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Alphabet Jumbled v1.0 [text]

App description: Had enough of same old Alphabet song, flash cards and posters? Here’s a fun interactive app to get your kids started on their ABCs! Your kids will not have a problem with their A B Cs, ever again!

iTunes Link: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/alphabet-jumbled/id530674460

iDevices used for the reviews: iPad2 - iPad3

Total reviews: 10

Developer: Budhi T.

Teriann M.

What I liked I love the simplicity of this app.Extremely easy to use interface and visually pleasing. My daughter absolutely loved it and has been asking to *play* it. The letters all appear in lower case which is important for me especially when using with my SN kids.

Improvements I would love to see different accents available for the audio and I would definitely need to be able to change the letter Z from Zee to Zed for this to be an effective learning tool for my Australian children. My ASD son had a little trouble with the graphics. The *busyness* of the different colours and patterns on the letters made it very difficult for him to use this app. Maybe a monotone option or the ability to change to a more typical font would be better for some of our SN kids? I also thought the Jumble challenge could have an easier level. Maybe one with the first letter in place?

General review A fantastic concept, dealing with the most basic but much needed skill of knowing your alphabet.With so many new phonics programs being used in early childhood, I have found that our children are actually missing out on learning the alphabet in the correct order. This app has fun,colourful graphics that are appealing to most preschoolers and is really easy to navigate.

Caitlin O.

What I liked I liked the bright colors and the different texture of the letters. I also liked the varying levels of difficulty from a child learning their alphabet to a child who was ready to work on alphabet order. I also liked the challange of being timed. In addition my kids were drawn to the music.

Improvements This app crashed on me several times and caused me to have to completely shut down my ipad 2. The crash occurred when we first opened the app at the startup screen. It would lock up to the point that ibwould have to do a hard restart on the iPad. I would love to see capital letters added and even words that can be oput in ABC order. . From an educators standpoint, I feel like the b and d did not have long enough stems. This may confuse some children as they will think it is an o.

General review Although this app has crashed on me several times (which I can't wait to see fixed!), the idea is great. Students of varying levels can use it to learn their alphabet, practice the order that the letters go in and even be timed in how fast they can put the alphabet together. This is a great app for a K-2 primary special education classroom or even PreK-1 general education.

Courtney D.

What I liked I love the intricate detail to color. It is not overwhelming, but helps a user get "lost in the app". The music is not overwhelming or annoying. I love that there are different activities available. That allows for multiple users to have flexibility with level of learning. I appreciate that it taps into problem solving/sorting of alphabet letters as that is a skill users will use for a lifetime.

Improvements I'm not sure if it was my iPad or the app, but when the app was first opened, my iPad froze. This is the first time I have had this happen, so if it is app related, I wanted you to know. I am really impressed by this app, so the only thing I can really think of that could make it better is maybe a "level" differentiation for the higher level thinking activities. For instance, those that would benefit from less letters in the jumble for a longer period of time versus increasing letters as they get it correct. If the user has multiple errors, they shouldn't move on in complexity.

General review I am very impressed by the app for the price. It has options that are very basic with letter identification and object association; however, it increases in complexity to provide problem solving and sorting opportunities. The only thing I would suggest is for "levels" in the higher complexity tasks to allow for a user to continue working without adding difficulty. For those beginning their alphabet learning, this is a must have application!

Amanda S.

What I liked I liked the different levels. It has a natural progression that I think parents will find easy to follow and teach. The graphics are great and the music is soothing. I like that the child can drag the letters and release without having to be exactly over the matching outline. I like that first level of jumbled only selects a limited amount of letters to put in order with the outlines to match. The flashcards are a great way to bring in some vocabulary and language into the app (I am a speech therapist always looking to boost vocab!). The timing feature is great to have comparison data!

Improvements I would like to see the ability to use this app with upper case letters. I would change some of the vowel cards in the flashcard apps to be all long or all short vowel sounds (some teachers/parents may use this app to teach sounds as they are playing). I also wouldn't use consonant blends (grapes) in an app like this. The last level is very difficult (too much on the screen). I suggest putting little shelves or something to help the kids visually organize the letters. I think adding a letter sound feature would make this app even better and more valuable to parents and teachers.

General review This is a great app to learn alphabetical order. It presents the letters in lower case with 5 different levels. You get a basic "learn" section where the letters are shown and their names are said aloud. There is a flash card section with pictures ("a is for apple"). The jumbled tasks are great because the kids have to put the letters in the correct order in a variety of skill levels. This app is not for teaching phonics or letter sounds.

Terri B.

What I liked My preschool and kindergarten children love this application! Even some of my first and second graders like the challenging alphabet jumble. The app is colorful and engaging and holds the children's attention. They enjoy interacting with the activities, especially the last two challenges. The app is reasonably priced.

