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App reviews for "PUZZINGO Puzzles (Pro Edition) – Animated Kid’s Puzzles" [text]


PUZZINGO Puzzles (Pro Edition) – Animated Kid’s Puzzles [text]

App description: Puzzingo Pro is the educator's version of the popular Puzzingo Puzzles game. Do your kids like educational puzzle game that is fun, vocal, and packed with animations? Puzzingo provides endless learning and engagement to your kids! It is not only suited for young kids, but autistic, low functioning, and special needs kids as well.

iTunes Link: https://itunes.apple.com/app/puzzingo-puzzles-pro-edition/id593958503?mt=8

iDevices used for the reviews: iPad2 - iPad3 - iPhone4S

Total reviews: 10

Developer: Andrew K.

Mike P.

What I liked Right away I liked the app because it expanded on the old wooden puzzles with the different shaped pieces that the kids liked so much in early childhood classrooms. The colors and sounds were engaging. The kids I tested it with were pulled in quickly and their attention was held. I liked the themes such as farm animals, race cars and princesses which appealed to the children. Favorite parts of the game for both adults and the kids were popping balloons, swatting flies, racing the car and dressing up the different characters.

Improvements It would be great to have even more themes and dress up items. Maybe even a couple more game choices when all the puzzle pieces are put in to increase replayability. As I said, popping balloons, racing and such were the most popular things to do. One thing that my older children and I were disappointed in is the sometimes odd sounds associated with some of the items. We were so disappointed when we went to the rock and
roll fairyland and the singer only said "la" or the dragon had a chiming sound.

General review Overall, I think the app is engaging and fun for young children. It was even catching the attention of the older elementary children! It was easy to play with only a little adult direction at first. Every child eagerly awaited their turn at it (there was quite a line up!) and when it was time to put it away everyone groaned. Not sure about the replay ability after the initial thrill wears off since there’s really only one activity per theme.

Libby C.

What I liked Huge variety of themes and puzzles with great replay value. Plenty of different items to interest and entertain kids. Great app for building vocabulary. I like that you can turn off the background music. The shape matching puzzle uses correct names for shapes. I loved the Lunar New Year Puzzle with the dragon dancers and fireworks. Some of the puzzles provide a fun way to teach basic skills.

Improvements If the parent page included details of each puzzle, you could customize children's play by choosing games that helped them with concepts. "Celebrations" at the end of puzzles could be more educational. Knocking things off the road in a car seemed inappropriate. Some of the graphics were nicely done but many of the animals were too cartoon-like. Numbers and letters were hard to recognize because they were too "puffy". The counting game showed items so squashed together it was impossible to count them. I would also like to see a variety of puzzles instead of just matching shapes to a space.

General review This app offers a large variety of themes to interest and engage kids. It will definitely keep children busy and build vocabulary. The rewards at the end of the puzzles could be much more educational. Currently they have kids popping balloons, driving cars (and knocking others off the road) and throwing snowballs, adding no educational value. For the price, I would want an app that was more carefully designed to teach as well as entertain.

Erin B.

What I liked There is so much to love about this app - the puzzles are wonderful and I love that they build on each other. The themes are images are bright and engaging. Each puzzle is short enough to keep the attention of young kids but long enough that they aren't disappointed when it's done. I love the vocabulary and that's is written with each piece. The core concepts area is my favorite because the concepts are well laid out and perfect for kids learning. I love the follow up games on the princess area in particular where you can dress the princess - would love to see that on more themes.

Improvements I'd love to see even more themes! Puzzles of different difficultly would be appreciate - whether you can choose the level or it gets harder as you go. My 6 year old loves the puzzles but they are much too easy for him. In the core concepts alphabet I found some of the letters hard to discern, specifically H and N.
I love the puzzles with the balloons floating at the end, but I'd like there to be a stopping point. My kids could pop the balloons forever!

General review Wonderful puzzle app that uses attractive themes to engage young children! The puzzles all feature rich vocabulary which is a great platform for learning. This is the educators version so all the puzzles are available in a single download, plus any upcoming puzzles.
The puzzles are perfect for a preschooler!

Mark S.

What I liked I had my teacher wife look at this app and these were her thoughts: She liked that it allowed for many different aspects for teaching the word. It allowed you to touch, hear see the image and see the word written out. Additionally, it was good to see them in their natural environment as an applicable usage.

Improvements This is specific to the last level entitled "Core Concepts". When you have the letters listed, that is a great idea, but it would be better if it gave an example of how you can use that letter. By that I mean, "A is for Apple", then show an apple and have the word Apple written out. This way it implements touching the letter, hearing the letter and word, showing the written letter and word.

General review I think the application is a great way to teach kids difference aspects from "Space" to "Animals" to "Core Concepts". I like that the application implements three of the five senses; feeling, seeing and hearing. It is very colorful and has great noises that kids love. Overall I think this is a great tool for kids to learn different things in many different ways, without distracting nonsense.

Valerie M.

What I liked Puzzingo Pro offers multiple engaging, boldly colored puzzles in a wide range of entertaining and educational themes. Strong auditory feedback and optional music are augmented with scene interactivity and animations. With the advantage of being able to be contained in a single download eligible for the educational discount and promises of future educational and entertainment themes, there is strong potential for continued growth and development.

Improvements Since special needs kids are one of the target groups, it would be very helpful to have additional settings to improve use & interaction for them. A proximity setting to make it easier for kids working on developing fine motor control & drag & drop skills. An ability to alter sound effects; explosion sound often exacerbates a startle reflex in kids with CP; a soft musical jingle or recordable sound option would be great. A setting to limit how many objects are placed before moving to game portions would be nice for kids with short attention spans, motor planning problems, and visual issues.

