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iTooch Middle School [text]

App description: With more than 10,000 exercises, iTooch Middle School is a new and fun way of practicing and learning Mathematics and Language Arts for 6th, 7th or 8th graders.

iTunes Link: https://itunes.apple.com/fr/app/itooch-junior-high-school/id521676063?mt=8

iDevices used for the reviews: iPad2 - iPad3

Total reviews: 10

Developer: Michel G.

Nico D.

What I liked 1. I opened the app and I had lots of help to understand how it works.
2. The app has a good design for kids and the "blackboard" style makes it very friendly for the classroom.
3. The tests are top notch. I can say it's very clear they are make by professional educational people.

Improvements 1. I tried to turn down the volume when I'm using the app but I couldn't do that, it's persistent. I had to turn my iPad on silent mode to stop the sound.
2. The selection of titles is good but not good enough. I need more options to be able to invest my money in this app by buying the full version.
3. A few times the kid had to write a result ( in numbers) and all of the iPad standard keyboard appeared on the screen. Please fix this !

General review This is a very good app to have in the classroom ore at home. The design is very kids friendly and the instructions are top notch. The titles that are available are not sufficient to make this app a must buy but with some hard work from the developer it will be.

Cheryle D.

What I liked I liked the lessons that went along with the questions. It was very comprehensive and works well for independent studying. The app was great with the various areas covered. I like how it's based on the Common Core Standards. This is a great app for school and home.

Improvements *Fix spacing and grammatical errors on the help page. This is one of the first pages that you see and it can be a turn off. *When skipping the questions, it would be great if you could go back if you wanted to later on. *When the "tooch" does some movements, it covers over the answers so you can't read them. (When you have a picture or a longer passage.) * I expected the test questions to be different from the practice questions. I was surprised that they were the same. *The prices for the individual apps seem a little high.

General review This is a wonderful app. It is quite comprehensive with some really nice lessons that go with the questions. It's based on the US National Common Core Standards which is definitely a plus! It works well for independent studying and would be good for both school and home.

Shannon W.

What I liked I love how this app has different educational categories to quiz on. The user doesn't have to pay extra to get the different educational categories! I also love how you can practice the questions first then take the actual quiz. Also, I love how the app is easy to use and learn.
My nephew in 7th grade loved this app and actually found it interesting to read an excerpt from one of Obama's speeches!

Improvements Perhaps a fun mini game after a quiz is finished giving the actual user a sense of accomplishment. Also I think the app should be more colorful. The blackboard background
gets boring after awhile. Also, I wish there was a way to see what questions were wrong in the
practice session so the parent or teacher can see what exactly the child needs work on instead of
a generalized academic area.

General review This is a great educational app for kids in 7th and 8th grade. I think any younger the content may be too overwhelming. If its a little more colorful perhaps it will retain much more
users and they would use it longer. My nephew got bored with the plain grey chalkboard background.

Julie P.

What I liked This is a comprehensive educational app. I like the fact that it covers different grade levels and different subjects. When I looked through the grade levels, I found the material to be solid and generally well-presented. The graphics and layout are appropriate for middle school students.

Improvements The "Touch for more information" button was broken, so I couldn't see that information. In the opening screen, there is a problem with words and spacing- many of the words are written together. For example: learnwith, hadin, pedagogicalexperts, tocreate, and avariety. I reacted negatively to the phrase "dead simple"; I would never use it with my students. Finally, the same questions should not appear in both the practice and test modes.

General review This app has the potential to be used across all middle school grade levels and content areas. The layout is clear and well-organized, and the questions are the correct difficulty level for most of the students who would be using it. I would give this app 5 stars for content, but only 3 stars for technical merit (for editing, spacing, and grammar).

Amanda S.

What I liked I really like this app and I use it in therapy with my language delayed students. I do like how you can test the app out and buy only the desired activities. I like the different forms of the activities including filling the blank, multiple choice, and writing in answers. I like how the app is broken down into topic specific activities, it allows you to really target the skills that the student needs. I like that the lesson that teaches the topic is available at anytime to the left of the practice/test to help when students are struggling with the concept.

Improvements I suggest randomizing the content from the practice mode to the test mode, some of my students were able to perform well on the test because the test content with the same as the practice. I think if you reworded it or paraphrased it in different ways this would truly test the students ability rather then their memorization skills. I do not like that the app comes empty and you have to download the sample questions. I think that content should be loaded up when the app is installed. You just create an unnecessary step that users may find annoying. I didn't see any references for app?

General review These apps come with a lot of content that is available for you to buy and allows you to try out them out before you do! I really like the included lessons that are available at anytime during the practice or test modes to help students who are struggling with certain topics or content! The only thing I could suggest is changing up some of the questions from the practice to the test mode to make it more challenging for the students!

Mike B.

