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SociaLink 1.0.1 [text]

App description: The application our startup has created, SociaLink, allows users to add new acquaintances on a variety of social networking sites instantly through Bluetooth for FREE. Whenever you meet someone with the app, with a simple handshake and the click of a button, you can be friends on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram with anyone you meet.

iTunes Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/socialink/id581927024?mt=8&uo=4

iDevices used for the reviews: iPad3 - iPhone5

Total reviews: 5

Developer: Michael J.

Valerie M.

What I liked Socialink is a simple way to connect two app users for up to four social networks with a single connection after both devices are set up. The guided set up is simple and straightforward on an easy to read screen.Twitter, FaceBook, and LinkedIn all allow sign up as well as login for existing users while Instagram only allows log in and password reminder.

Improvements --Since the first three social media offer sign up, it would be nice if Instagram did too.
--Would be helpful to remind that both devices need to be on same WiFi.
--The email button was non-functional, there needs to be either more info in error or for usage.
--Twice I could not correct input text and although the magnification bubble appeared.
--An x to clear data in the field would be nice.
--Pairing was not as seamless as expected, first time connection wheel spun endlessly.
--if you offer to link a media the other does not have, it spins endlessly with no message about stall.

General review Great concept, buggy development. The biggest thing to remember is both people have to have the app installed, so it has to be a massive adoption to be useful. Email option and better transfer reminders will help. Helpful links to Facebook and Twitter from within.

Nico D.

What I liked 1. The concept behind the app is very interesting. This is the first time I used an app like this and it's useful.
2. The design of the app is very simple and this is a good thing because I'm concentrated only on connecting with friends.
3. The value of the app is very good and the price is perfect for a social app.

Improvements 1. The social networks that are supported are currently too limited. It needs more options to keep up with other apps like this that are coming on the market.
2. I had some problems connecting to an iPad 3. But it worked well on 2 iPhone 5s, so I'm assuming a fix for the iPad could come in an update.
3. You have to make a native iPad app.

General review This is a new and interesting concept with lots of potential. The user interface is clean and simple. The social networks options are pretty limited at the moment but I'm sure it will improve. I had some problems with connecting for the first time but nothing major. Overall a good app with a bright future.

Seth B.

What I liked This application was extremely easy to use. Upon starting it up and going through the brief tutorial I had a good idea of how to begin interacting with different people. It is a great idea because taking names and phone numbers down is such a hassle, this app can make exchanging contact information much easier.

Improvements First of all, for this app to work to its full potential, it needs to be widespread. I had never heard of it so I do hope the developer does put more time and effort into getting the application known. Also, the user interface in reference to home screen menu buttons and the Facebook/Twitter popups feel a bit 'clunky' and outdated so I'd love to see a revamp of the user interface to make it more sleek and user friendly.

General review All in all, the application has huge potential. It could revolutionize the way business people and friends alike exchange contact information. The app works flawlessly but fails to deliver on the user interface side; a quality that I hold very highly in my evaluations. With a large influx in the user database, this application would be much easier to use and I see myself one day being able to use SociaLink to exchange information with anyone.

Jonathan M.

What I liked The user interface of the app is really clean and simple, which makes it easy to use. I feel like just about anybody could open this app up and figure out how to operate it within a matter of seconds. The app is great for networking and the Bluetooth pairing was faster than I expected.

Improvements I did notice a bug with the email function in the app. Every time I tried to send an email it came back with an error that says, "Invalid username or password". I like how the Facebook icon takes you right to your Facebook app, but I wish that the Twitter icon did the same for the Twitter app. Instead it just opens Safari and takes you to the Twitter website. Another addition I would like to see, would be the option to share your contact card.

General review This app is great for networking in that you can efficiently share your social media profiles with others in a short amount of time via Bluetooth. It does have a couple bugs that need to be worked out, but overall it works well. The only thing now is whether or not this app will gain the popularity that it needs to be successful.

Mark S.

What I liked The idea is creative. The convenience of being able to hit the LINK button and follow/friend/link with someone is innovative. I also like that you can hit EMAIL and it emails the links to your homepages for each of the social networks listed. The final button you're able to hit is log out to prevent someone from accessing your personal information, a nice security feature.

I tested it out on a few of my friends and they really liked the features such as how easy it is to add/follow someone.

Improvements Twitter - I have multiple Twitter accounts (personal and business), but it only allows one Twitter account to be logged in at a time. If I choose the email function to email someone the links to all my accounts, it doesn't have either my professional or personal account.

General - It should have a step-by-step process of how it works.Most people don't want to read the description and then try the app, they want to go straight to the app.

Interface - The interface looks very outdated, almost like original Facebook in the early 2000s. A designer should look at this and update it.

General review In a professional setting I prefer to exchange business cards. If I don't want to have further contact with someone, I don't need to but I save face by taking their card. If I am connected to them, I am ALWAYS connected to them unless I unfollow/unfriend them which is just in bad taste.

Overall, I understand the concept but I do not see myself using this application.