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App reviews for "Christmas Karaoke: Christmas Carols & Christmas Songs vers 1.0" [text]


Christmas Karaoke: Christmas Carols & Christmas Songs vers 1.0 [text]

App description: This is a Music and Game app: Christmas Karaoke ! Amazing app for family , kids and .... friends ! Christmas is coming, so sing your favorite Christmas songs and have fun with your family and friends anywhere you go. It's time to celebrate Christmas!

iTunes Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/christmas-karaoke-christmas/id581495971?l=it&ls=1&mt=8

iDevices used for the reviews: iPad1 - iPad2 - iPad3

Total reviews: 20

Developer: Alberto P.

Nathalie C.

What I liked > A Christmas karaoke is always a pleasant activity and this app seems to have a great selection of Christmas songs.
> I liked to have some context and explanation around songs : this is great to read and share. This would have been good to have the explantation on the song screen too.

Improvements > The user interface could be more fuun and exciting. The display is kind of too much like a piece of paper with songs titles on it, and it's not very exciting.
> Some happy and nice graphics could also get a more appealing look at the app.
> These remarks apply also to the song screens. Why is this blocked in vertical position? Why featuring an old TV to show karaoke video?
> During the song itself, the vertical position is a big issue : we couldn't have the iPad held by smartcover, and we had to hold it!
> During the song, the controls are not "on" the TV screen, but far below.
> (...)

General review Overall this is a good app with great potential but tthat needs some tweaks (ergonomics, graphics, functional) to be perfect.

(...) > There is no "real" karaoke options (muting the singer and having only the intrumental). An exception to this is Happy Christmas (war is over) where we can't hear son song sung.
> One would expect the mail contact form to be in English.
> The credit page is almost empty, and text available is hiden by the banner.

Tony B.

What I liked Good icon. I like the info that is included about each Christmas carol. The app is pretty simple which can be good to focus the users attention on the point of the app which is to sing Christmas carols with each other. Tab bar navigation is pretty simple as well and lets users quickly understand everything that is included in the app and how it works.

Improvements App name seems very long. Videos should rotate to horizontal view so they fill the whole screen. Also you should offer a version with the music but no singing as this is how karaoke is most often done. "Contacts" tab should be "Contact". Graphics overall are very unimpressive. Images for an Xmas app should be really interesting, vibrant, and cheerful.

General review This app does have a good list of Christmas carols if you want to play them and sing along, but it doesn't do much else. All songs have the lyrics being sung which doesn't really seem like karaoke. The graphics are pretty unimpressive as well. Overall this is a pretty simple and not great looking app, but if you just want a short list of carols to sing then it will work.

melissa r.

What I liked A fun app for all the family during the festive period. Brilliant to have all of the lyrics to songs we all know and love but can't always remember all of the words. The highlighting helped to add the karaoke element. Loved the other singers in some of the songs. The background info to the songs is an excellent extra.

Improvements Found some of the music to sound very computer generated. Would prefer for it to be genuine musical recording. Some of the text also appears slightly blurred/not crisp and clear. Some songs also seemed to be a lot slower than they are normally sung. Would also like to see app itself jazzed up a bit ie different backgrounds for various songs. Also potentially have in app purchases to be able to expand music library.

General review Great app although feel it needs more refinement. As is, I think the price is quite expensive for what the app is although a few extra tweaks to it would make it worthwhile. Brilliant concept that I know many families including ours would love during the Christmas period.

Libby C.

What I liked This has a nice selection of 18 different carols and Christmas songs and includes many of my favorites. The choral arrangements are very professional and the words appear on the screen right in time to the music. "Beat dots" cue you when to start singing. The lyrics are large and clear, so that more than one person can see them. There is a pause button at the bottom of the screen if you need to stop the song. This app would be fun for a party or family gathering.

Improvements App was not very well designed. It just consists of audio files of Christmas songs on a dull background. The descriptions were lifted directly from Wikipedia. More of a sing-along than karaoke since the lead vocals are present in almost all the songs, except for less familiar, contemporary songs where it was hard to know the melody. Improvements: choose an instrumental version, record your own voice, change the key and tempo. Many of the songs were pitched too high for my voice. You have to be connected to WiFi which limits where you can use the app.

General review This is more of a sing-along than a karaoke app. There are 18 different popular carols and Christmas songs with highlighted words appearing in time to the music. You have to be connected to WiFi to use the app. For the price, I would expect nicer graphics and more features, such as the ability to choose instrumental versions, record your own voice and set the key and tempo.

Kristy Lee G.