What I liked I found this app to be loaded with content and I extremely liked the classroom theme that it follows along with the chalkboard background. The ability to take a break in between working sessions to doodle on a chalkboard was a nice add on to have. The general layout was put together nice.

Improvements Unfortunately there were a few glaring mistakes made right of the bat. It made me a little uneasy to have to download a package without knowing the cost until after the download. Hopefully it didn't charge me the $4.99. Another huge mistake right of the bat was the typo in the help section that just doesn't sit well with an educational app. Very difficult to pick up and just navigate through.

General review Overall I found the app has huge upside but honestly I'm having a tough time getting past some places where iTooch dropped the ball. Right after launching the app being prompted to download subject packs without any prices or free written on them made me nervous right off the bat & the typo still bugs me for an educational app to have in it. With future updates and corrections this could be a really great app to have.

Erica M.

What I liked I really like that the app has other subjects you can add on when needed. It's really nice that the app keeps track of your progress. I also like that you are able to free hand write out problems on the chalkboard to find your answer. I also like that iTooch gives the opportunity to anyone at no charge to have a chance at making an educational app to add to there add on choices. This app could go a long way.

Improvements According to the description for this app it mentions it being a "fun" way to learn. While going through the app and answering questions I found it to be simple. For me in my opinion though the only thing that was reall fun was the colorful bright orange iTooch character.

General review I can see this app helping a lot of students who might need help learning in a different way. Other than the traditional textbook rules. As well as parents who homeschool their children to use as an extra learning tool. I find it "fun" enough to keep there focus long enough to retain what they just learned. This app does not replace any such subject learned in school, however it's a great additional learning experience to help retain the info.

Amellia M.

What I liked I liked the type of text that were chosen for the reading passages. I like the progress bar on the side to show a continual visual of progress. I like that there is an option to reset the app so that you can start from scratch. I like the ability to switch between test and practice modes on each screen. The lesson explanations are very helpful. I LOVE that there is a link within the app that describes the opportunity to write content for the app.

Improvements Please check the grammar and spelling on the introduction and help pages. I noticed a lot of mistakes. I would like to see the reading text be on the same screen along with the questions rather than having to tap the character. I would like to see the questions not repeat themselves. Several came back up very close together in practice mode. I would like to see the app take the student to a review of the lesson after missing a question.

General review This app is a good tool for students to use to practice and develop skills. It is very appropriate for the age range and is appealing through its way of sharing progress on leader boards. It provides a wide range of questions, skills, and subject matter. It incorporates social studies and history facts into the reading content adding another layer of learning.

Deb D.

What I liked The app appears to be aligned with the CCSS and I found the 6th grade math activities right on target. The Reading/Language activities also are appropriate for the grade level. The tooch Help feature was great and I really like the ability to go between practice and test mode.

Improvements It was a little confusing to move around within the app once I got into a lesson. Although I like the tooch help feature, some of the help guides are too wordy for a student to read through for the answer. I did like the bolded highlights to help navigate the section. Of course, adding Social Studies or Science in app purchases would round out the offerings.

General review This app is great for self-guided instruction for the motivated student. I think it would be great for unschooled students or as an extension of the classroom. It provides great reinforcement for the CCSS standards and the help feature is thorough and informative. I would like to see more subjects added in the future. Perhaps even a gaming or coding opportunity within the app would add interest for the user.

Kristina C.

What I liked Liked the blackboard feature, but would also like to see a small version right next to the actual question for smaller scrapwork. Loved animations when correct/incorrect. Lessons on how to do question/ more info awesome but needs to be a bit more intuitive to get to it. I got it by accident the first time. I'm a math teacher, so looked at math mostly. Math content is awesomely correct... mostly. Math 6 and Math 7 content right on. Math 7 should be named "Math 7 & PreAlgebra". Math8 very hefty on content. Needs to be renamed "Math8 & Integrated Algebra", as it's a mix of both, ¬ one or other

Improvements Confusing when opened app first time. Kids got into it and so then I couldn't figure out how to get back to the main screen. Kept forgetting how to get back to that screen so you can pick topic and grade. Not intuitive. Shouldn't have calculator on easier math questions. The red/ white strip graphic with + = - etc is inappropriately placed and confusing in most questions. "Next question" needs to be larger. Need a "previous question" button. When in typing mode, "enter" or "done" button not intuitively placed. Same with zero button in number mode. Should be to right of 9. Need more directions.

General review Generally awesome, but still needs work on some content, written math presentation, and directions. Some math incorrect or incorrectly written. Don't use x for Multiplication in algebraic expressions; use dot or nothing. Function questions worded strangely. Math8 questions were all over place; some questions too easy and more appropriate for PreAlgebra; some more like Integrated Algebra. Needs a bit more enticement for motivation. Great potential