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App description: Music Phone 4 Bub! Nursery Rhymes, Sound Effects! Musical Phone for your Baby! Plays Nursery Rhymes and lots of Sound Effects! - iPad and iPad Mini Support! - Phone that plays piano sounds when baby touches one of the number keys and makes 'fake' calls - Lots of pre-bundled Nursery Rhymes that play

iTunes Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/id591072848

iDevices used for the reviews: iPad2 - iPad3 - iPhone4S - iPod4G - iPhone5

Total reviews: 10

Developer: Ilavenil A.

Valerie M.

What I liked I thought the colors were bright and vibrant and the tones for the phone were clear and pleasing. The app was engaging and highly interactive. It was nice being able to personalize the experience with the picture of your choosing, and motivating for a child to see themselves, although I am uncertain what a Bub is.

Improvements I must say that I was very disappointed that there was no seeming cause-and-effect between touching the shaking numbers and or "speed dial graphic images" at the top. I was also disappointed the ads covered song names (which weren't really nursery rhymes in many cases. I must also say that I am puzzled as to why fruit make animal sounds. I think that is very confusing, especially to the target audience, preschoolers.

General review It was nice this app allowed a personalized picture, either taken or from library. it is slightly appealing with pretty screens & piano tones, and yet I was disappointed. There is poor cause-and-effect between fruit pictures and the corresponding animal sounds. Advertising blocked song names and was too accessible to exploring fingers. Songs were not nursery rhymes, but general kids songs. Potential for growth and improvement is there.

Nathalie C.

What I liked > The idea behind is nice : call animals pals and have a nursery song sung, with a way to interact during the song.
> Unfortunately the goal is not achieved in this version of the application, and it seems strange that buttons on the phone, during songs, look like fruits and sound like animals.

Improvements > From my opinion, you cannot give an app to a baby featuring adds. Moreover, these ads are completely inappropriate for a kid.
> Of course there is a "remove ads" option, but it doesn't sound enough from my point of view, because you "have" to remove hem before any kid can play the game
> Besides, this "remove ads" option is very expensive, compared to the price of many baby apps in the appstore
> UI is not very charming and graphics are very poor quality

General review A toy phone for kids with songs is a great idea.
But this app needs some improvements before it can compete with other apps of its kind on the appstore.
Looking forward to discussing the next version, then :-)

Erin B.

What I liked This is a great app for entertaining babies. It looks very much like a phone, which seems to be what babies desire to play with. Its very simple and bright. I love that the numbers are large and easy to see. I really love that when you "call" a number a nursery rhyme pops up with a fun picture or picture of choice. The music is great as well!

Improvements I'd like it if the numbers were spoken out loud when pressed, and almost if when the buttons were pushed while on a "call" the item was named instead of a seemingly random animal noise. It would be nice if the app were a bit predictably - i.e. the same buttons/numbers go to the same nursery rhyme each time.

General review Great app for entertaining babies!! It's very simple and appears just like a basic phone. There are wonderful nursery rhymes with cute pictures, or you can take your own pictures to be featured! There are ads on the free version.
The numbers are big and could be used to reinforce or learn numbers too!

melissa r.

What I liked Fantastically fun and amusing app for little ones who love to play with mum and dads phones. Music is really fun and lively with cute pictures. Love the variety and choice of music. Colour scheme is attractive to parents and stimulating for young children.

Improvements Remove adds! Really inappropriate to have adds on app for a baby. Baby was constantly pressing them. Also would love it if the numbers pressed corresponded to the numbers being shown along the top. Potentially even add the audio so when number is pressed there is an audio stating the number.

General review Bright and amusing app for babies. Great to see an app that has been specifically designed for phone obsessed babies. Sadly while it has advertising links within the app it will be considered by a lot of parents including myself as inappropriate and instantly deleted. Remove the add and it's a winner!

Eric L.

What I liked The buttons are large enough that my one year old daughter was able to hit them. The sound effects were appropriate for a children's app. The music was entertaining and got a few laughs. I liked being able to take her picture and seeing it used in the songs.

Improvements The app is designed for young children but there is an iAd banner that she was constantly tapping on. I understand that the developer needs to make a living so I don't object to the use of ads but covering some of the content with the banner made the app difficult for a child to use. I don't know if it is just a localization thing but I've never heard kids called Bub's (I don't mind, just found it different).

General review My one year old daughter had fun playing with this phone simulator. There are large numbers, good sound effects, and some entertaining music when you make a 'call'. I recommend removing the ads to make the app more useful (they cover some content and are constantly being tapped unintentionally by kids).

Frances A.

