I like the simple design of the interface. Very easy to use and understand. I also like the Walkie Talkie mode where the voice recording plays automatically as I receive it. I also like the feature where I can easily receive and send message to my Facebook friends with this app.

Improvements Not sure if bug but sometimes, when I am trying to call my iPhone4, it doesn't ring or show any notification that I am calling from Dingtone. I am calling from my iPad3 btw. I also would like to see an ability to search for other people online. Like user will have an option if they want to make their account public or private only. If public, other users can search this user and invite him/her to add on his/her contact. Also, a native iPad resolution would be nice.

General review This is a great app to send FREE text, phone calls plus a cool Walkie Talkie feature where you don't need to play the voicemail to hear it. It plays as soon as you received it. I personally like the feature where I can also message my Facebook friends using this app. I only wish to see a native iPad resolution on the future update.

Targo D.

What I liked I love how well it works. I was actually surprised by this. The app is easy and simple to use. I love the ability to send msgs and voice msgs. It makes the conversations so much more informative and removes all the restrictions i feel when I'm talking over the phone. I love that everything is pretty much free and i find its the first thing i go to when i want to talk to someone. The conference call ability can actually be really useful at times and its nice the be able to use it from any of my devices.

Improvements I think the layout could be improved a little more. It seems a little clumsy although theres nothing specific about it that i have a problem with. It just doesn't seem as neat and tidy as some apps. A good app to look at is "Whatsapp". That has quite a nice layout and maybe you could use that for tips. Also maybe having the ability to post to facebook and twitter and other social account and send emails would be nice.This would make it more like a social networking app and would make it feel natural for people to do everything from that app which could make it very popular.

General review I really liked this app and might actually find myself making a great use of this app in the future. It makes communication quite easy (and free) and is simple to use. I have no real complaints about the app i really just wish more people used it and i feel that making it able to do many different things would attract those users. The app has been designed well and works REALLY well. The calls are clear and it is much better than any similar apps

Jonathan R.

What I liked I like that it is a free way to make calls or send messages. It is very easy to use and much better than other applications of its kind. I like how you can also use it for conference calls and you only need to be connected to the internet. It is a very useful app.

Improvements This is a great app and I find it hard to think of ways it can be improved. The only downside that I can think of is that your friends need to download it too in order for it to be used to its full potential. I dont know how plausible it is to change this but I would recommend looking into it.

General review Overall, I like this app. I like that it is a free way to make calls or send messages and that you can also use it for conference calls. I think that it is great that you only need to be connected to the internet however If possible I would make it so that your friends dont need to download the application too in order to use it fully. It is a very useful app.