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App reviews for "Meet the Insects: Village Edition (1.0.0)" [text]


Meet the Insects: Village Edition (1.0.0) [text]

App description: Providing visually-captivating photos and videos, this app invites you to explore insects such as cicadas, ladybugs, grasshoppers and flies. With audio-narrated information, it allows the users to play with each insect by using a tap or drag, review through OX and Photo quiz, and enjoy unique experience of writing your own observation journal.

iTunes Link: https://itunes.apple.com/app/id592075730?mt=8

iDevices used for the reviews: iPad2 - iPad3

Total reviews: 20

Developer: MJ K.

Shannon W.

What I liked I love the different photos and videos in this app of all the different insects. It's amazing how gorgeous some of these insects actually are when you view them up close in these photos. I also love how the user can interact with each different insect along with all the educational info about each insect!

Improvements The arrow on the bottom of the screen to bring up the sub menu was a little difficult to use. Most of the time I would swipe up on the arrow or click on it, the app would not bring me to the sub menu, I'd end up on a page about insects. Perhaps have a different way to access those sub menus or an easier way to get to the home screen.

General review I felt like I was out in nature using a real field guide to explore insects. This app is one of the best designed apps I have seen. It works smoothly except for the arrow on the bottom of the screen. I love the animated cartoon bugs under the insect story! The best part about this app is the Observation journal! I love how I can add my own photos of insects along with personal notes and discoveries. It's like having your own insect scrapbook!

Fides C.

What I liked Another excellent app! Graphics are excellent and very visually appealing. Clear narration throughout. Plenty of information, photos, and videos for kids to digest. I love how the quizzes encourage the child to keep learning by providing positive feedback regardless of the score received.

Improvements I would like to see a playback control on each section of the "Insect Story" presentation. Currently, if you leave off in the middle of a topic, it stops where you left off and you are stuck there unless you re- start the entire topic by tapping on the topic heading. It also has quite a number of grammatical errors in "See Insects" that should be corrected.

General review Kids who use this will gain a deeper appreciation for the insects around them. There are plenty of information to digest, as well as photos and videos to enjoy. My only complaint is that is has numerous and very obvious grammatical errors. Other than that, i think it is a very good app. Although the little ones will find this app appealing, it is best suited for upper elementary children.

Lena L.

What I liked Meet the Insects: Village Edition is a great visual app for young children. The app is educational and fun at the same time. I love the audio details of the insects and the detail provided for each insect. The highlights for me and my children were the observation journal and the videos.

Improvements I think this app is great and would only suggest a few changes when it comes to the quiz section of the app. First, I would like to see the O and X quiz changed to a checkmark and X. I believe kids identify the checkmark with correct more than they do O. Another thing I would like to see added to the quiz section is a lifecycle quiz. Maybe pick an insect and put the lifecycle in order. This is what they would get quizzed on in school, so it should be a major section in the quizzes.

General review Overall, my children loved this app and so did I. As a homeschooler, this app teaches my children about insects in a way that it is fun and engaging. Boys and girls alike will enjoy flipping through the insects and listening about the different characteristics of each. As an added bonus, they can explore with the app and record observations in their journal. Worth every penny!

Andrew M.

What I liked Incredibly detailed app. The text and pictures on each insect are very well done as in the menu system throughout the app. The quiz is well done and great for helping children test their learning. I especially like the field journal. The rich video and picture galaries are great for children who can not observe these insects in the wild. Well done!

Improvements It is hard to criticise anything about this app as it is very well done and much more detailed and better designed than many similar apps. I am willing to suggest that children would love to see content on even more insects. If this could be provided through updates or even in-app purchases, that would be wonderful!

General review This is an incredibly detailed app. Pictures, text, and video guide users through an encyclopedia of insects. There is an interactive quiz to test learning and rich picture and video galleries (presented as "bug stories"). The feature that puts this app over the top, though is the fully functional field journal that allows young scientists to take pictures and notes about the insects they observe!

