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What's Faster LITE Cars- Ultimate Trivia & Puzzle Game [text]

App description: Have you ever wondered what's faster? A BMW or a Bugatti, a Ferrari or a Fiat? What's Faster is the ultimate speed trivia and racing game that let you choose what's faster. Test your knowledge of speed in the world around us. Upgrade to other awesome categories like animals, jets, birds, fish, roller coasters and more! www.whats-faster.com

iTunes Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/whats-faster-lite-cars-ultimate/id574336803?mt=8

iDevices used for the reviews: iPad1 - iPad2 - iPad3

Total reviews: 10

Developer: Will S.

Seth B.

What I liked This app had stellar graphics. From the menus to the startup screen to the actual game/garage scene, they all looked very well composed. The app was fluid and I never had trouble knowing where to go. It felt fast-paced and the radar power-ups were convenient and easy to use.

Improvements It would be nice for the application to have had a menu or escape button when moving to the next round because I didn't want to keep playing sometimes but it would force me to tap through. Also, having a greater selection of cars (4 at a time) would make the game much more challenging. I would've liked to have seen more cars matched up as well because I kept getting the same pairs multiple times.

General review This is one of the best apps I have ever tested. It felt like a real game and most of the matches between cars were pretty tough to figure out. Although the game had issues of similar car pairs being displayed more than once, the true spirit of the game and the fastest car aspect was brilliantly displayed.

Nico D.

What I liked 1. The game is great, I never came across such a game concept. And I have to say it's very challenging.
2. This is also an educational app. I payed it with children and in a pub with my friends. And in bough situations I had a lot of fun. The game refers to a wide range of ages.
3. The amount of categories is tremendous ( I purchased the full version because I enjoy the game).

Improvements 1. I can't get any more radar guns, the only way to get them is to buy them. You should give away some then I finish a category.
2. I don't like the position of the advertising, they are too intrusive. I understand that you have to add them in a lite version but do it more elegant.
3. I would like a pause button, offen I got something to do and the time just expired.

General review This is a very well made app with lots of quizzes for you to enjoy with friends and kids. It has manny categories to chose from: animals, cars, aircrafts, motorcycles etc. The concept is unique and certently it's a very good investment and will keep you entertain for hours.

Libby C.

What I liked This app has a great concept. Children love to know what is faster, and are often fascinated with fast cars, other vehicles and animals. The developers donate a portion of the game profits to charity. Radar guns allow you to find out the actual speed of the items. There are many different categories, though only one is available in the lite version.

Improvements Game needs audio for non-readers. Add multi-player function. Radar guns are essential to game and should not be consumable, (99 cents for 10!) Free version is too limited- just cars and motorcycles- AND includes annoying pop-up ads. Need to see more of the game- animals and mash-up function- to be enticed to buy the full version. Please show speeds after choosing answer. Currently only shows speed after using radar gun and this disappears too fast to be able to process. Really just a flashcard game, would be more appealing with animation showing the items racing each other.

General review This app has a great concept, comparing fast cars, other vehicles and animals. Unfortunately, the game lacks audio for non-readers, and there is no animation. The lite version is too limited and contains frequent pop-up ads. The worst aspect of the app is that the radar guns, which allow you to find out the actual speed of the items are consumable and would have to be continually replenished via expensive in-app purchases.

Misty G.

What I liked This is an entertaining app for all ages. I liked the facts given for each car. My son was shocked to see some of the prices of the cars and loved to learn more about the engines and facts. I like the radar guns used to help you if aren't sure which is faster. I like the colors and graphics as well as the background music.

Improvements The only thing I would like to see is maybe another group that includes more common vehicles you see on the road. Another option may be to have hints to help determine the fastest before having to use a radar gun to get you past a more difficult question.

General review This is a great app for car lovers! I love reading the facts about the different vehicles such as where they were made, when, and especially the cost. My son enjoyed learning about the different cars and was shocked at some of the faster vehicles. The graphics are great, and the music matches perfectly.

Frances A.

What I liked I liked that there were a wide variety of cars. I also liked that there were cars from every country represented. I thought that it was wonderful that it progressed to the next country as you mastered every level. It also believe it is helpful that it gives a player six chances to be wrong and keeps count of them for you. I think it was fantastic that when you get an answer wrong, the next time the car is shown it has a different picture so a person isn’t just memorizing the answers. I can tell you my experience with the app is wonderful. My car enthusiast (fiancée) will not put the game down.

