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App reviews for "Paddle Duck in Where's Carrie Cat? An Interactive Story V1.2" [text]


Paddle Duck in Where's Carrie Cat? An Interactive Story V1.2 [text]

App description: Looking for an engaging, fun, and educationally interactive story for your toddler? Your child will enjoy actively participating in the story as they meet Paddle Duck and join his adventure to find Carrie Cat on Gabby Goat's Farm. The App is perfect for 18 month to 4 year olds.

iTunes Link: https://itunes.apple.com/tr/app/id521900916?mt=8

iDevices used for the reviews: iPad2 - iPad3

Total reviews: 10

Developer: Justine L.

Courtney D.

What I liked I love the interaction the user can have with the app. I love that the app allows for work with fine motor skills and allows for receptive knowledge building of vocabulary words. I love that through the interaction, the user is exposed to counting and following directions, as well. The graphics are engaging and realistic in nature. The voice of the narrator is easily understood in both versions available, as well.

Improvements I felt like the story was cut short in some ways. I'm not sure if it was because of the simplicity of the app, or because there was only a few steps incorporated in the finding of Carrie Cat. I think it would be more engaging to add a few more exploratory options. Would it be possible to have the user select An option and have different effects based on the selection? The song played when moving through the river is engaging; however, it ends before the duck stops moving. Is that intended?

General review This is a relatively simple storybook app. There are many positives included, which are common in interactive apps, but this one incorporates counting, following directions, and building fine motor skills. I wish this app had more for storyline because I felt it ended too soon, but overall, an app with great potential!

Nico D.

What I liked 1. The first thing I noticed was the settings menu, very well done and can't be accessed by mistake when the kid plays alone. The long press thing is very useful.
2. The story is not too long and not too complicated fot a kid that's 4 years old.
3. The app is very colorful and interactive so hi likes it because be can be part of the story
4. The hints (colorful stars) are well made and can be seen very easy by the player.
5. The kid always dances when he hears the Paddle Duck song. He loves it!
6. I like the fact that you can go back if you missed something or want to replay something.

Improvements 1. After playing the app for several days I can say that the price is too high. It should be 99 cents. The content is limited and the replay value is not one of the best, the kid gets bored and wants another story Ina couple of days
2. As much as I like the hints I would love to be a way to turn them off so the kid can play the app without getting any help, please make this possible in an upcoming version
3. One thing that caught the kids eye was the bee in the flower. After discovering it he wanted to do something interactive with it. Maybe it will become part of the story in a next version

General review The app is very well made, with cute characters and a very nice interactive story. The parental controls and the funny song are also a nice touch. BUT the biggest drawback of this app is the price. It's too high for the content you are getting and the low replay value.

Jim B.

What I liked - Cute characters, animation and colorful illustrations
- The hints (circles of stars) are good for kids who don't understand spoken instructions yet
- Emphasized on counting 1,2,3
- The parents section that required a long press to access
- Fun Paddle Duck Waddle song at the end

Improvements - I prefer swiping to turn pages rather than clicking the triangle.
- The environments could be more interactive and it would be nice to be able to click on items and hear their names (sun, bee, flower, grass, tree, etc.)
- Each word needs to be highlighted as it's being read
- Clicking on the sentence should repeat the sentence
- I could not tell if Paddle Duck or Gabby Goat was talking when they are together - need to have balloon text or something similar
- Need to display words for the Paddle Duck Waddle song at the end or when the duck sang so readers/kids can easily sing along

General review The illustrations were cute and colorful but the story was only so-so. It wasn't that interesting and did not make a lasting impression with my kids. For $4, I expected a bit more interaction and features such as highlighted+clickable text and clickable items that pronounce their names. The song didn't even display words for us to sing along. Overall, this is just an average book with some light animation and interaction.

Eric L.

What I liked The story is just about the right length to keep a toddler entertained and engaged. The interactive pages in the story are well done, with indicators for the child to know where to tap if they get stuck and good verbal feedback. The huge button on launch is great.

Improvements I couldn't find a way to exit the story and go back to the main menu (if there is a gesture to do this I missed it). The back arrow won't get you back to the main age because you get stuck in a loop with the page with the sunrise (and perhaps others).

I would have liked to see a game or learning activity included with the story (would help justify the price, certainly).

General review My daughter enjoyed this app, the story is engaging and short enough to keep a toddlers attention throughout the whole thing. A lot of care was taken to 'childproof' the app (long tap to access settings, no in app purchases, sharing is only accessible in the parents screen).

Lori H.

What I liked This app was colorful and entertaining. The music pulled my almost two year old in. The characters were welcoming and had just the right amount of animation without going overboard. I also liked that there was more to do on each scene than just what was expected. My son really enjoyed seeing the fun things that would happen by pressing the lily pads, flowers, characters...etc. We both also enjoyed the dancing and singing toward the end of the program. Another great feature was having a forward and backward button to go back and redo a page.

