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App description: The Friendly Ogre is a story of unexpected friendship between two children’s book characters who meet somewhere in between each other’s imaginary worlds. A poetically told story about discovering poetry. A tale within a tale. What if ogres aren’t quite what they seem? What if little girls aren’t quite who ogres think they are? For children from 7

iTunes Link: https://itunes.apple.com/fr/app/ogre-doux/id562889736?mt=8

iDevices used for the reviews: iPad1 - iPad2 - iPad3

Total reviews: 10

Developer: Françoise P.

Shelly M.

What I liked Enticing story line holds the reader's interest. Rich, melodic narration is well paced and background music is appropriate to the theme of the story. Artistic, sophisticated illustrations give this App the feel of a quality graphic novel. Illustrations animate with reading of story. Interaction between reader and illustrations on touch.

Improvements Block Facebook. Currently is accessible from the opening page of the App and this App is designated for the age group 7 and up; the App Store also. Ability to turn off the background music and only hear the voice reading. Be able to enable narration by clicking on the lips if sound off in the main menu. Have text highlighted as it is narrated. For the American audience a US flag along with the British flag for language. Is probably more appropriate for ages 8 and up versus age 7.

General review Enticing story will hold the interest of those from aged 8 and above. The rich narration and sophisticated illustrations give the App the feel of a quality graphic novel. Illustrations animate with narration and there is some interaction between illustrations and reader. Best suited to those age 8 and above.

Becky W.

What I liked I liked the intriguing story about a young girl who befriends an ogre in the library. They rhythm and language complimented the artistic expression of the illustrations. Additionally the minimalistic animations added to the story. An overall pleasant listening and/or reading experience.

Improvements In the future I would like to see more standardized punctuation. At the beginning the quotations are set apart by a symbol but as the text carries on the conversation between the ogre and the girl are not set apart by common punctuation. Also I don't believe the music adds anything to the reading enjoyment.

General review This is an enjoyable read for older girls or boys. The author creates wonderfully imagery and pathos with the main character. Great as a read aloud or independent reading and a story meant to be discussed with higher level questioning. The voice over is a pleasant addition to the app.

Jennifer R.

What I liked The story was very creative - including the ogre's viewpoint into the story. I enjoyed the way the text used different fonts and sizes and the child who tried it liked the animations, especially near the end of the book. The music was nice but it is great that you can turn it on and off.

Improvements It is a shame that you can only see the animations if you listen to the narration. Also, if you turn the music off you can't listen to the animation. While I enjoyed the artwork, it is a little too sophisticated for this age range. They are used to more color and detail, exactly like some of the advertisements at the end of the story. It wasn't clear in the story why the ogre disappeared at the end.

General review This is a cute story that is told from both a young girl and an ogre's viewpoint, each believing that the other is an imaginary creature. The story has artistic illustrations that have some animation on most pages. There is pleasant classical background music that can be turned on and off, but it must be on if you want to hear the narration.

Valerie M.

What I liked I liked this story because it could be enjoyed on so many levels. It was well told with graphics that could appeal to everything except the very youngest of readers. It is a story that can be shared as a teaching tool as a child grows and understands concepts from imaginary thinking to stereotyping and keeping an open mind. It was well received by people of both sexes and all ages.

Improvements The only enhancements I can truly recommend would be an option to have standardized print for people with visual disabilities or dyslexia as well as an option to highlight as read out loud. Some people may want another music option, but we were pleased with this one.

General review After 3 years with an iPad, I rarely feel that an app is truly worth five-stars. Most people will recommend this for children 8-12, but I liked this so much that I presented it to both sexes, ages 6-55 and everyone got something positive out of it. My daughter's 30-year-old aide even read it as a literacy tool for both her and her eight-year-old daughter with ADHD; all thoroughly enjoyed it! It's a well told tale with lessons on every level.

Frances A.

What I liked I love the illustrations in the app and I liked the background music that was used throughout the story. I think that it is wonderful that through the contents button you can leave off on one page and come right back to it. I think this is very helpful especially if you would use this book for teaching. This is a story that will make children think more in-depth about the story. I love that this book takes place in a library and I think it was wonderful that the story included verses from Shakespeare which is exposing children to other literature.

Improvements I thought that the story could use some more interactivity for each page since it is limited to one action. I also think that there should be a choice between read to me and read to myself. I also think that with the language used that it would be more appropriate for children 9+ to read or listen for understanding.
On the opening page, I think it would be good if you had to hold down the buttons for 3 seconds before it let you go to the internet or facebook to make the app friendlier for children. I would love to see the languages used expanded such as English, Spanish and Italian.