What I liked I love the concept. There are so many christmas songs that I would love to sing but don't know all the words. The graphics are fun and festive. It has a decent repertoire of music. It's simple and streamlined and does exactly what is advertised. Perfect.

Improvements I think the user experience would be much improved if it had the option for landscape viewing, particularly when you are viewing the lyrics to songs (which is the central part of this app) or viewing on an iPhone.

Secondly, the credits page is a bit offline on the iPad. The text is too high (iPad 2).

General review Ever try and sing some Christmas song and no one at the party knows the words? Well what you need is this app to help you all along! It's fun, festive and perfect for parties or gatherings. It serves up the words to all your favorite Christmas songs in a simple easy to read interface. Enjoy!

Courtney D.

What I liked I love Christmas songs! Even without the Karaoke component. I think this is a great app for getting into the Christmas spirit. The flow of the Christmas songs and the words scrolling alongside, help even the littlest of ones enjoy this app! I love the thought behind the app and the ease of contacting the developers if a suggestion arises!

Improvements The Credit screen is hard to see. I don't know if the words just need to be more centered, but on my device, it is within the white portion, so the ease of understanding is limited. Is there a way that the user can interact with the app at all? I just wonder if the app could incorporate the user trying to sing along.

General review This is a fantastic app! The joy of Christmas is at the touch of your fingertips whether you want to sing along or just listen! Many songs are incorporated for your enjoyment over this holiday season! Make it a friendly karaoke adventure at your next family gathering! This would make a great memory!

Erin B.

What I liked My kids and I had a blast sitting down to sing some fun Christmas songs. The app was very easy to navigate and the songs were all,pretty familiar. I like that the words appear in red while being sung, so it's easy to follow along. The font was very easy to read, so my 6 year old had no issue singing with me.

Improvements The videos took a long time to load and would often have to pause in the middle to continue loading. I like to see the videos as part of the app so they aren't loading online.
Also, the volume of the videos seemed pretty low despite having the volume on my iPad all the way up.
I would also love to see more song options for kids. My boys love karaoke and would love to sing more kid oriented songs.

General review This app has a lot of traditional Christmas songs ready to sing along too! My kids love to sing Christmas songs, but don't always know the words. With this app we can sing together as a family. The videos can take a bit to load, but once they are ready it's like traditional karaoke with the words highlighted as they come up in the song.

Marcel W.

What I liked The app does it jobs well and allow me to play karaoke with some of the most popular xmast song. I don't remember how much the app cost but if its free or $0.99 then the app definitely provided a lot for its value. The app is simple and easy to use, no ads no ISP which make it nice.

Improvements It would be nice if the developer can put different background or pictures for each of te song. I didn't try all of the songs but but the few that I tried all have the same font, pictures, colored and background giving the app the impression that he developer just put it together real fast to take advantage of Christmassy

General review A good and simple karaoke that does its job well, the app offer some of the most popular Christmas songs and very east to use. No ads, no social media and no In app purchase which right now almost impossible to find in an app. Don't expect too much variation in background pictures or anything though.

Eric L.

What I liked Most of the more traditional and popular Christmas songs are available. The lyric indicator in the videos is timed properly with the music. The lyrics font is large enough for several people to see at once. The recordings are of sufficient quality.

Improvements The app name doesn't fit without being truncated. The splash screen background isn't retina optimized. The videos can't be rotated (like they are in the fake App Store screenshots). The prompt to rate the app shows up way too often. There is an activity indicator overlaid on the video that doesn't go away. It would be nice to be able to turn off the choir and just have the instrumental music (like true karaoke).

General review Most of the more traditional and popular Christmas songs are available. The lyrics font is large enough for several people to see at once.

It would be nice if the videos could be rotated and the choir could be turned off to be more like true karaoke.

Erin K.

What I liked The music that was in the app was of good quality and was all pretty traditional in terms arrangements making it easy to follow along with the songs. I thought that the moving color that was used to indicate place in the song was well done and was a good contrast to the words making it easy to follow along.

Improvements I would like to see the music be something that comes along with the app and isn't streamed from the internet. I think that this would be a good app to take along to parties and sometimes internet access isn't always an option. I'd also like to see a larger selection of songs to choose from. It would also be nice to have an option to turn of the audio of the lyrics and just leave the music as well.

General review Overall, it is a nice basic option for some Christmas Karaoke. For the amount it costs it is interesting and delivers a good experience. With a few additions or updates it could be a very good addition to enjoying the holidays. The music is good and works well.

Kristina C.

What I liked I liked the color scheme of the red words on the blue background with the white snowflakes. It was easy to read. The way the words turn red as you are to sing them was great. It was easy to navigate. Loved the history/ info listed below the UTube screen for each song. I used it as a mini-history lesson for my girls for some of the songs. Liked the variety of songs, but could use more kids' songs like Frosty & Rudolph.