Frances A.

What I liked The app Meet the Insects: Village Edition is an amazing app with a wealth of knowledge to help children learn all about the different insects they can see when they are outside. It is a great in conjunction with Meet The Insects first app. This is a great app to use when teaching science such as life cycles and about all insects. I think this is a fun way to engage children in science. I know a lot of children are afraid of bugs for an example, so it would help with children get over their fear of insects with the ability to write a journal about what they think about when they see a bug.

Improvements The app hold a lot of information but it is not as interactive as I would like it to be. For example with the life cycles if you could click on it and it blew up bigger on the screen it would be more helpful. I think this app would be perfect to let children explore the insects from a 360 degree view and learning just a bit more about insects but the app doesn't offer that type of view. I think that would be a bit more helpful and including the names to the various parts of the insects would serve a more educational purpose.

General review I love that the children can write their own journal entries, including a picture of the bugs they see and write about what they have learned. I think the app gives children important knowledge of bugs and can be used to meet Common Core Learning standards in Science and English. I think this would be good for children between the ages of 6 and 14 years old and I think it has the potential to make a wonderful teaching tool within the classroom.

Sara M.

What I liked A very well put together, well organized, visually apealing app. The illustrations and photos are fantastic. I love the blend of crisp, clean photographs and illustrations along with the cartoon-type post-it questions- very catchy for young users. Love the integration of narrated video clips. The content of the app is great for young users, providing many great facts about each of the insects.

Improvements Love the app but the file size is huge. Speaking as an educator who uses iPads , the file size of this app would definitely be a consideration as my iPads are only 16gb.
The back button in the top left hand corner is not in English and may be confusing for young users .
Consider enalarging the words of the clickable areas on the main page as they blend in- especially the "quiz" and the "see insects" Typo on main page says
"quizquiz" Would be nice for the quiz questions to have the option to be read to you in order for young users to be able to use the app completely independently.

General review Overall I found this app to be a fantastic app for younger users (age 6+) Parents will find that their children will be able to easily navigate the app independently with the exception of the quiz for beginning readers as the questions are not read aloud. The photos, illustrations and video clips are of excellent quality. The observation journal provides a wonderful area for students to write their own notes in an easy format.

Celeste G.

What I liked I am very impressed with the amount of factual knowledge this app provides. Each insect family was well described as are the featured insects themselves. I like the tidbits of interesting information that was "tacked" onto the insect pages, as well as the opportunity to see both a photograph and video of each. The graphics in this app are cute and the sound effects nice as well. The photographs are superb!

Improvements As this app is for the iPad and not the iPhone, I think a version for the latter would be nice. The observation journal would be more useful for a child that was "out in the field" and an iPhone would be more likely to be at hand. I believe the Latin names might be too advanced for some children to understand and perhaps should not be featured so prominently on each insect page. Finally, it did take quite awhile and a lot of memory to download the app due to its size.

General review I found this app both entertaining and educational. I like that it encourages interaction and exploration. Due to the knowledge heavy nature of this app, I would recommend it to middle school children though younger children may simply enjoy looking at the photographs and hearing the sounds that accompany the pages. It is well designed, offering numerous ways for children to engage with the app and therefore appealing to a wider range of ages.

Maria B.

What I liked The graphics are amazing, the colors are vivid and inviting. Media content is very polished. Well-thought app that aims to engender interest in nature and its tiny inhabitants among the young, as my 5-year old son comments, "this is what science kids do". Presenting information through different media that is age-appropriate. The inclusion of quizzes to test children's insect knowledge is cool and serves as a stepping stool for parent-child (or teacher-class) interaction.

Improvements While the media, the facts and the way this App is created is polished, I'm not sure it is addressing the right market. The App says 4+ and while certain sections can be appreciated by younger children, the language and presentation (specially the quizzes) are geared more for elementary-age students. Narration can also be improved, it sounded more like a machine manipulated voice rather than a real person. I would also like to see more insects included, their habitat explored, the pros and cons of insects, what are they good for, what are they bad for. Why do we need them, etc. etc.

