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PhotoGridPro v2.1 [text]

App description: This is a photo collage app. Yea I know photo collage apps are in abundance in the Appstore. However, I'm looking to strive for a systematic ease of use for users. Also, any inputs on the functionality and how to make it better would be very helpful.

iTunes Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/photogridpro/id493276634?mt=8

iDevices used for the reviews: iPad3 - iPhone5

Total reviews: 10

Developer: Fairoz Y.

Amanda R.

What I liked There are lots of photo editing apps, many of which I have tried, but I feel that the developer was able to create an app that is really simple and easy for anyone to use. The buttons are all very intuitive. The premade grids are handy for collages. The stickers are fun and are great for making speech bubbles. When editing with tools like whitening, I loved how the screen had a lighter shading where you were applying the feature so that you can tell where you have already have gone over the photo.

Improvements For each tool that you use for editing yo must tap 'apply' which seems like an unnecessary extra step. It would be faster to use if the edits automatically applied and then tere was an undo button. Instead, to not apply the edits you tap 'back'., which if it is tapped accidentally a second time means that 'cancel' Is tapped and you lose any effects you have been using with a photo.
Drawing has an erase tool but this section should bennift the most from an undo button.

General review Looking for a fast and easy to use app for photos so that they can quickly edit, create collages, and share on Facebook, Instagram or email? This app is a great option! Since its free you and can try it and see if you like it :) I will be paying the IAP to remove the adds for this handy little app.

Anny G.

What I liked First of all, this app has an abundance of features. It is a full service photo editing and collage app. It was incredibly easy to use. There were a ton of effects included, as well as the typical cropping, contrast, etc. I spent no time figuring out how to use it.

Improvements Honestly, the only fault I have with this app is the giant full page ad at the beginning. The tiny "x" in the corner is too small for my students with special needs to navigate. I would rather pay money for an app than have to worry about my students making in app purchases/clicking ads. Other than that, the app was simple. Perhaps more graphics where there are words to illustrate what the slider bar does (where it says rounded corners, etc.) for non readers.

General review This is a great, easy to use app that I am excited to add to my collection of content creation apps in my classroom, as a special Ed teacher, I am always needing technology for my students to express what they learned. This app is great for creating photo collages, memes, comics, or just editing photos.you can share creations Ian the usual outlets like Facebook and Instagram, but you can also export to your photo album which is great for teachers

Fides C.

What I liked This is a good photo editing app. It is very easy to use. It has plenty of editing options and allows you to make collages and memes. You can share photos directly from the app or save them to your camera roll. It is very well done and simple to navigate.

Improvements There were very few stickers to choose from. I would like to see more stickers. I would also like an option to correct or remove items from my photo, similar to photoshop's "touch up" option. Another fun thing would be to be able to replace the background.

General review This is a good basic photo app that is very easy to use, even for children. For those looking for a simple way to enhance photos, this is worth looking in to. It is not for those looking for more advanced photo editing. It contains ads, but I believe you can pay to remove the ads.

Lena L.

What I liked I thought PhotoGridPro was a fun app that allows me to quickly edit pictures that I take from my iPad before sending to friends and family. I was surprised by all the options in the app itself. The app offers so much more than just a simple crop. I also love the collage options. The many features it offers reminded me of using photoshop or other high priced editing software.

Improvements There are only a few things that I would change or add to future updates for PhotoGridPro. The first being to add more stickers. A lot of the stickers are no ones I would use while editing pictures of my children. Next, I would like to see different backgrounds, such as for holidays or seasons. The last thing I would add is more text fonts.

General review I think PhotoGridPro is a must have app for anyone who takes pictures using the iPad. You will no longer have to download the pictures to your computer and edit before sharing with friends. This app has all the features you will need built right in. Simply open the app, pick the picture you like, edit using lots of different options, and share. Easy and fun.

Raphael S.

What I liked As soon as I opened the app I noticed the vast selection of templates. I also really liked the rotation when choosing a template. After I'd chosen one I played around with the adjustments which I found helped a lot to find the perfect size and shape. Adding a picture was easy enough and quite fast. I was impressed with the Photo Editor. I thought that the effects, stickers and colored fonts really brought the photo to life and I liked being able to rotate and crop the parts of the photo I wanted to save.

Improvements A guide would be useful for beginners. When browsing through the editing tools quickly it was a little bit slow and sometimes pause leading me to accidentally clicked on an option I didn't want. More stickers would be appreciated. The app crashed a few times when I left it for a few seconds and then came back and selected a tool. It mostly happened when choosing the contrast option.

