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App description: With 18,000 exercises, iTooch Elementary School is fun way of practicing and learning Math, Language Arts and Science for 3rd, 4th or 5th Graders. It is, by far, the largest collection of educational activities based on the US National Common Core Standards. Titles are available through in-app purchases and can be tested for free.

iTunes Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/itooch-elementary-school-math/id484570190?mt=8

iDevices used for the reviews: iPad2 - iPad3

Total reviews: 10

Developer: Michel G.

Christy S.

What I liked In this app, I liked the various questions that were presented for each topic. The level of assessment were appropriate to each category. The graphics were not distracting and the usability was easy to use for the students. I especially liked the Language Arts as it reinforced reading skills of all types.

Improvements In the future version, an improvement or an added feature could be to have the question read to the student. English Language Learners could benefit from hearing it verbally and practice the skills even though they may not be able to read the text. I would also like to see it made for younger students (ex. 5-7 year olds).

General review I was very surprised at how much I liked this app. I found the short stories and accompanying questions appropriate for students to practice their reading skills. I also enjoyed the math as it provided examples that pertained to a problem that can be applied to the real world. I also liked how the option of reviewing the concept was available in the lesson by tapping on the character. I will be using this app in my classroom.

Fides C.

What I liked I was very impressed with the simplicity of this app. Children read the lessons and then review what they have learned by answering practice questions. Once they have mastered it, they can take a timed test. The lessons are easily accessible during the practice mode. A blackboard/drawing pad is available at all times to use. Practice and test questions include multiple choice, highlighting, and entering the answer via the keypad. It is very easy to use and makes studying fun for the kids.

Improvements When a subject is selected, the first thing presented to the kids are the practice questions. It would be better if it went on the lesson screen first. I would like to see more questions for both the practice and test modes. I think that at the 3rd to 5th grade level there should be a minimum of 20 practice questions and 10 test questions. I would like to have a way for the kids to write on the practice and test modes when solving math problems without having to use the chalkboard/drawing pad which takes you out of the practice and test screens completely. The cost is quite pricey.

General review Overall, I think this is a great app. It is well done, simple, easy to use, and engaging for the kids. It is definitely something I want to have as a supplement to our curriculum and would not hesitate to recommend this to friends who homeschool or are public and private school teachers. However, it is quite pricey and it definitely has room for a few improvements.

Svetlana K.

What I liked It's great that this app covers most of skills and subjects under elementary school curricula which are well structured in the app. It is nice that there are lesson summaries on each topic which can help the students to get ready to testing. I liked the way the tracking of achievements is arranged in the app. In general the app is rather easy to use.

Improvements The app is done well enough to be used by teachers for setting the tasks and for students to fulfil the tasks (regarding navigation and usability). I would put the navigation buttons (library, settings, leaderboards, etc.) as well as the link to buying the full version on the top of the screen. Also I wish the list of subjects is presented separately (not a BUY FULL VERSION button).

General review A perfect app to use with elementary school students both in a classroom and at home! The app covers all of the skills and topicss within Language, Math and Science, has convenient tracking of students' progress and achievements and is very easy to use.

melissa r.

What I liked The variety and number of exercises in each section is thorough and well laid out. The ability to practise or answer questions in a test mode adds to enjoyability and longevity of app. Feature of being able to make comments to developer is fantastic.

Improvements Prefer not to have game centre login, not necessary for this age group. Would also like some more science questions and a geography topic. The price is a bit high for each individual topic and some topics have sufficiently less questions making some topics expensive. Would prefer to purchase one pack per age group containing all topics.

General review Fantastic app with loads of questions in key subject areas in a variety of primary age groups. Ability for app to be used by multiple age groups simultaneously is useful. A little overpriced for what it is and the content. Unique style educational app.

Misty G.

What I liked I thoroughly enjoyed this app. I love the ability to see where your child stands in the core subject areas of math, language arts, and science. It is a great review for the current and prior school year. My son (4th grade) was excited when he finished the test and saw his score. He told us each time he reached a new level. It is a great way to get kids to focus on education and learning while playing on the iPad!

Improvements The only thing I would like to see in a future version would be more grade levels offered. I have a kindergartener who would benefit from something like this. I like the ability to basically test your child at home to see where they stand while they think they are just playing a game.

General review One of the best educational apps I have seen! There are so many different topics for each grade level, and enough questions that I have not come across the same question twice. My fourth grader enjoyed going over things he has been learning this year as well as glimpsing into what he will learn next year in fifth grade. This is a must have for reviewing core school subjects!

Anny G.

What I liked I like that this app is aligned so closely to Common Core Standards. Looking at the third grade math, it is broken down into the exact categories of Common Core. As a teacher who uses these standards to track students' progress and set goals, it is in to see an app that can augment that.

