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5 Dice: Order of Operations Game v1 [text]

App description: Two Player Bluetooth Math Game! You can use two devices and play against or with your classmates or parents. A math game intended for upper elementary and middle school students that helps students enjoy practicing their order of operations. The game encourages students to use higher order thinking to solve the "target" number by working backwards

iTunes Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/5-dice-order-operations-game/id572774867?ls=1&mt=8

iDevices used for the reviews: iPad2 - iPad3 - iPhone4 - iPhone4S

Total reviews: 10

Developer: Justin H.

Cheryle D.

What I liked The bluetooth option was great. In a classroom, students can play against each other which adds more excitement to the game for them. The email option to mail parents and teachers their results is fantastic. They know which problems the student really struggled with. The email covers everything and breaks it all down. The printable section is great for more carryover activities. I liked that you can write your ideas down with the whiteboard option and try to figure out the problem.

Improvements *With the instructions in the 2A section, show the dice with the numbers (example: after 56, show the five die and six die next to it). *Within each section, create levels of difficulty. For each section, level one can start out with answers of no more than 10, Level two can be between 10-25, etc.. Then it can be customized further and target younger students and/or struggling students. In a classroom, there is a wide range of abilities. *As you're trying to figure out the problem on the whiteboard, have the ability to cross out which die you have used in your equation and which ones are left

General review This is a great app for students to work on their higher order thinking skills. There is a bluetooth option to play against a friend, sibling, parent, or classmate. There are printable activity sheets for carryover at home or in the classroom. There is also progress/data tracking through email to the teacher or parent. This is a very well thought out app!

Jon S.

What I liked I LOVE this app! It is a dream for a teacher with a campus of iPads. The game can be played by a large range of ages. Being able to use exponents and parenthesis gives this game a big edge over other math apps. Many games don't have those advanced functions that kids need to practice. I also enjoy the negative target numbers which adds an extra layer. Adding the bluetooth two player mode is a great feature that will challenge students to keep playing the app.

Improvements I will have to nit pick to find something I would like to improve. The graphics for rolling the dice could be improved to make it look and feel more realistic. I would also like the ability to control what the target number is. The choice to make it negative or positive, two digit or three digit would be a nice feature.

General review I think this is a terrific app. It is a classic math game that people ages 6-66 can play for fun. The addition of pairing your app in bluetooth mode to play against an opponent in the room is a great new update. The app lets you use functions such as parenthesis and exponents which many math apps don't have. I would love to see more from this developer in the future. Teachers that I know, love this game!

Holly P.

What I liked There are several things I like about this app. I think they have tied the novalty of rolling dice to acquire numbers with higher level thinking of trying to devise an order of operations equation to meet a target number. I like that they have included a space to work the problem and allows for students to play together via bluetooth.

Improvements I am having a difficult time coming up with improvements. I really like that it allows for competition through Bluetooth connection. In a shared iPad environment it is ideal that you can create multiple profiles. I guess is it possible to have a more difficult setting where you can choose a 9 or 10 sided dice.

General review It is very difficult to find quality apps that will work on middle-high school math skills. I believe this app does a great job. I really like that they are not just building an order of operations problem but that user is asked to design the problem to have a targeted outcome. I found the whiteboard space a helpful addition. This app is great for classrooms as you can create profiles and have the results emailed to the teacher.

Gabriel H.

What I liked This is a great app that really makes to think about order of operations. I like that you can play with a friend so that you can learn together. I also like how you can select the individual arthritic sign that you want to use so that you can slowly build up your understanding.

Improvements The only issue with this app is that it lacks features, I dont really have an idea as to exactly what features could be add. On the other hand this app is free so maybe it does not really need anything extra.

I found that moving the individual 'blocks' was not as easy as it should be but maybe that is just me.

General review After using this app for a while you can really gain a keen understanding of how equations work and specifically understanding and manipulate the order of operations. This app can be very useful for your grade schooler to get ahead of his class. Great education app!

Michelle H.

What I liked As a teacher I like that the students can play with a partner using Bluetooth connections. I also like that the results can be emailed to the teacher or parent, this is good for student accountability during workshop time. The ability to select different levels or computation levels is also great for students and for teachers who need to differentiate activities.

Improvements Although the developer included directions for how to play the game they did not include directions how to physically play the game. It took me a minute to realize I had to drag the dice and computation symbols into the boxes and when finished had to click the arrow. When using an app like this in my math workshop it is essential that students will be able to use the app independently and I think that many of my students would be slightly confused now to manipulate he objects.

General review I really like this app and as a teacher will definitely include it in my math workshops. Not only does it teach students about order of operation, but younger students (third & fourth graders) can use it to develop number sense using the addition and subtraction level.

Fides C.