Improvements It's not really Karaoke. It's just a song sung on UTube w words streamed across & highlighted. With description, I thought I would be able to use speaker to sing into phone & hear myself (& possibly record it). Was strange how some songs sing entire song and some songs have only some singing in middle. Needs more singing in difficult areas. We had no idea how to attempt to sing some of the songs at all since there was no guidance. Singing for some songs is way off. Poor English use when app asked to rate it. Disliked being asked to rate after 2 songs. Expected to be able to turn phone on side.

General review I was very disappointed in the app. It's not really Karaoke. Although it does have some good qualities, I don't think I would pay for this app. It is very unstable. It crashed the first time I actually used it. I opened it up, sung one song, and it would not display the song list again, thus not enabling any songs, even the first song to play again. I had to delete app and reinstall. Kids, ages 5 and 8 were not that impressed.

Jana D.

What I liked Well,first of all who doesn't like Christmas carols? I thought the choice of songs was very current and gave a good selection of older and newer ones so everyone in the family could be a part of this fun! The words shown on the screen were very accurate!

Improvements I think that one of the things I would try to improve would be what you can do with the app. Most people think that somehow they will be able to hear their own voice while singing these songs. Maybe a microphone could be added to this so the people who are singing can playback the song or at least hear thrmselves as they are singing?

General review My overall impression of this app is that it is a fun app for people to use. It's very easy to maneuver through but it lacks depth. I don't think it is an app that will hold peope's attention for long! If not updated there will be a short window of tie that users will want it, that being during Christmas! I love to sing so it's fun to seethe lyrics to some of these Christmas songs but I don't see myself using this app over and over.

Kerry E.

What I liked I love being able to sing along to the songs. It's much easier to learn them when you are following along with the lyrics and have them all in front of you. Having the information about each song's origins is a great idea and helps one learn more about Christmas.

Improvements I would really like to be able to play this app in landscape mode or at least have the option of doing so. You cannot read the credits on the credit page. They are obscured by the snowflakes. Additionally, this is not really karaoke…if it were karaoke, you wouldn't have the lead vocals still attached to the music. It should be called Christmas sing-along or something similar. Also, in the song Jingle Bells, "one horse" is shown as one word, but it should have a space in between the two words. Also, your pop up should say, "you have used this app a lot..."

General review My kids and I really enjoy this app. Every time I played a song, they got up and danced to it in its entirety. It's a neat little app that gets you in the Christmas mood. With that said, it is not karaoke in the true sense, since the lead vocals are still on most of the songs. It does help you learn your favorite Christmas songs very well and is a lot of fun for the kids.

Valerie M.

What I liked Easy to read print, clear background. Music is clear and full. Nice range of songs. History of songs before playing musical video was informative and educational; unique compared to similar apps. Singing with the choir will get you in the Christmas spirit!

Improvements Ability to rotate screen. , landscape seems more appropriate with excess black above and below video scroll
Several songs are acapella, no background music present for traditional karaoke experience.
Words sliding instead of highlighting whole word is annoying.
Credits text lost in upper snowflake border.
Credits link takes you to a mixed language page.
Not many songs for price.
Really a sing along, not karaoke; some songs have lead present others only the harmony.

General review Nice app to get you in the Christmas spirit, but a bit overpriced for only 16 songs. This is really a sing along app more than karaoke. Some songs were acapella with no background music (choir only), some had lead absent, but most were fully sung. Would be nice to rotate screen to landscape instead of dead space above and below lyrics. I personally prefer whole word highlighting over sliding highlight. App was nice, but not what I expected.

Nico D.

What I liked 1.the selection of songs is excellent, a lot of popular and well known tunes
2.i played the app with kids and family and we had a lot of fun plus we felt the Christmas spirit
3.the app has a very simple and clean interface, big buttons and bright colours, so kids can use it on there own
4.the value of the app is very good. I bought it now and I can play it every Christmas

Improvements 1.the app needs a permanent internet connection if you want to use it, so this makes the app limited and you can't use it anywhere you go
2. The fact that the app sings is very useful for children, but for family fun you must add an option so that you have only the negative and the lyrics
3.please make the app go landscape. The text would be bigger and the app would look better plus a lot of people use the iPad in landscape
4.i don't like the fact that you have to go back to the list to play the next song. I tried the next button (when in full screen) but it's not working

General review It's Christmas and if you love karaoke this is a great app. The selection of songs is incredible and the menu is clean and easy to use. There are a few negative parts like missing landscape mode and skip to next song, but that's easy to solve in an upcoming update. The value of the app is very good, you buy now and use it every year

Becky W.

