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iVocAudio, your memory chum (v 2.1) [text]

App description: ***Target age : 12+ (or less with the help of parents or educators)*** The application is tailored for students willing to get an excellent mark at any exam based on memory skills or anyone who wants to learn new vocabulary, birthdays of friends and family, administrative codes, definitions, dialogues from favorite films, multiplication tables etc.

iTunes Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/ivocaudio/id404446774?mt=8

iDevices used for the reviews: iPhone3GS - iPhone4 - iPhone4S - iPod4G - iPhone5

Total reviews: 17

Developer: Jean-Eudes L.

Kristina C.

What I liked I really wanted this app to work and I was excited to try this app. However, there is nothing I liked about this app b/c it would not open on my device. I deleted it and re-installed it several times over the week without success. I cannot write anymore b/c it would not work. Each time I attempted to open this app on my device, it would crash and close. I could not get past the opening title page each time.

Improvements There needs to be some severe re-vamping of this app b/c it would not work on my device at all. It would not open and I could not attempt to use this at all. For a paid app, I should NOT be experiencing this type of problem. I deleted it and re-installed it several times over the week without success. Each time I attempted to open this app on my device, it would crash and close. I could not get past the opening title page each time.

General review This app is extremely unstable. I could not enjoy this app at all b/c it would not open on my device. I could not believe that a paid app would give me this type of result. I deleted it and re-installed it several times over the week without success. Each time I attempted to open this app on my device, it would crash and close. I could not get past the opening title page each time. If I could give it zero stars I would.

Amanda S.

What I liked I love the idea behind this app! It would be great for college students or people learning foreign languages! I like that how easy it is to record you questions and answers. I like that it is simple and the tabs on the bottom make it easy to navigate through the app.

Improvements I would like to see and different touch input, I don't like the sliding you have to do, it was confusing at first to get used to. I think having the red or green button just to tap would be an improvement. I also experienced difficulty sometimes my audio files that I recorded for the answer would play when the question was supposed to play. I think this app is a great idea but the instructions weren't that clear. I also think that when you push the "test" tab it should automatically show the list of your different subjects that you recorded questions for.

General review This app is a great idea and could be an awesome tool for college students or those wanting a great way to memorize quick facts. It has a simple design that is easy to record your facts and answers. I think it is a handy thing to keep on your iPhone/iPod because you can have access to practicing anywhere you go! (Would be great for those who travel a lot). With a little bit of tweaking this app could be great!

Eric L.

What I liked I like the idea of being quizzed verbally since I tend to learn that way. I tested the app by recording some US state / capital city pairs and quizzing myself. I liked being able to test both directions (question -> answer, answer -> question). The recording was easy to use (even without looking, which was nice).

Improvements The English language localization was rough, especially in the quick-start guide. I think the translation was, perhaps, too literal at times. It would be excellent to be able to enter the question and answer pairs with text and have them spoken by the app (it would allow for easier distribution of study materials as well).

General review I tend to learn best vocally so it was nice to find an app to let me learn and quiz myself vocally. Since you record your own study material you can test yourself on any subject that lends itself to this style of learning (similar to using flashcards but verbal). I (re)learned the capital cities of all of the US states pretty easily (and I can always give myself a refresher if necessary).

Andrew M.

What I liked Frankly, I didn't like the app much at all. The best thing I could say is that the functions do seem to work the way they are designed and the app is not too expensive. If I was looking for a study app and bought this one, however, I would be VERY disappointed.

Improvements 1. Streamline the directions. The currently format of a long "how-to" menu is very off-putting. A tutorial that walks users through the process would be better. This menu could be kept as an EXTRA resource.
2. Fix bug (?) that prevents video/pictures from showing up in the tutorial. Perhaps this was my main problem. I can see boxes where these are supposed to be, but nothing shows up. My opinion might be completely different if these worked.
3. A comparatively minor issue is some typos, grammar, and usage choices which appear in the FAQ (particularly from American English perspective).

General review Directions for use seem cumbersome, possibly due to bug that keeps images/videos from appearing in the FAQ section. Premise for the app might work well with improvements to these bugs. Actual functionality of recording and quizzing features seemed to work as designed. However, I have used many other quizzing apps that are so much more user-friendly as to make the glitches with this app not worth the trouble.