Improvements I would really like to see the "lesson" portion presented before students start answering questions, as well as explanations for wrong answers. Expecting students to independently read the lesson (which is hard to find) and then understand why they got a wrong answer is too much. In order for this to be an effective teaching tool it needs to follow the same format as a teacher would teach: lesson, guided practice, independent practice. A it stands, this is a quiz app. A a classroom teacher I would like to also see some way to track usage data and multi user support.

General review This is a good app for students who have already learned a concept but need additional practice. It is a "worksheet replacer". It is not, however, a teaching tool, unless an adult is working 1:1 with the student. Much of the lesson language is fabove the reading level of the targeted grade, and this app doesn't provide any feedback for a wrong answer. It is great that it is aligned to Common Core Standards, it is a good extra practice tool.

Maria B.

What I liked Oh my god! In all the educational Apps I downloaded in the past, hands down this is the most comprehensive and helpful I have come across. It covers numerous topics within Language, Math and Science. This is a great complement to classroom lessons and offer well-thought and simple to understand review of topics that children learn in School.

On the App execution side, it's polished, the progress charts, grading systems, progress charts and chalkboard for working problems make this App a self-contained tool that lets the learner and tutor stay within the application.

Improvements I don't know if I have any improvement to add to this App except that I wish (!) they will add sections for other age groups as well. Please! And maybe translated in more languages. I will forever be grateful.

In its current form, perhaps, the navigation can be improved. I was a little lost at first on what to click to go where. Specially with going back and forth between the subjects (Math, Language, Science, Health ...)

Also, is this only an iPad app? It will be great to launch it in Android or Windows 8 to reach a wider audience.

General review Oh my god! In all the educational Apps I downloaded in the past (as well as online tutorial sites), hands down this is the most comprehensive and helpful I have come across. It covers numerous topics within Language, Math and Science. This is a great complement to classroom lessons and offer well-thought and simple to understand review of topics that children learn in School.

Michelle C.

What I liked This app is a massive data base of content from Math, Science, Language Arts for Grades 3, 4 and 5 which is correlated to the Common Core content. Each in-app purchase is the full 1 year of school content. I really liked how accurate and varied the content was. There were photographs when appropriate, the navigation was straight-forward, and the quantity of content is remarkable. You can either work in order, or choose the topics you are interested in from the Progress Chart. I tried content from all three focus areas as well as from the different age groups, and it is homogeneously good

Improvements The academic content the app offers is both abundant and academically solid. However, overall the graphic design and user interface could be improved.
In a future version, I'd like to see the gamification aspects better resolved. The app makes mention of getting your white/yellow belt etc, but I was not able to find a visual representation of the belts anywhere.
The screen design could be improved, since sometimes there are 3 or 4 multiple choice questions, and not all of them show up on the screen without scrolling down.
The instructions could also be revised, sometimes they're unclear.

General review I was quite overwhelmed with the quantity of materials provided in this app. There is ample content for a wide age range, unlike most apps, and the free portion. There is lots of good practice and I'm sure homeschoolers and expats will happily use the app. With an improved user interface and a bit better tracking system (option of multiple users?) and motivation and it would have my 5 stars.

Heather W.

What I liked I like the vast array of lessons available with this app. The lessons are extensive and contain fun pictures and graphics. I like the alignment with the Common Core Standards and ease of use. My ESL students liked the look of the app and the ease of how the app works. They liked the use of different colored text in the lessons to emphasize key ideas.

Improvements I would like to see a more extensive tutorial for each lesson. I would like the option of text being read aloud (an accommodation available to ESL students) so that the reading level does not impede the lesson content. I did not like how sometimes the entire question did not fit on the page limiting the students' ability to answer the question. I like the workspace that can be accessed but didn't like that it covered the entire question- students had to memorize the problem to access the workspace. Please use colored text to highlight key aspects of the questions. Feedback for students please.

General review This app has huge potential for helping students master the Common Core Standards. It does not replace a lesson, rather it should be used as a reinforcement and practice tool. As an ESL teacher, I would like to have the option for the content to be read aloud so that the reading level doesn't become a barrier for the mastery of the content. The addition of more interactive lessons could make this a wonderful teaching tool.

Kathryn C.

What I liked WOW! I love this app! As a teacher it is great to find one app with so many aspects to it! The multiple grade levels and subjects is great for differentiating lessons. The way the app runs is smooth and uncomplicated. I didn't have any trouble navigating the lessons. I also liked how focused the lessons were on the Common Core.

Improvements I always like to see a verbal instructions piece added to apps. If a student is ESL, the need for verbal question reading is important, especially in Math and Science areas. I had some trouble exploring all the aspects of this app, which is also a good thing. It is very complete. Maybe have each subject available separately fo a smaller fee. I would also like to see a Kindergarten through 2nd grade app just like these.

General review I absolutely love this app! The fact that it covers multiple grade levels and subjects is fabulous. The way questions are presented is clear and uncomplicated. The app is easy to figure out and work. I am looking forward to spending even more time exploring this app! Great buy! One of the best apps I've seen!