General review This app is directly aimed at the early education/mild special needs market with benefits in volume purchasing and promise of future development. A wide range of engaging puzzles with strong vocabulary/auditory feedback allow children to work on some core concepts and motor skills while being entertained.

Frances A.

What I liked I think that the app PUZZINGO Puzzles did exactly what is set out to do. Build a perfect puzzle app that can be purchased by educators especially as a VVP with such an amazing variety of content. The music is wonderful. This app will delight and engage children. I love that it incorporates all the senses. I really like that the puzzles are interactive, they repeat the names of the items that need to be placed around & they use themes that appeal to both children and educators. After you complete a puzzle, I love that a theme matched prize (balloons, stars, etc) will pop up and are interactive.

Improvements My Wish list:
Even though the app is going to grow and future puzzles will be included for free in this app 14.99 is still a lot of money and educators have to convince others that the app is worth it. So, it would make is 7.50 an app by 20. A lot of educational institutes will send that money for one app when they can have more than one. If it was priced around 9.99, personally I think it would be more feasible on the educational end. I also think some of the terms covered some of the puzzles were more advanced and not all children could easily accomplish the puzzles.

General review One of my favorite puzzles covered are basic concepts. It covers the alphabet, animals, colors & shapes. These core concepts are very important for fundamental learning. I like the approach that the puzzle uses for teaching children concepts. I think that children will really love the overall interactivity throughout the game combined. With this app there is great learning bundle that will teach the children as they grow and learn with the app.

Kerry E.

What I liked I like how the narrator tells the user exactly what they are tapping on as they are tapping on it. Also, it's neat how the app just has the user do a few puzzle pieces at a time, and then adds more as you go. We loved the little mini games when we were done with each puzzle! What a fun idea! Finally, I love how new content is going to be added every so often. We look forward to more puzzles!

Improvements I think if the user places the puzzle piece near enough to where it's supposed to be that it should be recognized by the game. It seems like it's a little too picky, especially for children with motor skill difficulties. I could see my younger children getting a little bit frustrated with repeated tries. Other than that, the app is extremely well done!

General review This app is wonderful for all children, but especially for my 2.5-year-old who has speech delays. The opportunity for him to learn a lot of core educational subjects, such as shapes, animals, etc. and have them reinforced through one of his favorite things, puzzles, is one that we will definitely not pass up. He adores puzzles, and there is so much content here, it will keep us busy for a long time. This is absolutely a five-star app!

melissa r.

What I liked Fun and appealing graphics in a user friendly app. Large variety of puzzles to suit both genders and a range of abilities. A unique twist to the usual puzzle style app that certainly wont be a one hit wonder. Children really enjoyed the overall circus theme to the app.

Improvements More puzzles that help teach children about their environments ie fruit and vegetable, weather, maps. Also potentially even name count the balloons as popping. Balloons on completion of app were enjoyable to pop although child expected them to stop appearing eventually.

General review Great app that is easy to use and enjoyable for a wide range if ages and abilities. Enough content within each puzzle to amuse younger players while still enjoyable for the older children with learning difficulties. Fantastic variety of puzzles although eagerly awaiting more (as promised) to warrant the price tag.

Janine W.

What I liked - The "menu/exit" buttons are sliders. They don't get accidentally activated while the students are playing.
- The wide variety of puzzles and vocabulary
- That the music can be turned off in the settings
- That each item also has the written word beneath it
- That the number of items to put in the puzzle is limited to just a few at a time
- The arrow prompt that appears when students aren't sure where to put a piece
- The mini-games at the end of each completed puzzle
- The idea that educational institutions can purchase this one app with all of the puzzles at educational pricing.

Improvements - Add a feature to turn off the sound effects (separate from turning off the music). Some students (especially those with autism) can be overloaded auditorily. Then, users could choose to mute music and/or sound effects.
- Some of the puzzles become very visually complex as they are built (e.g., farm, fairy house). This may be a challenge for students with visual impairments.
- In the app description, it may be better to say "students with autism" rather than "autistic" and "high needs or multiple impairments" rather than "low functioning" especially if this app is targeted for educators.

General review This app is great for building vocabulary in children ages 20 months and above. My 20 month-old son is able to use the app with little assistance and my special needs students (ages 3 - 8) also enjoy building scenes and playing the mini-games at the end. The music, sound-effects, and naming of pictures can be a bit intense for some. I will either turn the volume way down, or mute it altogether. Overall, I have found this app useful in therapy. B+

Nathalie C.

What I liked > PUZZINGO Puzzles (Pro Edition) – Animated Kid’s Puzzles is a great shapes and puzzles app.
> I liked the gameplay : getting pieces not all at the same time, but in small packs, makes a great difference for younger kids or low attention span kids.
> I liked the fact that the vocabulary is given while playing.
> I liked the rewards, all different, for each completed puzzle
> I liked the hint that appear when kid get stuck

Improvements > The graphics could be better designed. They look like cliparts or computer designed graphics rather than true illustration.
> The app could engage players a little bit more by allowing a profile and a progress function (what has already been completed, what has not been explored yet)

General review This may be the biggest puzzle collection I've seen. As it's expensive, you might be willing to:
1/ display very explicitely how many boards / pieces / vocabulary words people will get
2/ explain (in appstore but maybe in your app too) that more boards will come soon and that the pack includes next boards to come
3/ market worldwide
4/ implement a profile function