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The Meeting App 1.1.2 [text]

App description: No more pointless meetings, because the Meeting App is Designed for Action®, making it easy for you to go from note-taking to decision-making, followed by action. Layout & tools designed to take notes and to make and execute decisions.

iTunes Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/the-meeting-app/id526360062?ls=1&mt=8

iDevices used for the reviews: iPad2 - iPad3

Total reviews: 10

Developer: Thorsteinn G.

Shelly M.

What I liked Nice crisp, business-like colors are used in the layout. The overall concept is outstanding. Colors for the drawings and mind-maps in the notes section can be chosen by the user. You can choose whom among the meeting parties get the notes and transmit them via email. It's great to be able to email the people with designated responsibilities for actions from the App. Instructions are available in 'Settings' .

Improvements The notes portion of the App is glitchy. I never could get the mind-maps to work properly. Using mind-mapping often froze the App and only deleting the App and reloading it allowed me to use any portion of the App. No editing was possible. The record/audio feature in notes takes some time to come on board leading one to think it isn't going to work. It would be great to be able to import pictures/clipart directly from the web into notes. Having tutorial information available during operation of the App versus having to go to 'Settings' would be very helpful.

General review A very nifty concept which fails in the execution in the extras, i.e. 'Notes' and ease of use. This is an expensive App at $9.99 and purchasers will expect flawless performance as well as ease in use. This could be a real game changer if everything worked and you had a 'wizard' available inside the App. Some very positive steps were taken in this version versus the last.

Caitlin O.

What I liked I love this app. It has so many neat features that can be used during a meeting. I love that I can easily delegate action needed to attendees and simply email the action to them. I also like the help section with the pictures and tutorial. I will be able to use this in my special education meetings, in club meetings, etc.

Improvements I would like to see additional information added to the help section on connecting the calendar on the iPad to the calendar in the meeting app. I for some reason could not figure this out and I did not find information that helped me get further than the privacy settings on the iPad. I also would like to see the ability to make customized drop down menus for action/delegated items. That way when you have things that repeat you can simply click on them instead of retyping at each meeting.

General review Over all this is a great app with a good tutorial on how to get started. It has the ability to be used in multiple settings within a variety of different work places, schools, and activities. Being able to email the the meeting notes and action/delegated items is a definite plus. I also like that wit gives the ability to share with in Dropbox. However, I was unable to connect the calendar on my iPad with the app.

Ricki B.

What I liked 1. I could create a different notebook for each meeting category and could add as many notebooks as I needed
2. I liked being able to create a new meeting under the main notebook
3. In the meeting section I liked having 3 areas to write - one for notes, one for decisions and one for delegating. I used the writing & adding text tool. I liked being able to leave myself a big note to call a colleague. When I clicked on a specific meeting date that information came right up.
4. Instant email to colleague after a meeting is a great feature

Improvements 1. Video tutorial is helpful, but it would be nice to have hint buttons on screen. When I pressed on buttons, the screen would just disappear and I would have to start over. Seems to be some gliches in the program.
2. I had much difficulty getting started - when I added names, keyboard would pop up then disappear before I had a chance to enter name. I could not connect to my iPad calendar, even with the help of my "techie" husband.
3. Want me to switch from what I have now (FREE) to yours?? fix gliches, reduce price, & add calendar & task list
4. App is expensive for what you get

General review The Meeting app has so much potential. Set up of meetings & contacts was challenging & wished there were "hint" buttons to simplify the process. In meeting screen I liked having 3 areas to write - 1 for notes, 1 for decisions and 1 for delegating. I was able to quickly write myself a big note to call a colleague. The instant email from the note screen to a colleague is its best feature. Calendar & summary task list needed. App is expensive.

Jon S.

What I liked There are many successful features in this app. I like how it streamlines decision making and puts action items right next to it. This keeps the meeting streamlined and on task. The notes section has every feature you would want in an app. You can record voice, import pictures, create flow charts. Very useful features.

Improvements I think the share options need to have more than just Dropbox and email. I tried to Dropbox the notes to myself, and the app showed up, but the PDF didn't. The email worked great, but for the price of the app, I think it needs more. The price of the app is another thing that would deter me from purchasing. A ten dollar app is a pretty large price tag.

General review I am going to use this app when I run my technology meetings, to keep everything simple. I think this app takes meetings and makes them into actionable plans that can stay on task. I think there need to be more options for exporting the plans, as well as a drop in the price. Importing attendees from your address book is a nice option too.

Frances A.

What I liked I like that the meeting app has a functional tutorial beginning. I also like that you're able to draw, write, use a calculator, create a flow chart and insert typed text. I really like that since the last trial the flow chart was completely changed and it is now more useful than ever. You can have 1 major topic and link it to 6 sub categories and then have 100 connections around it. This is good for breaking down huge idea at meetings. I also like that the notes can now have a colored coordinated background as well.

Improvements Over the course of an hour when trying to use the app, it closed out on me over 20 times. The app also cannot handle multitasking; if you tried to do too many things at once too fast it shut down and brought you back your home screen. Another huge problem with the app is that you cannot access your calendar or your contacts which makes the app useless. Instead of being able to have a meeting; delegating responsibilities; following up with other attendees this app actually created more work. This is ironic because the apps purpose is to save time and be an app that can fit all business needs.

