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Wild City 1.0.1 [text]

App description: Be free and choose your destiny in Wild City, the place where you can become a World Tycoon, a Mafia Boss or whatever you want to be. Wild City is a massive online multiplayer game brought to you by Anansi.

iTunes Link: https://itunes.apple.com/app/wild-city/id580496607?mt=8

iDevices used for the reviews: iPad2 - iPad3 - iPhone4 - iPhone4S - iPhone5

Total reviews: 10

Developer: Yuhui W.

Thirla A.

What I liked The attention to detail in the app is really great. The gritty aesthetic perfectly matches the description of the app. The tutorial at the beginning is concise and clear. What really impressed me is the amount of information about each character in the game is astounding. I find the multiplayer aspect of the app thrilling as well. It's cool to have a chat and to know what other players are thinking.

Improvements The main problem with the app is that the text is too small. There are too many distractions and icons on the screen as well. The number of different fonts adds to the confusion. There should no more than three different fonts used in the app. The comic at the start of the game is cool but does nothing to introduce the story or any characters. The character in the turquoise shirt should at least be introduced. I think it's weird that the player has to search for a character by ID to find them. It's kind of troublesome.

General review Generally, this app has solid gameplay. It's easy to navigate and doesn't lag. I'm surprised to find a game this detailed as an app. The fight system kind of reminds of Pokemon with a play by play of the action. I would expect this game to be on a portable gaming system like Sony PSP or Nintendo DS. The experience this app paints is top notch. It's very two-dimensional in terms of graphics but it works.

Targo D.

What I liked I enjoy the addictive game style. Makes me try to find time to play it. I love the graphics as they look great on my iPad 3. I like the gambling ability, the wide variety of possessions you can buy, the ability to get married, have family wars etc. All these options make it different and interesting

Improvements game is interesting at first it doesn't hold your attention for long. The game needs more variety. The crimes all require one item, bigger crimes = more experience and money. Needs to be looked at. Like the Casio but there should be a lot more gambling options and different games you can play. Maybe being able to play against other players and to bet money and possessions. More ways to interact with the app would be nice as playing it requires little skill or thinking and you are soon forced to wait for health, courage or energy to restore. Becomes repetative with little change=interest loss

General review I think the game has been designed very well and it has a lot of great features and interesting ideas however the game needs to focus more on holding peoples attention as the game quickly becomes repetative and this results in people loosing interest. I personally really enjoy the game but i have played many games before which all had the same problem. I haven't got much of a solution besides adding more features and allowing the game to change.

Marc Edward D.

What I liked I like the graphics of this game. One of the best graphics I've seen for the same game's genre. I also like how easy it is to navigate in the game, thanks to the detailed graphics interface. I also like the mini-games in this app. Most games like this doesn't have a good mini-game to past time when you ran out of Energy and Courage. The addition of the Slot Machine and Poker mini-games are great for people to grab more cash and or past time until their Energy and Courage are restored. I also like how easy to interact or chat with other players with the use of Chat and Mail.

Improvements I would like to see a different theme for the Poker and Slot Machine mini-games when you go to other cities. Like a Vegas themed Slot Machine and Poker game if you are in Vegas, etc.. I also would like to see a Daily or Weekly Event where players need to complete a task to earn gold, cash or item. Daily Event like Defeat # of people in Fight Club, Win in Casino # of times, Do Crime # of times, etc..

General review This is the best social MMO game I've played on my iPad3. Graphics is very good and it's so easy to navigate with the help of the clean and detailed interface. I like the addition of the Poker and Slot Machine mini-games where I can spend time to earn Cash and or until my Energy or Courage are restored. I also like the addition of the Chat and Mail feature. I can chat and or mail people easily. This is highly addicting. Highly recommended game.

Eric L.

What I liked Allowing me to log in as a guest without creating an account was nice and eliminated a huge annoyance for these types of games. The tutorial at the start of the game was well crafted and got me on my feet quickly. I enjoyed being able to chat with other players while playing. The missions are varied enough that they are interesting and most are quick enough to do in a single setting, which is nice on a phone.

Improvements iPhone 5 Retina support (I tested on an iPhone 4 and iPhone 5). Waiting for hospital treatment and other things adds some reality to the game but it always seemed to happen at the worst possible time for me (I had a few minutes to play and ended up in the hospital and couldn't do too much).

General review This game is fun and addicting. I've played through the tutorial and kept going. The flexibility of logging in as a guest was nice to get moving quickly. The game doesn't nag you to buy gold in game either, which is always a concern with in app purchases. Overall, a well done and very fun game.

Dheeraj R.

What I liked Wild City is an amazing app, with the potential to become one of the best on the app store.
>I really liked the intro, which involved a few comic strips. Personally, I like comics a lot, and those who use this app should also like the intro.
>I liked the part where you have to enter a number to fight other users. I really enjoyed playing with other users.