Ontoinette T.

What I liked This is a fun and very easy to use app. The in-app demo video shows you everything you need to know to get started. Setting up the folders and creating the questions and answers is a breeze. I like that the app switches up the way the questions are answered such as making the answer the question and combining these reverse combinations in each test. I also like the progress tracking of the number of successes and fails.

Improvements Currently the app is designed to track the progress of an individual user. It would be nice to have the ability to establish user profiles. This would allow the app to be shared without overwriting progress. I would also like the ability to rename the pairs in my folders with the actual questions. Allowing me to quickly identify the questions and progress at a glance without having to click on "Pair 1" and listen to identify what the actual question is.

General review Overall this is a great app for anyone looking to retain information. It is very user friendly and can be used to memorize anything. This app would be very beneficial for students preparing for quizzes and exams. It would also be a great tool for individuals who learn better through listening. No matter what your style of learning or the type of information you are looking to retain this app can assist you in achieving your goal.

Courtney D.

What I liked I loved the opportunity to record questions and have the option of guessing the answer and identifying whether the answer was known or not. I like that the user can program their own test questions in and can input in more than one subject area. This would be a great tool to use when studying facts or needing to memorize specifics. This suits those that learn best by hearing the information versus seeing it written down.

Improvements I would love to see this app have the ability to "quiz". I think it would be great to use in therapy, if it had the capability of verifying knowledge. For instance, if after hearing the question and the answer, the user can submit whether the answer provided is correct or incorrect. I think that would work smoothly for informal skills based assessment used during therapy progress reporting for those with language goals.

General review This has a great support system and video to accompany the base knowledge that can be understood with simple manipulation and exposure to the app itself. This app can be used to work through exam possibilities or memorizing vocabulary at work or home, multiplication tables for math, antonyms/synonyms, etc. I think this is a great app and would most certainly recommend for those who are auditory learners!

Kerry E.

What I liked This is a great app, not only for schooling, but for anything you might need to memorize in life in general. The intro video explains the app very well, and I felt like I had a good handle on how it works just by watching the video. Also, I like being able to customize my lists, and get ideas from finding other lists that I am then able to import. The option to send and share lists with friends and family is great. I wish I had had this app while I was still in school! :-)

Improvements The app does need to be checked for spelling errors and typos. For example, on the introductory page, it should say "Welcome to iVocAudio", "We recommend that you watch the video below…", and "minimum" is misspelled. A native English speaker needs to go over the text in the app to ensure that the English sounds natural. Also, it's a bit disconcerting when you're listening to the tutorial to have the audio suddenly get very loud and then go back to a normal level.

General review I really think the developer has thought of everything in order for someone to be able to memorize something quickly and efficiently. I am very impressed with all of the options available, such as changing the question and answer order, importing new lists, and having questions that you don't know as well come up more often so that you learn them better.

Frances A.

What I liked What I liked about the app iVocAudio is that it is an excellent tool for learners of all ages to learn and master skills. I found this app was especially good for history, literacy and science. Learning historical dates and spelling new words can be difficult for many learners but with this app it makes answering questions a fun learning process. I love that it opens with a video tutorial as well. This makes the apps ease of use an even greater functionality. I also think it is wonderful you can make a test for others and send it to them.

Improvements I would like the ability to have a lesson bank where other users can pull pre-made test by others. Another cool feature would be to share a lesson via bump or with its matching website up there would be more lessons in various languages.
I would love to see English (from the US), Italian and Spanish added to the languages available. Making it more versatile for teaching foreign languages to students or to re-teach yourself parts of a foreign language you forgot or may need (such as for international traveling.

General review Overall, I feel this is an app that has a variety of uses. I think that this app works amazingly. It has a wonderful interface. It is very easy to use and put to use. It can be used as a lesson on the go to practice skill, as well as a handy tool to memorize any bit of important information. This app gets rid of the need to use old fashion index/flash cards and takes learning from rote to interactive. I can see using this app daily with students

Marcel W.