General review I still feel that this app has a lot of potential but it needs a lot of work. I can see that some improvements were made but not enough to make it a great app that it should be. There are a lot of improvements that still need to be made. I was very disappointed with the app as a whole, especially when they cost $9.99 to buy. At the current functioning level I would not spend more than $0.99 on it.

Jennifer R.

What I liked The notes section for each meeting contains a number of very valuable tools you do not normally find in a meeting app, including a calculator, flow chart creator, ability to add and take photos, voice recorder, and the ability to type or write notes.

Improvements This app might seem user friendly to the developers, but it would help to add some instructions, especially in setting up meetings for the first time. I tried to add a meeting and include my calendar and it said I needed to change my privacy settings. When I went to my privacy settings it did not list this app as one I could approve. The same thing happened with my contacts, so neither of these functions worked for me. I found a bug when I went to add a photo from my library and then hit cancel, the app crashed.

General review This app has a lot of potential to be a great meeting app. The tools are especially valuable in being able to take notes in a variety of ways, and I especially liked that they included flow chart and calculator tools. I was not able to connect this app with my calendar or contacts because the app does not appear in my privacy settings.

Eric L.

What I liked The freeform notes area is excellent and incredibly helpful. I found the overall decisions / actions / notes layout to be useful in keeping a meeting on track and the ability to delegate a task directly from the action item entry was very handy. The pdf reports from the meeting notes were well laid out and contained all relevant information. Integration with the calendar was seamless. Dropbox integration worked and was a nice addition.

Improvements The meeting template feature was difficult to understand. I attempted to create template from a meeting and wasn't able to progress past the point of naming the template. The share to Dropbox feature doesn't give any indication that the operation was successful. The font on the reports can't be changed and (though consistent with the app) isn't as professional as I would like. It would be nice to be able to scroll horizontally on the notes entry section (especially for the mind mapping feature).

General review This app serves its purpose well. If you follow the Decisions / Action Items / Notes type of meeting structure it will serve you well. The free form notes entry with mind mapping was very useful (even in a meeting). Calendar integration was handy since you don't have to create the meeting invite and then create a meeting in the app. The reports contained relevant information and were easy to share via email or Dropbox.

Bethany P.

What I liked It is easy to edit text, create templates, set-up meetings, and delegate tasks. I like the integration with Dropbox. The directions have improved from your previous edition. They are more detailed. I like that I can change the setting for whether I automatically invite myself to meetings.

Improvements Under your FAQ you have many grammatical, syntax errors. Under categories-working with categories, the sentence, "The Meeting App ..." should contain the word "with". Under tap to modify -edit,delete, the word "grapping" is used. Do you mean grasping, grappling, or grabbing? This may be a word used in your part of the world? Under delegating tasks, the sentence, "Once the task has been...", doesn't have a person doing the action. It should say, "you can assign a due date." A person must have operating system 6 IOS to have this program work correctly.

General review I like that the price of this application is lower than it was previously. The instructional video and directions are helpful. This application allows for the artistic, type that need to doodle, draw or mind map information or for the more cerebral types that use text, photos, audio, etc. This is handy for delegating tasks. It allows for setting up meetings quickly. I like that you can add multiple pages of notes. I was unable to use audio.

Amy T.

What I liked I love having it all in one place- ability to show it on a map, name and delegate a task to an attendee/send it by email etc., especially with a due date- brilliant! I love the notepad area and how easy it is to tap the corner to expand the input area. I love how I can easily move a chunk of text, change the font/color/size; the mindmapping tool is easy to use! I like the calculator. With a little more flexibility with font/color selection and with handwriting recognition as an in-app option I bet I could stop using my other productivity apps, great potential! Works with Dream VoiceReader too!

Improvements Access to calendars- the app isn't listed in my iPad's privacy settings to give permission? Can you add an in-app for handwriting recognition software, like PhatPad? When manipulating text I want to apply a color/size/font to just a single word/phrase. I love the calculator but it needs an easier way to paste directly into the notepad. Crashing/sluggish with photo handling and when adding blue color; problems with Apple keyboard native word prediction- not working half the time; Record button fails to launch if placed over a photo.

General review I can't get the calendar feature to work as the app doesn't show up in privacy settings, but once fixed this'll be great for work tasks, and duties related to my blog/FB pages. It has a variety of features all in one place- the all important alarm/due date, ability to email others, do mindmapping, photos, calculate, add a handwritten/ typed idea, search. Wish list: HANDWRITING RECOGNITION, apply fonts/colors/sizes to part, not all of a sentence.

Julie A.

What I liked I like that this app has so many different features. It's convenient to be able to put meetin information on Dropbox. I like the ability to use templates and the ability to make your own template. The calendar is functional and the display is a good size.

Improvements I would like to see two more options. It would be nice to have an easy way to save information about a meeting to carry over to another meeting day, if a decision isn't made. If this is a current feature, I had trouble figuring it out. I would like to see more templates because I liked using default templates better than creating my own.

General review This is a great app to use for meetings. It has a lot of features. The help sections and frequently asked questions sections for the app were easy to find. Sometimes apps with a lot of features can be difficult to use, but this app is user friendly. It make scheduling and taking notes during a meeting easier. However, it is a pricey app if you don't attend many meetings.