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App description: Tomo is a block-type interactive game that focuses on everyday objects to help children learn while having fun! Not only does Tomo help children notice different everyday objects in their surroundings, but it also brings attention to the function and purpose of each of the objects.

iTunes Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/tomo-garage/id590412417?mt=8/

iDevices used for the reviews: iPad2 - iPad3

Total reviews: 5

Developer: Thats J.

Heather T.

What I liked I like that children play the game, learn to spell, and match words to objects all at the same time. I like that they are rewarded with more features in the garage scene. I really like that there is a language option because my young students got distracted by the British accent. By changing it, they were able to focus on the activity.

Improvements In a future version, I would like for the user to have to select the letters in the correct order. This will help young children with their spelling skills more than it does as it is currently. I would also like to see the garage scene more interactive. Users can't do much with their rewards, but I think they would enjoy it more if they could add objects to the scene and move them around at will.

General review This is a colorful and fun app where users will learn without realizing it. I think boys will like this app more than girls because most of the objects in the game are tools, vehicles, and other objects you might find in a garage. I would recommend this app for children ages 2-6.

Caitlin O.

What I liked This is a cute game that my 3 year old enjoyed. I like that you are able to switch between American and English accents. I also like that you are able to control the music. The addition of the area that needs to be clicked pulsing is a nice addition. the graphics are colorful and vivid and the music and sound effects appealing.

Improvements I would like to see a better tutorial on the expectations of play. My son was a little frustrated in the beginning because he was not sure what to do. I would also like the ability to have the app say the letter name when the child presses on it. This could be something that was turned on and off. The addition of the this would increase the app "value". At the moment, I would be disappointed to have paid for this app. I did have the app crash on me on a few occasions on various screens. It seems to be when a "level" is completed.

General review The is a cute app that my 3 year old enjoyed. It allows children to discover various items by spelling the name of the item and using it in the resting area of the app. It was frustrating in the beginning for my child and for myself as there is no tutorial or real direction on where to begin. It would be a great addition to the educational value to be able to hear the names of the letters as they are pushed.

Terri J.

What I liked This app has fun music, is brightly colored and has fun animation. The concept are good to match the letters to spell the objects. It could be beneficial for teaching, however, it would need some tweaking. I see this as mainly being used for entertainment purposes.

Improvements I wish that this app would only allow you to match the letters in the order of the word - you can match them out of order or just touch letters and it responds as if it is correct. I don't know why you can't do something with these objects on the garage page. I uncovered six objects and still couldn't do anything with them other than to have it name them for me. I wish one could "play" with that scene with the objects. It also needs a tutorial.

General review This app is appropriate for entertainment of young children, but I don't see it for teaching purposes without it being tweaked. The matching is great if it would only take the letters in the order of the word - not any letter at any time. The graphics are good. This app needs a tutorial.

Lizz M.

What I liked The app is very colorful and animated, which makes it attractive before I even started playing. I like that the background is dancing around while I'm looking around and things don't stop moving. The "learning" portion of the game, where you spell the words that are written is charming and perfect for any child who loves tools!

Improvements The game looks quite different from the logo, in a good way. If I were looking for an app like this I would have passed on this one because the logo looks bland.
When I first logged into the app, it took me awhile to figure out what I was doing. I wish that the main page were more interactive, that you could pick the cars up and move them around, add some of the things that you've spelled into the scene, etc.
I was disappointed that there was only the "spelling" feature to this game. I'd like to see puzzles (just like how they are now, on the blocks) and more interaction.

General review Overall, the app is fun, it just needs another layer before it will keep a child's attention. The kids who I played with this app with were either too young to spell, but thought the tools were cool, or were big enough to spell but the game didn't keep their attention. Having more to do will help keep the appropriate ages entertained.

Misty G.

What I liked I liked the colorful graphics and interactive sounds. My 2 year old twins love the cars and trucks. I also like that even if the child gets zero points and runs out of time, the app still says hooray. My kids don't spell or read. So it was more of a "push every letter until you get it right!" The interactive areas in the garage screen were fun for my boys. They loved the robot (robot flies to the front of the screen and moves around) and paint (the paint can sprays a color on the screen, and you wipe it all off).

Improvements I would like to see more interactive items on the screen. The descriptions says states you collect then learn the function of these items. I don't see this being true. A few items are shown and interactive. But there are many items not included in the garage space at all. If you click on the tool, the voice tells you what it is, but maybe a description or picture of what it does would be helpful/interesting. The app also crashed several times making it difficult to review. The most recent update seems to have fixed that issue.

General review I think this is a very colorful and inviting app. Kids younger than 5 can search for letters or just push them all to collect the item in the garage. Kids 5 and older will probably enjoy spelling the words out and trying to collect the most trophies. I like the areas that interact in the garage such as the cars, paint can, and robot. Overall, I think kids will get bored pretty quickly without more areas of interaction and parts explanations.