What I liked This is a decent application that can help people to practice memorization. I like how you can record your own set of question and answer making the app to be really open ended. I like how the app keep track of history so I can easily concentrate on which problem I Ned to practice more.

Improvements There are some misspelled words in the first introduction screen. The intro screen recommend that I read the tutorial and as soon as I start reading the tutorial I can tell right away that the developer is not English speaking person. The developer should consider having somebody else redo all the tutorial and introduction to make the app feel more professional for the English version. Images for the tutorial doesn't show. The test navigation is not user friendly, I had to read the instruction in order to figure out what to do.

General review This is actually a pretty useful app that can help you work on your memorization skills. You can record your own questions and answers so you can really use it to work on anything. It keeps tracks of history do you can concentrate on which problem to practice on. Instruction are written by non English speaking person so beware.

Jennifer R.

What I liked I love this app as a tool for teachers and students to create audio flashcards. This would be especially useful for foreign language study, students with visual challenges, or even spelling lists. The opening tutorial is very helpful and explains the features quickly.

Improvements At the end of the tutorial video the screen goes dark and I couldn't get out of it. I ended up having to force close the app and reopen it to use it again. Also, it would be really helpful to have cancel buttons on each screen, rather than trying to remember to hold down a button or triple tap.

General review This is an awesome tool for teachers, parents, and students to create audio flashcards. While it would be great for foreign language study, it would also be helpful in other subjects to memorize vocabulary, or for spelling lessons. Teachers could create spelling lists and students could use it independently, which would be especially useful for visually impaired students.

Libby C.

What I liked Quick and easy to use to make audio quizzes. Very useful for students to memorize content and study for tests. Much more versatile than flashcards, especially for auditory learners. Very detailed and helpful directions and video tutorials. App takes information and customizes tests so that you can be quizzed more frequently on items you do not know. There is also an option to present questions randomly. My favorite feature is the option to automatically hear the answer after 1-8 seconds.

Improvements The French accent on the tutorial was a bit difficult for me to understand. There are a few typos and grammatical errors in the FAQ. I wish there were more downloadable tests available, as there are not too many yet. This is such a great app that I would love a simpler version for younger students.

General review Versatile and easy to use app for making audio quizzes. Includes detailed and helpful directions, tutorials and reports. You can choose to have questions presented randomly or be quizzed more frequently on items you do not know. There is an option to automatically hear the answer after 1-8 seconds. Highly recommended for high school and college students to memorize content and study for tests as well as adults wanting to learn something new.

Nico D.

What I liked 1. The first thing I noticed when I launched the app is the tutorial. It's a very well made video that teaches you the basics.
2. The app helped me study for a quiz test I had coming, so it's a great tool for home learning.
3. The user interface is one of the simplest I've even seen and this makes it very good so you can focus more on your work.
4. The price is very good for the functionality you are getting and the long time you are going to use it.

Improvements 1. The app crashed the first time I opened it. After I watched the tutorial I got a black screen and I had to kill the app and reopen it. The second crash was in the settings menu, I tried to send the app via email but crashed, it worked fine the second time.
2. The app is fine to use at home on your iPhone, but teachers use the iPad in the classroom so please make a native version for the bigger screen( kids love bigger screens).

General review This is a great learning tool. The interface is simple and clean, letting you to focuse more on your work. The file sharing option in very cool and the folder management is one of the best. The overall value of the app is great and the price is well worth it.

Dheeraj R.

What I liked iVocAudio is a really nice app, specially for teachers, who can record at once, and use them time and time again. It's really unique, and I have never come across such an app.
>I really liked the test section of the app. You could also mention if it was a fail or a success.
>You can actually learn using this app. Once you record it into the app, you don't have to mug up anything else. You can directly answer all the questions.
>It was really nice to have an introduction video. iVocAudio is a little different in user interface, compared to other apps, and an intro was needed.

Improvements I didn't find anything much that could be improved in the app. The app has it all. But, I would definitely like to see more folders on the site provided. There were really few English teaching folders, and I'd like to see that increased in the near future.
>I'd like to see an iPad version for this app.

