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Baby Learns Simple Objects 1.1 [text]

App description: With this application your child can learn the names of the common objects that surround him. Unique features: * Record your own voiceover right through the app. * Share your voiceovers with community. * Download custom voiceovers in other languages for free. * Play with Bebeka-prizes in the Magical Prize World.

iTunes Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/baby-learns-simple-objects./id563474247?ls=1&mt=8

iDevices used for the reviews: iPad1 - iPad2 - iPad3

Total reviews: 10

Developer: Tanya K.

Svetlana K.

What I liked I love very much the style of illustrations. Bright colors and funny objects (the cat and the dog are so cute!) will definitely attract every kid's attention. The voiceover by a kid is very pleasant (you want to listen to it again and again). I liked that there are 2 modes of play that enable kids both to learn new words and to test their knowledge. Lots of interactive elements keep kids engaged for a long time!
A funny bonus game was a very nice surprise and it turned out to be very engaging for kids.
The possibility to record your own voice is a good addition as well.

Improvements On the pages with the objects (by topic) some elements are too small and when touch them sometimes wrong words are pronounced. For the screen "in the kitchen" some objects are of wrong scale when moved and put near each other, for example, the pan when put on the table is smaller than spoons.
For the PLAY mode, I would show less objects on the screen for the kid to select from.

General review Baby Learns Objects is a perfect app for teaching toddlers first objects they see around. Bright funny illustrations, very pleasant voiceover by a kid and lots of interactive elements on the app pages will keep your kid engaged for a long time. A bonus game (feeding littles creatures) will be a nice surprise for your child!
Parents will like the 2 mode play (learn and play) and the voice recording function that enables voiceover customization.

Nathalie C.

What I liked > I liked the vivid, nice, bright and colorful characters. Very nice for young kids.
> I liked the voice over option. Very smart, very nice.
> I liked the discrete and double-tap protected parents zone.
> I liked that kids have the opportunity to choose between "learn" and "play"
> I liked the "color in" option
> I liked the "bebeka" world very much

Improvements > It's not really an improvement to make, but I know some kids don't like to use the iPad in vertical position.
> The game is quite quicky finished. A nice improvement would be to get some more levels and boards
> And that's it ! There are no big or small issue with this nice app!

General review Overall, Baby Learns simple objects is a very nice app for kids to explore daily objects, in four different environments : playground, farm, bedroom and kitchen. There could be more places to explore, but what is there is brighly colored and nicely craft. The option to record your own voice makes it double fun.

Heather T.

What I liked I liked the versatility of this app. Young children can learn about the names of objects (great for busy parents) and then play games showing what they know. I love that children can learn and play (it seems like many apps just have the playing feature). I like the different settings and the fact that they are factual places. I like the rewards users get for correct answers and the fact that they can play with their rewards as well as the game. I like that parents/teachers can change the avatar and even record personal voices!

Improvements In a future version, I would like to see real settings and objects, like photographs. The cartoonish features are fun to play with, but oftentimes it is hard for young children to make the connection between illustrated things and real things. Babies might learn the name of the objects in the game, but not make the connection and not realize they are the same names/objects in real life.

General review I love this fun, educational app! Babies, toddlers, and young children will love learning and playing with this game. There are multiple settings to expand the learning and options for the user to choose. With correct answers, users earn rewards and they can play with them too in the Prize World. Adults can change the language, avatar and even record their voices into the app. I highly recommend this app for parents, teachers, and babysitters!

Cheryle D.

What I liked I liked the simplicity of the app.I like that you can change to different languages as well as record your own voice or a child's voice for the pictures/objects. I liked that it had two different levels. One where you can just hear what the word is and one that you need to listen to the direction and find the object that was asked for. I liked the coloring part as well.

Improvements *More movement/action on some of the pictures. The playground held more attention than others because there was more action in it. *Take out No! when wrong, use keep trying, guess again, etc. and add more with both (way to go! Great job! etc..), *reward was too difficult for little ones, maybe some mini-games, like other simple cause and effect games throughout. *Add more themes like pets, farm, zoo, ocean, vehicles, jobs, seasons, actions, etc.. *Fix some errors with vocabulary like goslings, blocks, strawberry, crib, pot, plates. Others were distorted like puddle, lamp, shelf, top, vase.

General review This is a great app! The scenes are full of pictures/objects and there are two levels for learning. One labels the pictures/objects when tapped while the other one asks you to find the different objects in the scene. Your child can also record his/her own voice for the pictures! Great for receptive and expressive language skills. The ability to download languages from around the world is also a great feature on this app!

Amy T.

What I liked I like the background soundtrack in each scene - very pleasant and relevant to each scene. Bright and charming illustrations, animations and sound effects I love the hidden animations- the ladybug falling out of the tree; the bucket hopping in to action etc. I love the sequential "layers" of animations in the examples above- tap once for an animation, tap again for a different related animation. Love the tap to color! Custom avatars and voiceovers are a great idea. I think the Play mode &b Bebekas/ World of Bebebe is great- the characters' reactions are adorable. (needs vocab fixed thoug

Improvements The very first thing I tapped was a gosling. As far as I know, it is gosling, not "gooseling". but perhaps that is a regional variation... There are other inaccuracies or "akward" word choices, such as..."Cooker hood" "Berry" should say strawberry. Sometimes singular is used when multiples are shown (plates in kitchen, flowers at the playground etc.) Rock says "grass", lamp says "lamb". . You can record, but only if you record the whole set; I just want to fix the errors. The tractor's engine noise covers up the narration partially.