Improvements >The aspect ratio of the app on an iPad is all messed up. It's the same as the iPhone 5. I think that has to be changed.
>It would be more appropriate if the user fought the fights himself, rather than just clicking on a button.
>The game is too easy for the first 10 levels. Everything's assisted by the application. It's okay until level 5, but after that it gets really annoying.
>While fighting, there were so many grammatical errors in the text. This also needs to be fixed.

General review On the whole, Wild City is an amazing app. But it still needs a lot of work on it. If the developers are expecting people to make more in-app purchases, then they'll have to make it much more attractive. As of now, it's good, but could be far more better. The app has an amazing storyline to it, and it's definitely worth buying.

Taylor S.

What I liked I loved the questing aspect of this game. I am very familiar with MMORPG's, and found that the quests (while easy to complete with one click of a button), were all different and had actual story lines within them. This actually made me want to read what was going on in "Wild City"

Improvements I would like to see the questing changed. The tutorial was more of a "click here, then click here...follow the green arrow" rather than a..."this is what you need to do to level up, now do it." Even after reaching level 15, I found that I knew to click a button and not how to navigate around the world.

General review The storyline is fantastic. It is intriguing and makes you want to play. The social aspect (embedded chats and missions involving posting in chat) are ingenious. They encourage gameplay wonderfully. However, there needs to be more learning and less following directions.

Jon S.

What I liked I liked that you had to create a log in so I could play the game on my iPhone, and continue where I left off on my iPad. That was a great feature. There were many elements to the game that were entertaining. You could sell your stuff at the market, go to the casino, fight, exercise, and rob people. A lot of different elements that Mafia Wars does not have.

Improvements I would like to see more free choice in the first few levels. When starting the game, the choices on what to do were all made for me by the arrows. It took some of the fun out of the game following the arrows and just doing what the game told me to do. I would have liked more explanation on what to do with money or weapons and how they would help me out.

General review I enjoyed this gaming app. I thought there was a good mix of game elements to keep you entertained. I like that you have a log in so you can play on multiple devices, and not lose where you left off. I also thought the chat feature was a good element to help connect with people and get some game tips. I will continue to play this game on my phone and iPad.

Marcel W.

What I liked This app remind me a lot of grand theft auto minus the part where you control the character and run around the city and does some destruction but instead you do everything text base. The text base is done really well that its actually really fun to play. I love how at least in the beginning (i'm only up to level 10) I don't feel like I have to grind in order to level up. I like how so far i don't feel like i really have to buy any iap in order for me to level up or buy things. I expected the grind will get start at the later level but that is to be expected

Improvements When I have a mission that required me to meet somebody, I had to search for them and sometime I am taken to a screen that allow me to search by either number of name. The app does a good job of defaulting it to a number or name that I was supposed to search, however I accidentally deleted the default entry and I didn't know what the number/name I was supposed to so I got lost.

General review This app is really fun to play and I enjoyed it. I was expecting that I will be hit with iap to buy golds right off the bat and it was a good surprise when I don't really need to buy anything to be able to enjoy the app. If you like grand theft auto, I think you might enjoy this app so check it out.

Misty G.

What I liked Wild City is a fun and exciting MMO game with great graphics and exciting roles to play. I like the different options available in each category where you can choose the job, fight, weapons, and work out. The casino is a great way to make cash when you need more money and spend time restoring energy. I also like the Wild Times newspaper to read about other happenings in the game.

Improvements The only improvement I would like to see is a FAQ section or area to go over certain topics or instructions ip for the game. Te chat area is a great place for that, but sometimes people would rather have something to refer back to any time they need to.

General review This is a fun and exciting mafia MMO game that offer you the ability to chose how you play. You can be different characters and find ways to fight and earn money. I like the Casino for fast cash. The chat and e-mail allows easy access to other players. In comparison to other mafia type MMO games, Wild City offers many additional options to make game playing more exciting.

Tony B.

What I liked Nice icon and app name. Graphics and interface elements look really good. It is easy to navigate the different buildings in the city. There are a ton of options in this game and I think that is very compelling. I was very interested when early in the game I was given a mission to rob "The Landlady". It appeared that this was an actual live player? If so then that is a great feature of the game and very impressive.

Improvements Maybe some overview would be helpful, ie. your goal is to gain experience and money by completing missions. There is also a lot of small text in this app including the top bar showing status of several different items. I'm not sure there is much you can do about this without removing options/items which I think is a major positive of this application. It would be a great addition if you could actually fight instead of just selecting 'Fight' and having the game do it for you.

General review Overall this game is very interesting. The graphics are good and there are a ton of options and levels to go through in the app. There is a lot to explore and the missions would keep everyone interested for a long time. It is a typical violence app where your missions are to commit crimes, but it is very well executed if you like violent games.