General review Well polished App. Beautiful imagery (both photo, illustration and video) that invites children to learn more about insects, often overlooked components of nature. It also young nature lovers get more excited in exploring their own backyard (or indoors). I just wish the developers will continue to add more insects, more media and change the narrator voice. 5-year olds can appreciate this but it is more geared towards the 7 and up group

Libby C.

What I liked Beautifully detailed photographs and videos. Huge amount of interesting content, with much of the information narrated for the non-reader. My students and I loved the ability to sort the insects by key words, shape and color when you click on the magnifying glass. We also liked the insect story and the cartoon facts, because of the simpler language.

Improvements App takes up 677 MG of space- about twice as much space as my next largest app. Some of the insects shown, such as the praying mantis, had pictures but no further information. For the price, I would want a more complete set of insects, rather than have to buy more than one app. I would like to see full narration of all sections. Navigation was a bit confusing. I would like to be able to turn off the music. The quiz was disappointing. Many questions could be answered by looking at the name of the insect. I would love a version for younger children with a more complete set of insects.

General review Beautifully crafted encyclopedia of insects with a lot of multimedia content, including video, photos and interesting facts. I would like to see more different insects included. The app takes up a lot of space and I couldn't spare more space for other insect apps in the series. I wasn't sure of the target audience. Language seemed too advanced for most children. I would love a version for younger children with more insects and simpler language.

Valerie M.

What I liked I like the detailed pictures, videos, and quiz sections to this app. It is well narrated and rich in interactivity. You learn about the insects (flies, cicada, butterflies, moths, beetles, ladybugs, grasshoppers and crickets) in their natural environment and sounds and sights can be experienced as night or day.

Improvements I could not find the plus for the more detail view in the bug search screen. It would be nice to have volume control over the music or ability to turn it off. It would be nice to directly access other orders directly from their icons in the lower right of home page instead of having to go through in order. It would be nice to turn off the time function in the quiz section for kids who are slow readers or processors.

General review This is a very educational, engaging, and well-developed app for teaching and testing children about a wide range of insects and their characteristics and lives. It can be used as a teaching/reading app for younger students, and fully explored and used by older elementary kids. I found it interesting and informative and learned more than a few things myself.

Kerry E.

What I liked The animation in this app is simply stunning. I am in complete awe of the developers! I would love it if all apps to this high of a standard of visual communication. I think the idea to have an observation journal is rather ingenious. I know my kids will enjoy recording their observations of insects in our garden outside this spring.

Improvements There isn't a lot of negative to say about this outstanding app. I think it has been well thought out and carefully planned, and it shows. If I had to nitpick, I would say that the massive size of the app will almost certainly keep some users from buying it. I myself would probably not have bought this app, as I had to delete quite a few apps to make room for it. Also, the quiz questions are a little bit too easy, in my opinion.

General review We adore this app! It is a great way to get to know the many different species of insects. I would say that some parts, such as the info videos (length-wise), may be better suited to ages 5+, but there are many other aspects of the app that younger children can enjoy as well. I know our little family will be enjoying this app for a long time, since there is a ton of content. Everything is extremely well done, and the graphics are outstanding.

Marta S.

What I liked It looks beautiful, and glad to see a real science based app for elementary school aged children. A good mix of real photo-imagery mixed with engaging animation, and then a little bit of cartoon drawings. Nice that it doesn't shy away from presenting scientific names. The navigation is clear. The music is sophisticated enough. Like the magnifying glass (although would like a greater magnification scale).

Improvements The app is way to big! Too many MBs! Yes, the photos are great, somehow need to manage this better.
Some translation is off - some phrases are just not quite right. The back or home button is still in Korean when on a detailed photo page, even on US English version. The voice is VERY professional. A little too stiff. . . sounds like an old filmstrip narration from the 1970s (or earlier). But, a giggly goofy cartoon voice would not be appropriate, it would be very annoying. Being based in Korea, some very common North American insects are not represented. . . such as the Monarch Butterfly.