What I liked In addition to a Karaoke app this app also provides historical data about the songs origin. I found this very interesting. There were many traditional carols to choose from as well as more modern and cultural varieties. Sixteen songs is a good number to provide.

Improvements I was a bit disappointed that a wifi network was needed for this app to run. I hoped to take the app along with us while viewing Christmas lights. O Little Town of Bethlehem has a different tune than what I am used to. Songs without vocals would benefit by adding them. White Christmas intro is too long. Oh come all ye Faithful is not in English and not useful to the US market.

General review This is an OK Karaoke app with nothing more. The value of this app would increase if there were customizable features such as turning on/off vocals and a recording feature. There is a wide variety of songs, traditional and modern. It functions like a Karaoke player.

Dheeraj R.

What I liked >I liked all the videos. They were at a perfect pace, and the lyrics of the carols were easily understood.
>I liked the contact section of the app, which allows the user to contact the developers to add new carols on request.
>I liked the background image, even though there was only one.

Improvements >As I was watching all the videos, I noticed a loading sign continuously rotating. I'd like to see this removed later.
>Although the app was great, there is no reason why I can't find this for free on YouTube. I suggest there should be some extra information about each carol, along with the video.
>In the credits section, the background image and the text was of the same colour, and I couldn't read it properly. I'd like to see a different colour.
>There should be a light background music in the main menu. The app would look much better.
>There should be more than one background image.

General review This is a really nice application, and is definitely recommended for people of all ages. Specially during Christmas, this app comes in really handy. The app is almost perfect, but there needs to be a few changes in the User Interface, like multiple background images, colour of font, etc. It's a simple app, but is definitely worth $0.99.

Frances A.

What I liked What I liked about Christmas Karaoke is that has 16 songs to choose from. There are songs that range from religious, traditional to fun songs that all children would know. I love that it highlights the words in the song as it goes along and most karaoke songs forget to do this, so this sets this app above others that I have seen. I also like that the song goes into a full frame screen when it starts playing the song which makes it easier to read and use in a stand with a group of people. I think children of all ages would have fun using the app.

Improvements What I would improve about this app is to have more songs. There are over 200 Christmas songs that I can think off of the top of my head and there should be a lot more children friendly songs. Right now this is geared more as an adult karaoke game but I think children would love this, it is great both to celebrate the season but for reading and literacy skills as well and children would be a great target audience. Don’t take out what you have but maybe break it down to sections, religious, traditional and children songs. I can’t wait to see an update with some added songs!

General review Overall, I think this Christmas Karaoke is a very fun app to play with. It can be all around fun for the whole family. I think once the app has some more songs added this will be a great app that can be enjoyed. Since everyone loves Christmas Music (especially popular Christmas music) I can see this being used at a Christmas Party to entertain children then at end of the night where some adults can have fun singing along to their favorite songs.

Jon S.

What I liked Very simple, easy to use app. You could get right down to business and start Christmas Karaoke instantly. I liked the fact that the songs weren't the entire song, but just the opening verse and the chorus. I think that makes for better karaoke. The history of the song printed below the video, I also thought was a nice touch.

Improvements There were some classic Christmas songs that could be added, Frosty The Snowman and The 12 Days of Christmas come to mind. I would also like to see an element to record your singing, or video taping element would really make the app stand out. A voice recording with the ability to email or send as a greeting card would be an incredible feature.

General review I think that Christmas Karaoke delivers exactly what it should as an app. It is easy to use, and you can start your karaoke session right after downloading. The only things that could be improved would be a larger song selection, and the ability to record your singing session. I thought the app delivered as promised, and it would be great to add on some other holiday sequels.

Cheryle D.

What I liked It was really nice to have the family sing along and get into the spirit of Christmas! My boys liked that they were able to sing along with the singers on the app. The app was really easy to use and was displayed well. We will be using this again!

Improvements While my children liked to sing along with the singers on the app, I wish there was a way to have a choice of just music so we can just sing or to be able to sing with the singers. Also, not all of the songs (like White Christmas) had singers and there was just music. This confused my family a little and we didn't know if it would be just music or both when selecting the songs. I also would love to be able to record our singing and have the ability to email the songs to family and friends that live far away. My family would love more kid friendly songs such as Rudolph and Frosty

General review This is a nice app for Christmas time. It really brings the family together and gets them into the holiday spirit! I can't wait to see further updates as this app adds more songs to its repertoire. It is displayed well and very easy to use. I can see my family using this app throughout this season and the years to come.