Improvements I think the music could be improved - maybe changing the tunes, or having different tunes available. To make the app appropriate for older students, you could add some phonological awareness activities (i.e. inital sounds, final sounds, rhyming). Overall, I think the app is great!

General review My students and I like this app, and found it engaging and entertaining. They often asked to play with it again and again. I especially like the activity where they have to put 5 or 6 letters from the middle of the alphabet in order. That is an advanced skill, and one that many children need to practice. Providing an activity like that makes practice fun.

Erin B.

What I liked The letters are bright and attention grabbing which is important for this age range. I like the different games you can play. My 3 year old plays this and has fun and doesn't even realize he is learning! My 5 year old liked playing too and it helped him learn alphabetical order. The fish game was a favorite for both of them!

Improvements I think some of the flash card words were inappropriate for the letter, such as ice for I, orange for O, and xylophone for X. The phonetic sounds for those don't match (the i and o are long in those words). Better choices would be igloo, octopus, and x-ray. I also wasn't thrilled with the font as the letters didn't look standard enough for kids still learning the alphabet.

General review This is a great app for alphabet practice - whether your child needs to learn their ABCs, learn the letter sounds, or learn alphabetical order. The letters are bright and attention grabbing while the games are fun and engaging. My kids are 3 and 5 and both enjoy playing this app!

Elizabeth C.

What I liked I liked that the app is colorful and the graphics are inviting for children. The different activities to learn the alphabet and to learn letter order is great. I also liked the flash card option and the jumble challenge. The different levels of jumbles is great too. Gives children a challenge and I like the timer aspect.

Improvements The letters are too bubbled, would like if the letters were thinner and not so slanted. With learning the alphabet the children are also learning how they look for pre-writing skills. So having the correct view of the letter is important. Also, I would like to see Upper case as well as lower case letters. Maybe a matching or pairing of which upper case goes with which lower case letter. I suggest stating what the child should do when starting each activity. They are not yet able to read and may not pick up on what to do right away.

General review This app is fun and inviting. Learning the alphabet is fun with the different activities this app provides. It has flashcards, seeing and hearing the letter names, putting the letters in correct order and sequence and also a timed activity of placing several letters in order.

Dina Maria K.

What I liked Here is a Great Alphabet Challenge for older children.(ranging from 3 and older) This app was well thought-out in the step process. First the child is introduce to the ABC’s. Then comes the use of Flash Cards so the child can visualize the letter with an object. We move on to an Easy Jumbo, Jumbo A-Z and then The CHALLENGE ( which you are timed). It’s a great way to work your way up.

Improvements Right now I do not find anything to improve upon. This app is hits a wide range of ages. Not all apps need much animation nor an interactive play. This app improves a child thought process and skills.This is a thinking app; it has everything you need to learn the ABC's.

General review A well planned app which ages 3 and older can use. It builds up as you go along to each level. Begins with showing the ABC and ends with a challenge. The graphics and animation is just enough.This app is great for teachers and parents to use as a learning tool.

Marcel W.

What I liked The graphic of this app is very cute and the music and the sound effect is also very fun and happy. There are a lot of activities that kids can choose. Some of the activities required some user interaction making this app a lot better than just regular alphabet flash card

Improvements I would like the developer to add the letter sound audio at least in the Know your ABC! section so that kids can learn about the sound of the letter instead of just hearing the letter name. I noticed that there is a slight delay everytime you click on the letter in the Know your ABC! section

General review This is a good app to help toddler learn and become familiar with alphabets. There are five different activities. Once the kid become familiar with the alphabets, they can then do the time challenged activities to really see if they know the alphabets very well. Please add letter sounds!

Kerry E.

What I liked What a wonderful alphabet app! I like how the letter is repeated when you tap on each abc flash card. Repetition is wonderful for those beginning learners.  The easy jumble game is a fun, puzzle-like game wherein kids learn sorting at the same time that they learn their alphabet.  I love the jumble a-z minigame where the child must rearrange all of the letters into the correct alphabetical order. This is such a refreshingly new game. 

Improvements The letters in know your ABC's are shaped weirdly in a way to be whimsical or cutesy, and it's a little confusing for kids trying to learn the real shapes of the letters.  For example, the h looks like an n.  When rearranging the alphabet, the letter has to be placed exactly between two letters, which was confusing to my child when she knew she had the right letter but it was marking it as incorrect.  The sound when selecting a game on the homepage is funny and not in a good way...I would suggest changing it.

General review This is a wonderful app for children ages two and up to learn the alphabet. My only minor gripe is that some of the letters are shaped in such a way to be a little bit confusing, for example, the "h" looks kind of like an "n".  My five-year-old daughter absolutely adored the jumble A-Z game, and went back to it many times.  I would love to see capital letters added in an update. This app is definitely going into our regular rotation!