General review This is a very polished app, serving a neglected audience of Elementary School aged children. The mix of high quality images and real scientific information presented artistically, clearly and accurately is much appreciated. This engages students to want to know more about the insects, and there are many ways they can explore further within the app. The layout is successful in presenting many different layers of accessing information.

Amellia M.

What I liked The pictures are very high quality and there are a good number and variety. The observation journal fits very well with the the new Common Core Standards that are expected of children. It is great that pictures can be taken and added to the observation journal. The details given about each insect are very informative and educational and make the topic interesting for kids. The app is smooth and easy to navigate. It is not too crowded with too many options. I love the quiz section!

Improvements I would like to see a tutorial added that would appear when first opening the app explaining a little about the components of the app. Maybe something similar to a help section just to introduce it or a place to go if not sure what to do. I found it a little confusing when there was more that one page of items in a section. The flashing arrow made me think that I needed to tap it rather than swipe. After a few minutes of playing I figured it out though.

General review I thing that this app is wonderful and would be very valuable in a classroom setting especially. I think that many children would love this app in or outside of a classroom. It is very educational and fun for kids. The vocabulary and terms would be somewhat difficult for children under eight or nine years old but the app has many features that even younger children could use and enjoy. I found very little about this app that I didn't like.

Bethany P.

What I liked This has all kinds of facts and features. The video and photos are stunning. Even the yellow added notes are interesting. I like the way it tells the features that make butterfly different from a moth or other types of bugs. The observation journal is a great way to encourage more independent learning.

Improvements Under Oriental Longheaded Locust it says, " To hide from predators it uses colors to camouflage to hide from the predators." This statement is redundant. Under Cricket Teleogryllus, on the word forewings, the f is on a different line than the rest of the word, which is confusing.

General review My daughter, whom volunteers at a zoo, loves the videos in this app. The photos are stunning. This includes the scientific names and facts about bugs. It has quizzes to help solidify the learning. I wish a person didn't have to buy the forest edition to get all of the varieties of insects. Sometimes the text would overlap from the main page and later pages.

Erin B.

What I liked I love how much information about insects there is in just one app, and how easily it is to find the information. The search feature where you can find bugs based on color of shape is wonderful. I love the observation journal which makes it easy to keep track of bugs we've observed. The navigation menu that pops up from the bottom makes it easy to get from any point in the app to any other point.

Improvements I noticed an issue on the home page when I slide to the to the left to see the insects, the home screen is in the background. It seems like a bug and makes the main part hard to see.
I think it would be helpful to make the selections on the homepage more visually appearing. The butterfly that flutters in the lower right hand corner grabs the attention.

General review If you have a child interested in insects, this app is for you!! There is a lot of information about bugs that live in a village setting (and more apps for other insects!). It's easy to navigate, there are plenty of pictures, the info is read aloud, and there is even an observation journal!

Nathalie C.

What I liked > the way the explanation is conducted is really really great : animated drawings + voice over + text ! Great.
> the way the insects are shown in the "see insects" section is really great : night/day environment, pictures, videos, explanations, fun facts: nothing is lacking. Great!
> I also liked the multimedia corner gathering all photos and videos for easier usage
> I'm fond of the "magnifier" section, where you can order all insects (and discover that there are more to come)
> I liked the observation journal section, to encourage kids make their own observations

Improvements > I love the bottom menu very much and think you should use it consistently everywhere in the app, including the homescreen.
> It would be better to get a real full screen experience
> (bug) the button to close multimedia element is still in korean
> It would be great to get a general introduction to the app, to understand more about Insects - Village Edition, and articulation with the Forest Edition.
> Navigation in "See Insects" section is slow and cumbersome
> There is no intro section, to understand what village insects refer to.
> There are no info about the geography of the species

General review This is a great great great app, packed with explanations, photos, videos and so much elements, perfect for kids aged 8+ and insects fans. I think also that it's lacking intro section, better navigation, geography info, maybe also more educational games.

