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App reviews for "Puzzleosaurus - Dinosaur Jigsaw puzzles" [text]


Puzzleosaurus - Dinosaur Jigsaw puzzles [text]

App description: Puzzleosaurus is a beautifully drawn dinosaur puzzles app. Designed to entertain and educate young dino fans, it contains 8 beautifully illustrated puzzles that once complete reveal exciting facts about each creature.

iTunes Link: http://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/puzzleosaurus-dinosaur-jigsaw/id499632357?mt=8

iDevices used for the reviews: iPad1 - iPad2 - iPad3 - iPhone3G - iPhone3GS - iPhone4 - iPhone4S - iPod4G

Total reviews: 6

Developer: James K.

Teriann M.

What I liked Beautiful graphics, the puzzles and pages are made to resemble recycled paper giving this app a nice earthy feel. Two different ability levels, beginner and advanced. Advanced level needs pieces turned as well as placed - great for fine motor skills.
Children are rewarded with praise when puzzle is completed and are also able to view a new window with facts about each dinosaur.

Improvements Maybe a reward system like collecting dinosaur "stickers" and being able to place them on a background scene. Mostly I would like to see more dinosaurs to increase value and longevity. I would also love to see the dinosaurs move once completed and although it is a puzzle app I would like to see it expanded to give the children a chance to reinforce what they have learnt. Possibly a quiz...Images of each dinosaur and audio questions asked," find the Stegosauras", "Which dinosaur eats leaves?"...etc and children can touch their answer .

General review Absolutely love this app. One of the bet puzzle apps I've used. Visually appealing, beginner and advanced levels, and educational as well as fun. My four year old daughter is really into dinosaurs at the moment and loved learning the facts about eah dinosaur as much as doing the puzzles. Add to that the fine motor benefits and Puzzleosauras is a winner.

Erin B.

What I liked The beginner level is easy enough for my 3 year old to do and the advanced version is just enough of a challenge for my 5 year old. They can work together on the puzzles. I love the facts about each dinosaur and that the dinosaurs names are pronounced when working on the puzzle. The puzzles are pleasing to look at and really grab my kids attention. I also like that the facts are put into terms that my kids can understand - ie weighs 1/10th of a car

Improvements I would like to see the length and weight in terms of feet/lbs in addition to the comparison to cars and buses. I think more facts about the dinosaurs would be nice too. Of course more puzzles and more dinosaurs would be great. And maybe a page that compared the height and weight of the dinosaurs to each other or to other animals today.

General review This app is not only cute but also educational! For a dinosaur lover, this is a must! My 3 and 5 year olds love playing it and love listening to the facts about each dinosaur. The puzzle on beginner level is easy enough for my 3 year old and 5 year old, but there is also an advanced mode for when my 5 year old wants a bit of a challenge.

Amanda S.

What I liked Educational value: I really like that a map is presented after the puzzle is completed that includes where they were found, what they ate, and their size. This is great for vocabulary building. I appreciated the name being modeled at the beginning and the phonetic breakdown of the word on top of the map to help teachers and parents teach their kids the dino's name. Functionality:The pieces are easy to move and manipulate. I like that the pieces pop into place even if they are not exactly lined up! I like that the advanced level requires greater fine motor skills to turn the pieces!

Improvements I would make an easier version to expand your age demographic for this app. You could decrease the number of pieces to 4-5 for toddlers. You could also add a feature that lets you automatically advance to another puzzle after one is completed for a smoother game play. (You could add an option to the settings....auto-advance puzzles on/off).

General review This is a great puzzle app for dino lovers! This app is perfect for preschool to elementary aged kids. What makes this app great is the educational values. Not only will your child be completing puzzles; but they will also be learning the names of the dinos (and how to say them), where they lived, what they ate, and how big they were. Easy manipulation of the pieces for little fingers. There are 2 levels with beautiful art and soothing music.

Caitlin O.

What I liked I love this app! The puzzles are great for my kids. I like that when they finish a map comes up of where the dinosaur lives. I also really like the visual pictures of meat for carnivores, or cars to show how much a dinosaur weighed. I also like that my kids could push on different things and it would read it to them.

Improvements This app did crash on us once, but that was the only time. It was a little difficult to play on the ipone4s but I feel that was due to the small screen size, not the app itself. I would love to see more life like pictures or even pictures of the dinosaur bones after the child completes the puzzle and they come to the information page.

General review This is a great fun and educational app. My 3 & 5 year old boys love to put the puzzles together and get to the information page. They are learning about how big dinosaurs were in comparison to objects that they know (such as cars). The app also reads the information to them if they click on it which is great for my 3 year old!

Marcel W.

What I liked I enjoy the theme of the app. The color, the font, the art style really make me submerge into the prehistoric era. There are enough puzzles to keep the kids entertaint for a bit but I wish there are more puzzles. The info page at the completion of each puzzle is very useful and very informative. I like how the info page also show the kids how to phonetically say the name of the dinosaur

Improvements I would really like it if there are more puzzles to choose. Also play a next puzzle button or play random puzzle button on the info page will be really helpful. I find it a little annoying when i have to hit the back button to return to the puzzle selection menu and then select a different puzzle.

General review This is a great puzzle app with a really well done art style and theme that will make you part of the prehistoric era especially for kids who likes dinosaurs. Not only that the kids get to have fun with the puzzle, they can also learn some facts about the dinosaur in the info page displayed at the completion of each puzzle. The developer should really consider adding more puzzles with an update and add few buttons in the info page to make it

Jessica A.

What I liked I really like the colorful graphics and fun facts about the dinosaurs. I also enjoyed the real life comparisons to the length and weight of the dinosaurs. In the advanced level I liked the fact that you had to twist the puzzle pieces making it more like a typical puzzle and helping with fine motor skills. This is something that I think separates this app from its competitors that I have seen.

Improvements First, every time the narrator says "one-fourth" it is considerably quieter than other spoken words. Next, I got extremely frustrated in the advanced level when I could not figure out how to twist the pieces. In the end I did figure it out but it took me a long time. I would have appreciated a hint box that told me how to twist the pieces. Maybe it could pop up when you change the setting to advanced and then it would not take away from the game. The last suggestion that I would have is that there should be more puzzles. There are free puzzle apps with the same numbers of puzzles.

General review Overall this app is fun and educational at the same time. It is interactive and easy to learn how to play. It also features an advanced level that is not only more difficult because it has more pieces but also because the player has to twist the pieces on the screen which I loved! This is a fun app that will work for multiple ages! I would like to see more puzzles to make it worth the $1.99 price. Overall I would recommend this app!