General review I think this is a wonderful story filled with imagination that can build a love of reading and literature in children as well as adults. With the background of a library it shows that anything is possible and for children it is important to let their imaginations run wild along with literature. On each page there was just something that draws you into the story. I think this app did an overall wonderful job and I would highly recommend it.

mandy N.

What I liked I love the black and white pictures with only some color added in. I also like that your child can push the screen and it starts doing different things before reading (although I would like to see this even during reading). Very different from other book apps so it stands out amongst a large selection of stories for young readers.

Improvements I would like to see where you can turn off the music only. It can be overpowering with the reader and distract some children. I would also like to see where your child could push the words to have them talk or have something pointing to the mouth when first using the app. The credit video should also be available in English :).

General review I really like this story. It is different from most book apps out there for young readers. I love how they use black and white primary with only some color in each scene. The story is friendly and easy for young readers to read or listen to. My daughter really enjoyed sitting reading and listening to this story :)

Becky B.

What I liked The artwork is visually striking. At first, it doesn't look as though there is much beyond the text and art, but the interactive animations on each page add value to the app. The background music is pleasing and unobtrusive. Because of it's longer text, Shakespearean references and somewhat advanced storyline, this story could appeal to a range of ages. Younger kids will like the read-along option and older kids will enjoy the story in more depth. The French version makes it worth more than the $1.99 price.

Improvements Each time I touch "Contents," the row of pages starts at pages 12-13 rather than page 1. It would be nice if the button that turns off sounds only turned off the music and not the narration as well. I prefer not to have any social media links on my kid's apps so the Facebook icon isn't all that great. Lastly, as a wish list item - it would be nice if the reader could touch a word and have that word narrated. I've seen that on several apps and it's nice for a competent reader who may just be unfamiliar with a single word but who doesn't need the full story narration.

General review A young intelligent girl finds herself re-examining her preconceived notions of ogres as well her own place in the story. The artwork is bold and interactive. In addition to the English version it is also presented in French, which is fantastic for those of us who are teaching our kids a second language. The story might be a good jumping off point for reading Romeo and Juliet with your child as there are many references to it. Highly recommended!

Kerry E.

What I liked I love how you can click on contents and see exactly how many pages are in the book, and you can go to whatever page you would like. This allows you to skip going through the entire app if you had to stop in the middle of it for some reason and is very useful. Also, being a translator, I very much appreciate the ability to listen to the story in another language. My husband speaks French, so this is a great way to introduce our children to the language.

Improvements I do really wish that you didn't have to click on the lips to read the book to you on every single page. I believe this was a complaint of mine from the last book as well. It seems to me that if you click on it at the beginning to read it to you, you would want it read to you in its entirety. Also, and this is minor, and I realize that the app having it like this is a way of being individualized and unique, but I do prefer more realistic illustrations. Lastly, the story ended rather abruptly for me.

General review This is such a cute little story. I love these developers and the way that they capture a child's imagination. You really start to feel for the characters and their situations. I absolutely recommend getting this app, and especially listening to it in French!

Jamie B.

What I liked The Friendly Ogres is an entertaining app that is a unique in story and its illustrations. The narration with the story is nice and clear and easy to follow. My Son (10) and I found the story interesting and engaging. The animations were appropriate and helped with the story. The navigation for the App was straight forward and easy to follow.

Improvements Links to outside websites could be made harder to access for children. For example the link to the Facebook fan page could be in a Parents only section as children that are the target age of the Application are not the age that can or should have access to Facebook. I would like to see highlighted text in a future version, when children see the visual cues with the narration it helps them with learning new words as they come across new words while reading the story.

General review The Friendly Ogre is an entertaining and engaging story about a little girl and a book loving ogre. Throughout the story there are lovely unique bold style illustrations that flow with subtle animation that help bring the words to life. Delightful and interesting, I would definitely recommend this app for book loving kids over the age of 7.

Andrew M.

What I liked Another wonderfully different book from lasouisquiranconte. The theme of judging others by their actions instead of by stereotypes is nestled in this story of a little girl and the ogre she meets in the library. The animation and narration are excellent. The menu options work well and make this app even more user-friendly.

Improvements There are a couple of minor errors: a misplaced comma and a transcription error. In the scene where the girl meets the orge, the narration says "... his whole life in them ..." but the text says "his all life ..." Also, while this would certainly not be inappropriate for young children, I'm not sure the age range should be as low as 7. Commentary more than anything:, I listened to the French narration of the book as well: I wonder if the differences in style between the two narrations would yield a generally different experience/impression. Note - I don't speak French.

General review This interesting story of a little girl who meets an book-loving ogre in the library explores the theme of tolerance and acceptance of strangers. Children and adults will find thIs story unlike most other children's books. Parents can easily use the book as much more than just a story.