Shelly M.

What I liked I like everything about this App. The narration is melodic. The music is appropriate. The organization of the material for access is excellent. The quality of the videos and photos is excellent. The range of insects covered is broad. The method of selection of various insects varies from color to scientific name. The variety of activities is phenomenal: how insects make sounds; record your own pictures and written observations in the Journal; quizzes (and wrong answers get an explanation). Good for ages 6 and up. Works flawlessly on the iPad 3. A bargain at $3.99.

Improvements It would be nice to be able to see nocturnal insects when you select the moon setting for night or learn about insect nocturnal behavior. I didn't see what changed with using the night setting from day re insects. For the younger folks, and the Special Needs children, using the App I would like there to be a narration option for the quiz questions. I would like to be able to toggle the music off.

General review Awesome App for ages 6 and up. Broad variety of activities for learning about rural insects from stories, to pictures, to videos and a Journal that allows taking pictures and recording written information/observations. Insects can be selected by color, scientific name, etc. The App works flawlessly. This will provide endless hours of enjoyment and education. In fact, interest this App will outlast whatever device you install it on.

Nico D.

What I liked 1. The design of the application is very good. The graphics are very well done and the sounds are excellent and real.
2. The amount of information is really good and it's structured in a simple way so even a chiald can understand it.
3. The application is very cool because the kids can see in more detail the insects they come across in the surroundings.
4. The photo quizzes are well done and can be a good way for kids to learn about. Kids learn easy then they can see a photo of something.

Improvements 1. The first thing I noticed when I opened the applications was the performance. Switching threw menus is not fluent and the app feels leggy.
2. The back button is not in english, It's chinese or some other character base language.
3. Two photos for each insect is not very good for a 4 dollar application and the videos could be longer and more interesting.
4. I would like to continue listening to the narrator then I'm viewing the photos of the insect.
5. When I press the night button I would like to see insects that are present only at night and on daytime only light insects.

General review This is a very good application for kids to see in detail the insects they come across in the surroundings. The design of the app is very good and you can see videos and photos of the insects plus you get a really cool photo base quiz to test the knowledge of your kid. Unfortunately I only can give this app a 3 star rating because of the performance issues I had with it. The menus are very leggy and the entire applications just felt bad.

mandy N.

What I liked I love the layout of the app. The layout with all the pictures, videos, and info are done very well. There is so much info within this app about bugs that you can learn just about all you would need to know about bugs and more. The observation journal is an extra bonus to make this app even more interactive.

Improvements On the little magnifier glass at the top of the app it's a little confusing about what it is for. There is some color blocks that make it seem as if you would be able to color with them but yet when you click them they do nothing? I understand it's a search button just not sure what the other part is for.

General review This app has a lot of info in it about insects. There is so many different things to learn and explore within the app including videos, pictures, ect. There is a quiz in the app to see what you have learned which is really nice to see what your children are learning. Wonderful app that I would highly recommend :)

Svetlana K.

What I liked The application has huge amount of information and I was impressed how well it is structured and categorized. A real encyclopedia with high quality real-life photos and video and lots of interactive elements. The observation journal is a very good idea that enables users to apply the knowlegde they get in the app to the real world and make records.

Improvements The application is so well done and I have not noticed any serious issues in it. The only problem I had is the large size of the app so I had to delete a number of apps to download it. Also I wish more incents are included in the app - a rather high cost for 30 info on 30 specific creatures even for a high quality app.

General review I was impressed and fascinated by this interactive encyclopedia about insects with high quality real-life pictures and videos and accompanied by voice narration. Kids can not only learn a lot of interesting facts about a number of insects but also test their knowledge in a quiz and record their observations from real world in a special Observation Journal.