General review I'd give this app 5 out of 5, simply because the app does everything it is supposed to do. It's a simple app, and it's objective is very clear. This app should probably have a higher price, considering that it can do so much. It is a very very handy app, and definitely recommended for teachers, and students.

Taylor S.

What I liked I loved that you can create your own folders and your own questions within this app. It is nice that the Questions and Answers remain together almost like a set of flashcards. It is wonderful that the questions can be categorized and the fact that they can be exported makes the app so worthwhile.

Improvements The recording (stop/start) button usage and the distinction between the end of one question and the beginning of the next was a little unclear. It may be easier if there was an explanation of stopping and starting with a CLEAR endpoint to merge into the next question.

General review I love this app. I think that it could be used as a wonderful study tool for students of ALL ages. The fact that you can export groups of questions and answers makes it useful for educators as well. It could possibly lead to a great wealth of lesson plans for children to derive from.

Amber N.

What I liked iVocAudio is actually a fairly nifty little app when it comes down to it. The app is a little like being pop-quizzed by yourself, which is infinitely useful for people who like to test how well they're retaining information. I tried the app out by recording the definition of a biology term as a question and then the vocabulary word as the answer. This kind of gave it a Jeopardy like feel, which I really enjoyed! I also enjoyed how easy it is to set up folders to place your questions in. I really like the concept of this app overall, and I can see myself using it for self-quizzes frequently.

Improvements The app fights you a little at first, especially if you don't read the FAQ that is located within the "settings" tab. The interface isn't terribly intuitive at the start and can be very confusing, but once you figure out what it expects you to do, it's easy enough that even a kid could use it. Another issue I had with the app is that the FAQ seemed to be written by someone who doesn't speak English as a native language, so occasionally what they're asking of you is a little hard to understand. I think a retooled English FAQ would greatly improve the app.

General review iVocAudio is a pretty handy app for students, especially those who need to memorize vocabulary or formulas. The age range for this is definitely more toward the high school and college student, though, and I wouldn't purchase this app for an elementary student unless you're willing to spend a lot of time teaching a kid how to use it. Definitely give the FAQ a read before you jump in and start trying to use it, and the app should treat you well.

Kristy Lee G.

What I liked I like the concept. It's a unique idea that makes memorization of facts much more interesting and streamlined. The "record" tab was quick and easy to learn and required no learning curve for setting it up which I liked. I also liked the idea of having stats for each question so you could record your progress.

Improvements The UI for the "Test" section is very confusing as is the FAQ to learn about it. I had to read the section 3 or 4 times before I figured out how to test myself. This really should be more intuitive and simpler. I think a simple "Next question" and "answer" button would be more than sufficient.

General review I think it is a great idea but the app user experience could use some polish. While it is often fun to make a non-standard UI, I think it needs some common elements to make the UI more intuitive. In general, if I have to read the FAQs more than once I have already deleted the app.

Christina S.

What I liked I loved that the app starts off giving you the option to watch a video tutorial on how to use the app. Many apps don't come with good tutorials, which I find to be lazy, but right off the bat you can access a very helpful video tutorial to help figure out how to use the app. You also don't have to watch the tutorial, its not mandatory which is nice if your just switching devices and don't need the tutorial. There are also many other tutorial videos available once you start getting into the app, very helpful resources. The interface is also pretty simple and clean, not too confusing.

Improvements It may be because I am using what's considered an "older" device (3gs running iOS 6.0), but this app does have a few kinks to it that would need to be fixed in future versions. The app initially froze up for me after viewing the opening tutorial video; it went to a blank black screen causing me to have to completely close the app & reopen. Also trying to view the video tutorials in app caused the app to crash, however I could view them on the website fine. I did have one minor problem trying to record but this was fixed by restarting the app. So some minor tweaks needed but nothing extreme.

General review This app is pretty useful & comes with nice tutorials. You record your own questions & answers to test yourself on memorizing things. There is an option to download other people's tests which is pretty cool. Pretty quick email responses. Some tech stuff seems to be in french, and the tutorial is made by someone with a french accent that I find a little hard to understand (I'm slightly hard of hearing). Some crashing problems but still a nice app