General review Until the errors are fixed, I don't feel comfortable recommending this. What a great idea for shared recordings- would love Brazilian Portuguese! I want to see a few more key animations too- I desperately wanted the helicopter to fly across the room, or have a plate break on the floor! Some more errors : it should be "crib" instead of "bed", "blocks" instead of cubes, and another I can't remember at the moment. I would like more scenes too.

Andrew M.

What I liked Amazing app. This is a great way for young children to learn the names of lots of objects. I also like the way that the items on all the pages are very interactive/manipulative. There is an excellent answer to reward ratio in the quizzing section. Perhaps the best part is the option to change avatars, languages and record words.

Improvements Honestly, any suggestion would be almost greedy - this is a wonderful app, definitely worth the cost. Small suggestions: tighten the program to cycle through the items in the picture. I noticed several times that the a word/object would repeat in the same 5-item cycle. It would be great if additional pages of objects could be developed. If they are made at this level I would think they would be worth paying an in-app upgrade.

General review This is a fantastic app for teaching young children the names of objects in familiar settings such as the kitchen and the park. The items on each page are fully interactive. When combined with a reward play world, the option to select different avatars, record instructions in your own voice and share your settings, these features make this app a great bargain!

Becky W.

What I liked I enjoyed interacting with this app and my preschooler even though it is targeted toward a younger child. I liked the pleasant visuals and the mild interactions. The objects that reacted to identification didn't distract from the purpose. The childs voice was pleasant and easy to understand.

Improvements I understand vocabulary apps are tricky do to regional terminology but here are a few suggestions. Bedroom: bed - crib, chest - drawer, switch - light. Kitchen: pie with a candle could be confused as a cake, glass - cup, possibly add a microwave oven. Outdoors: the pronunciation of gosling is incorrect and add the noun rock. Playground: Teddy bear is in a wagon but wagon is not introduced. This could cause confusion.

General review This is a nice vocabulary development app for toddlers with pleasing visuals and audio. It includes 4 scenes with numerous objects to identify. The app allows for a learn mode and a play mode. The play mode incorporates listening, following directions and visual discrimination.

Emily B.

What I liked This app has a ton of visual appeal, like some of the best children's books we own. The colors are perfect and my young daughter enjoyed each of the four "theme" pages. Definitely the best part, though, was being able to record my voice and then play it back almost immediately. I wish I'd had this app when my kids were younger. My youngest is four, now, so we spent time with other languages and I think the collaborative process (with other parents providing voice-overs in various languages) is tremendous. My nine-year old son recorded his voice for his sisters. Terrific idea.

Improvements I think the icon (avatar) + logo in the lower right-hand corner is too big; if it were half the size, there would be room for two or three more objects in each "theme" -- it's the one thing that makes the pages look cluttered. There doesn't seem to be a word for stove top on the kitchen page, though the "cooker hood" is identified (not a widely used term in the USA.) Frankly, if future versions had more theme pages, that would be better--grocery store? clothes closet? toy chest? garden? There's a "secondary game"--the tent icon leads to it--my daughter didn't know what to make of it, really.

General review This is a gorgeously designed app with primary colors that pop. The objects are easy to identify, striking just the right balance between photographic realism and abstract impressionism, so it really appealed to my young daughter who enjoys high-quality coloring books. Her language skills are already well developed, so after we went through the pages in English, we did it in Spanish and then in French. I thought it was really innovative.

Shannon W.

What I liked I love the illustrations and how most the of objects interact when you click on them. I also love how there are 4 different and varying areas to learn objects. My 2 year olds loves the animal level. She has learned the animal sounds from this app. She loves how the goslings move around the lake and interact with her!

Improvements I would give this app 5 stars if it had tho option to show the word when you click on the object. My 2 year old daughter is an early learner and is reading simple story books. She loves reading words. I think this app would have held her attention more if the word popped onto the page when she clicked o object!

General review This is a fun and educational app for toddlers. The illustrations and interaction with the objects have made learning fun for my daughter. The sounds are easy on the ears so I don't mind hearing her interact with this app for longer periods. The learning section of this app is a fun quiz type game that daughter didn't mind playing. A lot of quiz type apps for her age group she gets bored with as they are too easy for her.

Courtney D.

What I liked I love that the app exposes the user to a variety of vocabulary. The ability to play with the app and gain exposure to unfamiliar words is a great benefit. The quiz section, labeled play, is great, too, because the adult present can gather specific areas of need based on observation. The reinforcement of the animals and homes adds a fun motivator for students across the age range.

Improvements It wold be great if the items were given a written label when selected in the learn section. I think, even though the users are to young to read, that it would provide an opportunity for early literacy. I wish there was a way to know what the task was and how to troubleshoot in the event the item needing to be identified, in the pay section, was unheard. The reinforcement, though fun, is a little complicated. I struggled to know where the animals truly belonged, which was frustrating for me.

General review Exposure to many items allows the user to build receptive comprehension of objects. Users can learn through exploring four different scenes or be challenged by identifying spoken objects in the play section. Reinforcement is available and provides a great brain break at the completion of successful identification. This is a great app for early childhood aged children.