What I liked I think the app Baby Phone is a cute and engaging app. If used with an iPod/iPhone can simulate a phone call experience. When watching a baby use it; it was very amusing, the tapping of random numbers and the accidental tap of call had the children listening to a variety of nursery rhymes. There was a wide variety of music offered for children, all songs are appealing and are generally sons they would hear in their everyday environment as well.

Improvements Improvements for future version:
- I absolutely did not like that there were adds in this game meant for babies and young toddlers. During gameplay it took the child out of the song and to the Internet which is not appropriate.
- Also, the ads blocked the number combination used to find the nursery songs and the title/words to the song.
- A second thing I did not like is that the songs were snippets and not full songs.
- I don't like in-app purchases and I feel for the content offer an ad free version at $0.99 and not as a $1.99 in app purchase. I don't feel this app should cost two dollars

General review Overall, I think the app Baby Phone is an app that is very appropriate for babies and young children. It is very cute that you can dial numbers; have the phone ring and then a song play. Baby Phone will help children learn functional skills of 1:1 correspondence with the iPad/iPhone/iPod. I think children will get a great deal of enjoyment out of this app but it should be ad free!

Heather T.

What I liked I like the whole idea of this app along with its colors and musicality. My favorite part is the nursery rhymes. I like that users can take pictures of themselves that appear when making certain "calls." The fact that the musical notes and animal sounds stay with the same number/fruit is helpful for young children so they know what to expect.

Improvements I was frustrated by the ad at the top, covering up the numbers and titles of the nursery rhymes. I noticed that the user has the option to pay to have those removed in the menu. Can you just make this an app that costs $1.99 and doesn't have any ads?
I would like for the nursery rhymes ("calls") to be attached to certain number sequences so children can begin to understand that certain numbers call certain people; that it isn't just random.
I would also like to see some more nursery rhymes.
What is the purpose of the animal sounds matched with fruit? The pairing doesn't make sense to me.

General review This is a neat little app with which toddlers will have fun. If using an iPhone or iPod, they can pretend like they are really calling someone while they listen to nursery rhymes. It is very colorful and interactive for young children. I wish that the nursery rhymes were attached to certain number sequences ("phone numbers") to make it a little more realistic and educational. Overall, a fun app for youngsters.

Andrew M.

What I liked To be honest, it is very hard to find much to like about this app. Let me try my best: the songs that are included are in fact songs that young children will probably like and be familiar with, the buttons are colorful, the sound quality is acceptable.

Improvements Frankly, this app is so bad that the developers need to start over. Here are my suggestions;
1. I don't object to in-app ads per se, but the banners are placed in such a way as to obscure the number display. Also, I don't like such prominent ads in an app for very young children.
2. There is no connection between the pictures and the sounds during a call. Why would touching a picture of fruit produce an animal sound?
3. There are no discernible patterns - specific buttons or sequences of buttons do not result in specific outcomes - is the assumption that babies will just bang on the screen?

General review This app requires a major overhaul before it is valuable at all. The way it is now, I intend to remove it from my iPad: I think it will teach my baby bad habits (NOT to anticipate patterns) and she will almost certainly continuously tap on the banner ads (either on purpose or intentionally). This will both frustrate her and expose her to apps that are not age-appropriate (Big Fish Casino!?!)

Shannon W.

What I liked This is a really fun app! I like how it plays the different nursery rhyme songs. I also like how the numbers are super big and colorful for the kids to use. The large numbers are helping my 2 year old daughter with her counting and number cognition.

Improvements I would like to see the checkered background change in the next update. It hurts my eyes looking at that checkered background behind the numbers and behind the illustration when the nursery rhymes play. Maybe a solid color background would work better? Also, the illustrations that are shown when the nursery rhyme plays is lo resolution. Would love to see those illustrations in hi-resolution in the next update since they are really cute!

General review This is a fantastic app for babies under 12 months. I would give this app 5 stars if they change the checked background and update the illustrations to hi-resolution. Also, this app would be very educational if it said the name of the number when the child touches the number! Overall, this is a fun app to entertain babies for a few minutes.

Katy R.

What I liked Baby phone was very appealing to my 2 year old. The large buttons are easy to tap, and the random wiggling made her want to try to catch them as they wiggled. The real phone sound was good when pressing "call," and the nursery rhymes were a great added feature.

Improvements I would love to have more than one verse of the nursery rhyme play. Also, the audio quality of the songs is less than great. The buttons to add sounds to the nursery rhymes were clever, but it would make more sense if they pictures on the buttons corresponded to the song (i.e. animals instead of fruit).

General review Baby phone appeals to every young child's desire to press buttons on the phone in order to hear beeping and ringing noises. This app has the added feature of playing nursery rhymes upon making a "call." The colors and "buttons" are bright and engaging for the young user, and with slightly better audio files, this would be the perfect app to keep your little one entertained.