Improvements During play time, it crashed (closed out of the program) over five times. Also, it would be helpful if there were 5-10 more seconds to decide between cars, 20 seconds does not leave enough time to read about the cars.
Also, after you answer which car it is, I would like to see the actual top speed of the car shown so while playing you are also gaining more knowledge about automobiles. It would also be helpful if the short blurbs were read aloud giving five seconds for each blurb and this could possibly eliminate the need for more time to read.

General review The facts and knowledge that you can learn about automobiles, motorcycles and aircraft's are wonderful. Even when you get a problem wrong, it doesn’t discourage from playing. It has a great ease of use for players as well. The radar gun is a helpful tool when you really don’t know which car is faster but I don’t like the costly in-app purchase for additional guns. Overall, I think this app is enjoyable especially for car lovers and enthusiasts.

Tony B.

What I liked Nice icon. Nice graphics and good use of sound. Just as I was wondering what the Radar Gun was used for, a prompt appeared that told me what is was - good timing. The game play is pretty obvious once it starts so there is really no learning curve, you just download and start using it.

Improvements When you select a car, it should tell you how fast each one goes (does for radar gun but not otherwise). There should be some additional information without having to download an add-on, otherwise there isn't much reason to play this game. Back from the game play should take you back one screen, not to the main menu. Not sure why there are 6 Xs if you can only get 5 wrong.

General review This game has good graphics, animations, and sounds. Playing this trivia game is kind of interesting and easy and quick to do. At first download I thought there might be a little more to this game, ultimately unless there is a lot more learning or interesting facts, there isn't too much reason to play.

Marc Edward D.

What I liked I personally like the awesome background music in this app. It fits perfectly with the theme of the app. I also like the Retina graphics on my iPad3. I also like how clean the interface is. I also like the effect when I use the Radar Gun. This app is very well done and professionally made.

Improvements I would like to see an Achievement feature added to this game and an online leaderboard. Online leaderboard would be based on how fast you finish the game on each class. I think it is also nice to see an online multiplayer where players compete with the fastest time finishing a game.

General review This game is very entertaining and educational. The background music fits the game perfectly. Graphics looks good on my iPad3's screen. Game is easy to play and understand. I just wish to see an online leaderboard, achievements and online multiplayer in the future updates.

Jonathan M.

What I liked The user interface is really easy to navigate and the graphics look incredible, especially on a retina iPad. I love the concept for this app. It's both educational and engaging for kids. The sound effects and music are great quality and really bring up the overall value of the app. There's a lot of variety in the comparison categories that you can choose from as well, which will keep kids entertained for a while.

Improvements I'm honestly not a big fan of "freemium" games. I'd rather just pay more for the app once and not have to purchase anything again. When the part comes where I need to purchase something else in an app, it usually just gets deleted off my device. That said, it really isn't that clear how the research in app purchase works. When you go to make the in app purchase, it asks you if you want to "purchase one research for $0.99". Is this just to unlock the research function in the app, because it should be worded differently. If it is just to purchase ONE research, then it is way too overpriced.

General review This app has a lot of potential to be a great educational game. The graphics look incredible and are really cool looking to kids. The sound effects and music really add to the entertainment of the experience.

Now for the downside... Parents beware... This app is FULL of in app purchases and if you aren't careful in setting restrictions, then you can quickly end up with a pretty high iTunes bill on your credit card

Raphael S.

What I liked I'm amazed the vast selection of cars, other vehicles and animals. I like the fact that you can mash any vehicles you want and watch them compete. The app itself is very easy to use and navigate. The graphics and response time of the game are truly brilliant. Knowing that a percent of my purchases goes to a good cause is rewarding too.

Improvements An iPhone, iPod and iPad mini version would be nice as I don't always carry my other iPad with me. There are a lot of in-app purchases which can be difficult sometimes as I turn off in-app purchases to avoid purchasing by mistake so I'd have rather paid a lump some for the app with all the features.

General review I'm really am amazed at how many vehicles and animals there are in this app and how brilliant the graphics are. I've yet to experience any crashes or glitches and have been playing for a week. The app runs smoothly and quickly on my iPad. The game has definitely improved my knowledge of vehicles especially cars and is really fun and easy to use.

Nathalie C.

What I liked > The UI is nicely crafted
> The gameplay is nice and clear
> Player do discover an amazing diversity of unknown cars
> The photos are really great

Improvements > There are a lot of ads, even for a Lite version, and also because there is quite a lot of links that are just there to invite you to pay and pay more.
> The full version is not very expensive and could be educational (birds, animals). You could make a kids friendly one easily
> Do people get in-game research when they upgrade?

General review Certainly a great app when you're passionate with what is faster than what. In my opinion there could be a great educative subproduct with some sections of the app (eliminate all military material and advertisement). Seems like a great deal of research has been done, so it might be good to quote you main sources in credits.