What I liked Wow! This game is not only excellent in developing children's understanding of order of operations, but it can be very challenging for adults as well. Talk about brain exercise! Whew! I like that the game play is simple and easy to understand. The whiteboard is very helpful and Imlove that the dice in play is displayed on top. I also love that you can get a printable version of the game. I received the printable version very quickly via email. I also love that parents and teachers can track a child's progress via email.

Improvements The instructions were a bit hard to figure out, but I got it easily once I started playing the game. I would love to see a solution option. There were a few times I myself could not figure out what the solution was. I think it would be very helpful to have an option to see the solution or set of possible solutions to a given problem. I would like to see a "home" button added to the screen that appears after the student shoots his/her answer. Currently, the only options are to "re-shoot" or "shoot again"

General review I recommend this game for older elementary kids and adults. Younger kids may find this too hard or tedious. It is an excellent game that not only helps kids practice their math skills but also helps them understand and remember the order of operations. The game also provides teachers and parents with a printable option so that students can play the game without the ipad.

Shelly M.

What I liked Very fun way to present challenging math concepts to students and inspire higher level critical thinking skills in a non-threatening way. The simplicity of the design of the game with its black and white layout is refreshing. This makes the game look sophisticated which will appeal to older students. It's nice can you choose to dice roll method. You do not have to put in an email, it is optional. The BT connection worked easily between devices for a two player game. The instructions were clear, the tips good. Emailing scores to teacher, great The option to get paper printouts, nice.

Improvements This is such a terrific App I have little to suggest in the way of improvement. Could you please mark the email as 'optional'. I don't like students emailing each other in class or encouraging them to exchange email addresses. Another avenue for the email would be to instruct the players to enter the teacher's email (so he/she can get the student scores). When the scores are emailed I would like to know what game the student(s) were playing, the level at which they were playing if that is possible.

General review A fresh concept. A challenging and educational math game for anyone to play alone or via bluetooth with a friend. A great App to use in a Math Club or Math class. The bluetooth connection worked easily. Good for late elementary through adulthood. Scores can be emailed. Paper games can be printed from the App as well.

Andrew M.

What I liked This is a fantastic app. The basic idea of honing math skills through interactive competition shows a clear unserstanding of the target age group. It seems to me that this approach (building formulas one digit at a time) requires complex thinking and will build skills beyond the computation level. I have shared the app with math teachers and students already.

Improvements I have played a handful of games via Bluetooth (many more single-player) so I am not certain this is what was actually happening, but it seemed like if one player entered the wrong solution, the other was declared the winner. If that is the case, I think play should continue until one player gets the formula right!

General review Five Dice is not your father's math review activity. By approaching the entire exercise from a new perspective (building a formula to match a given solution) and by incorporating students' love of competition and interactive gaming, this app helps students learn higher-order thinking without seeming to do so. Genius and sure to be effective.

Vicki G.

What I liked I really liked the ability to choose the level of play, for one. Another good concept is the ability to choose between one player and two players because the one player is good for practice. A third piece of what I liked is the practice page to be able to write down and not have to use a separate piece of paper to do my figuring. Great app.

Improvements I like this app because it is a basic, no frills app. If anything might be improved it might be the blinking box that appears to show where the next choice is to be inserted. That blinking box might become annoying while the player is thinking. Another change might be to just be able to tap or double tap the selection to be added next instead of dragging it. But overall - no major changes.

General review This app is excellent for all ages and all grades. There are several contests that schools hold with the same concept and there are pre-made card games with the same idea. Now to have it in an app is great. I like the choices of levels and that the higher levels can even use exponents. It is basic, no frills, and the fact that there is a choice of one player (great for practice) and two player adds to make it a great app.

Frances A.

What I liked A few things I like about the app as a teacher is that you can send progress reports can, it is able to be used with multiple players so it can be an educational “game” that is appropriate in the classroom setting. I like the white board feature as well. The app does encourage students to use higher-order thinking. I like how it gives that answer but not the equation; kids solve the target number by working backward. I like that you are able to make multiple user profiles which is great for teaching. I see over eighty students and this app would be helpful for an educator a similar position.

Improvements The downside of the app is that I think this would not be appropriate until middle school and it is something that some children with disabilities would not be able to benefit from without lengthy instruction and help as well. The overall app is good but it can be hard for children to pick up what they need to do in order to keep playing before getting frustrated and leaving the game. I think this game could be better if you were able to start with less dice and build your way up to using all five dice. This way it starts as a learning process with children and builds up to the app we see now.

General review What I love is when using this app with middle school students it promotes that players use multi-step problem solving skills in order to get the desired result. It also engages and intrigues children to keep trying until they get the right answer. This is something that I feel is important because children get bored of using apps very easily. I think the app is good to help learn order of operations and promote higher order thinking in an app.