Improvements I would love to see a feature where you didn't have to start at the beginning of the program each time. We had to leave in the middle, and my son had to restart the entire program instead of being able to pick up where he left off. Another suggestion is having all of the words closed captioned and not just the main story. During some of the songs, I would have liked to been able to read what was being said also. I also would have liked the stars in the app to show up a little later. It would have been nice to give my son a chance to figure it out before the answer appeared on the screen.

General review This app is definitely entertaining for very young children. My almost two year old son loved interacting with the characters as well as the background and scenery. I would have loved to see the game become a little more challenging, but overall we thought it was great for a short bit of fun. The song at the end of the program also really caught his attention. I feel we will be playing this app for quite some time in our house.

Jessica B.

What I liked This interactive story had cute songs and illustrations with the story. I enjoyed the fact that each page had interactive items on it. The storyline and content was cute. I also appreciated the learning aspects within the story. Children can learn from these opportunities.

Improvements I would love to see more things interactive on each page. The interactive content is not shown to the kids, so they have to feel around to find it. It would be nice to have them blink or light up to help the toddler become more independent with the app. You could think about having the words highlighted as they are read to help young children begin to think about reading.

General review Overall, this is a cute story with nice songs and animations. It is easy for a toddler/preschooler to play independently. Some additional educational content would be nice, such as highlighting words, extra games for vocabulary or counting. It is a bit expensive for a simple story. Added content and games would make it well worth the $4 price.

Nathalie C.

What I liked > I liked that the parents section is protected from little fingers by a long press (thanks)
> I like the manu settings available (no music menu, different English accents, control over narration and sound effects.
> I liked the learning notes.
> I like the simple forms and great vivid colors.
> I liked the interactivities (and the way they show)

Improvements > Some interactivities seem a little bit slow (paddle for instance).
> Sometimes, when ou select too quickly a character afer one has already been selected, the sound cuts in a not nicely way (try to tap the goat, and then, vey quicky, the cat, for one example).
> The storyline could be stronger.
> The educational content could be stronger, or more focused.

General review Overall, Paddle Duck in Where's Carrie Cat? is a nice interactive story for very very young kids. Biggest improvment would be to choose between a strongest storyline or more educational content, but as it is now, it's already a little story kids should enjoy.

Kristy Lee G.

What I liked My nephew thought the bird popping out from the trees was hilarious! And when the duck fell over in the Paddle Duck Waddle, he nearly lost it. Loved it! The animations and interactivity were fun and engaging. Nice smooth transitions that don't look awkward. The graphics were engaging as well. Well done with the overall look!

Improvements My nephew is 2.5 and I feel like he would quickly outgrow this. It would be nice to see a bit more depth and options for growth. For example, if it had the option to count higher than 3 or count the lilypads. Maybe some hidden things he could find that would respond to his touch. He kept trying to press the duck's belly to tickle it as he has several talking character apps that do that. He didn't understand why that wasn't possible.

General review In general, we loved it! The characters were cute and endearing, although I don't quite understand why a duck needs a paddle... But so cute! The animations were well done. The interaction was good (although could be expanded upon and further developed). All in all, my nephew and I loved this app!

Frances A.

What I liked Paddle duck is a wonderfully engaging app for young children. It starts out with a cute little duck fast asleep. When your child makes the sunrise, the little duck is up and ready to go. You help Paddle Duck get to the farm and then on the farm help him find his friend. Throughout every page there are wonderfully interactive features such as you will touch a flower and a bee will come out and the lily pads make sounds. When touching all the animals it makes the corresponding sound for that animal.

Improvements My wish list for the app Paddle Duck is first that it would be a bit longer or have some more features. It is a great start for a wonderful app but perhaps if there were more parts to it, a child can play longer and stay engaged. It would have been nicer to search multiple places for Carrie the Cat.
I also would like to see a few educational games to go with the app. It would have been nice to see paddle duck and his friends count to ten. Then another game making paddle duck row and count or row and do the alphabet, something additionally educational and interactive would be nice.

General review Overall, I find this app very enjoyable but it did leave me wishing it was a little longer. I love that the app made children count, help paddle duck get around and look and search for his friend Carrie Cat. It is perfect for young children and the app is very enjoyable. I thought this app was wonderfully engaging and has educational value for young students and also for children with disabilities.

Kerry E.

What I liked All the interactive parts were very fun for my children. They loved being able to touch things and hear sounds and see the animations change. We really like the little song. Counting to three on two separate occasions was very fun and educational for my two-year-old. Also, I absolutely love to see an app without in-app purchases!

Improvements The acoustics in the app are a little bit off. It sounds like in some parts the voices are louder than in others. It's not to the point where it's completely off-putting, but it is noticeable, especially with the animal sounds. The accent is fun for me to listen to, but for American kids just learning to talk, the pronunciation could be a little bit confusing. An example is the word "farm", pronounced as "fahm." Also, the story ends sooner than you would expect.

General review This is a very fun little app for smaller children. The animation and interactivity are very cute, and my children enjoyed it. You might say that they were glued to the app the entire time it was on. I would like it better if the story were a little bit longer, but we definitely enjoyed what was there.