General review Overall I thought this was an excellent photo editing/enhancing app. The loading time has been very quick and it's easy to use and to navigate. It also has a really nice selection of editing tools and effects. This is a lot better that most of the other paid apps in this category and this one is currently free. I will definitely continue to use this.

Shelly M.

What I liked Gosh, this is one terrific App start to finish. It's super simple to use and you get a terrific result. No glitches. There are a multitude of templates to choose from and treatments for them. Photos can be resized in the templates. Photos can be enhanced within the templates or have a variety of edits applied. One of the best features is the fact that you can save your finished collage to your camera roll as well as being able to email it, tweet it, or send it to Facebook.

Improvements I'd like to be able to change the color of the textures. I'd like to be able to change the font for the text feature. I love the stickers, but I would like to be able to remove them after I have applied them without having to start over; I would like to see more stickers available.

General review Winner, winner, winner! Super easy to use with a terrific end product. Loads of collage templates to choose from. Edit your pictures within the collage and apply various effects including cute stickers. Save your collage to your camera roll, tweet it, email it, or, send it to Facebook. Works flawlessly!

Holly P.

What I liked There were several things I liked about this app. The ability to choose the layout and then make minor edits to the layout and change the background. I also really like the sharing feature, but the robust editing feature of the photos built into the app was really fantastic. I thought it gave great options for touching up and enhancing the photos for a novice who is just wanting to share some cute pics.

Improvements One thing I have been searching for in any photo app was the ability to share to a program that would then let me order prints, like Snapfish or shutterfly for example. There are many photos that grandma and grandpa would like to have and they don't have a device for me to share with, and it would be nice to be able to use some of my photos in different projects like calendars and photo books.

General review I have downloaded a few different collage photo apps and really feel like this is the best one. The photo editor that is built into the app is perfect for the notice photographer who just want to be able to do some touch ups or apply some filters. The app is very easy to use and I will be deleting all the other ones I have downloaded.

Dang B.

What I liked Overall, the app is very nice. I love the sticker function and the app is like a small version of photoshop. All function work just fine. i love sticker, effect and everything can be edit, adjust, move around with your fingers. There are nothing complicated to use this app.

Improvements it is better if we can select the photo before the frame...it is awful when i want to use a different frame and have to edit all images again. The UI design is very intense, i prefer it to be more girly and fun, since my girlfriend is using a lot of photo editing app. i think teenage girls are your primary target audience. I hate when i accidentally hit on the image and i have to click edit, choose size or reside. i dont have an option to cancel

General review The app works brilliant, no bug at all. Navigation bar seems very well organize. i dont have any problem with it. My gf enjoys the app pretty much. we really want cute layout, nicer stickers. Photo Pro Grid is like a mini Photoshop in my pocket! it has all function that i need.

Terri J.

What I liked This app was great! I loved how easy it was to use! We just returned from a trip with hundreds of pictures. My teenagers and I used this app to make some neat collage type pictures and the editing buttons are just genious! Again, they are easy to use and navigate! The stickers were also very fun to use!

Improvements The only thing that I could see that could improve it is to have more collage forms to choose from. I wish there were a few more configurations to chose from. I realize I could shrink a set square, but it only was manipulative within what appeared to be a set area. I wanted to shrink one and make another one bigger and run it into the space of the one I shrunk (I hope that makes sense :). It seemed like they had fixed areas that weren't expandable - only could shrink.

General review This app was AWESOME! It has many editing tools that are very simple to use along with humorous stickers that can be incorporated. The best part was making a collage and saving it with your photos and then being able to download it to print! Fabulous and super easy and fun. I'd recommend it to anyone - can beat it for a free app!

Jennifer R.

What I liked This app has so many photo editing features that you would usually only find in high-priced software! There are a huge selection of frames to choose from, and each can be edited for size, then once you select a picture there are so many tools to use! Once you have finished your masterpiece you can immediately upload it to all of the usual social media locations.

Improvements This is really tough because I think this is a fabulous app! I might be great to have as much ability to edit the frame background as you do the photos. I liked the color and texture choices, but I would have liked to edit some of the textures. It would also be helpful to have an undo button on the main screen because I adjusted the frame size (to see what it would do) and even though I returned to 100%, it still didn't look like the original.

General review This is a fabulous app for anyone who likes to edit pictures on their iPads and upload them to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or other social networks. There are numerous photo editing tools that you normally only find in an expensive computer program. Love it!