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App description: Kirin Wars is a turn-based tactical RPG that is bringing back compelling storyline and tactics based gameplay to the mobile handheld. With a unique art style, classic retro gameplay, and challenging array of missions, Kirin Wars will keep you coming back in the future to download additional mission packages, and expand the story!

iTunes Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/kirin-wars/id508677987

iDevices used for the reviews: iPad1 - iPad2 - iPad3 - iPhone4 - iPhone4S - iPod4G - iPhone5

Total reviews: 20

Developer: Kenneth J.

Nico D.

What I liked 1. I absolutely love the graphics (on the iPhone). They are very well made and bring back memories from a long time ago
2. The retro gameplay is great and the selection of missions is amazing. Lots of objectives and lots of hours spent playing
3. The loading times are very good and I don't have to wait to play like in other RPGs

Improvements 1. The first thing I noticed when I opened the app on my iPad is the resolution of the game. I can play it but on 2x resolution. Please make a HD version of the game
2. You must come up with an interactive and easy to understand tutorial at the beginning of the game. A lot of people don't know how to play it (tested on a friend)
3. When I play a game I like to keep the iPad in my lap and because of that I always press the volume buttons. Please make the app rotate so the volume buttons will be on top of the device

General review This is a very well made RPG with great retro gameplay and good graphics for the iPhone. The fact that's missing native iPad resolution could be something to consider if you are looking to play it on the the bigger screen. The variety of objectives is very good and the number of missions will keep you playing for hours

Eric L.

What I liked The artwork style was exactly as I would expect and like for this type of game. Since it is turn-based it was painless to play for a few minutes and then come back and pick up where I left off. The short cutscenes and fast load times are also very well suited for playing in short bursts (as is appropriate for mobile devices). The interface was intuitive and I was able to learn the gameplay without visiting the in app encyclopedia.

Improvements The app was not designed for the larger iPhone 5 display. While I was able to figure the controls out I could see how a new user could struggle so an in game tutorial would be a welcome addition. Players being able to move through walls was unexpected. The camera movements were erratic at times, especially during the opponent turns. Also, it would be nice to be able to accelerate or even skip the animation of the enemy turns.

General review I enjoy turn based RPGs so I was interested in giving this title a shot. I found the gameplay well suited for a mobile device (there were no long load times or really long cutscenes). I was able to learn the controls with trial and error but later noticed the in-app encyclopedia that had new user instructions/ Overall, it was a fun game that was playable on the iPhone.

Tony B.

What I liked I appreciated the story element and attempt to create a background and investment in the game play. The music was decent and music during the enemy turn was intense and makes you anxious to anticipate what the enemy might do. It doesn't take too long to figure out how to move and attack.

Improvements The graphics were not as good as I've seen in other games or as good as I expected. Even the UI elements like buttons and text seemed grainy or not very well built. I didn't like the character movements - it looks like they are constantly doing a bad shoulder dance. It doesn't make sense that Quick Save exits to the main screen. Also, 'New Game' initial shows 'No Campaign Saved' but should offer you a new game instead assuming you will click 'No Campaign Saved'. Starting a new game goes through too much intro text. 'New Game' and 'Load Game' basically do the same thing.

General review Overall the game play wasn't very fun. Graphics weren't very good, even if they were going for an old school RPG effect. It takes a very long time to move characters around the board in order to attack and doesn't seem that fun to do so. The game might be more interesting if you could play against other people, although I did not see this option.

John A.

What I liked I like the concept. Turn based RPGs are fun and story keeps me entertained. The controls seem straight forward, but are a little clunky and need some initial explaining. Also, I like that there's an option to have your soldiers move and attack automatically, but I'd prefer to have a setting that cycles through each of my soldiers but gives me the option to take their turn (rather than having to go find each soldier manually).

Improvements The beginning is confusing as there are no instructions. Everything has to be figured out through trial and error. Also, since the map can be very large, it would be nice for it to cycle through all my characters rather than having to search for them. It's also odd that you can walk on fences.

My first time playing I didn't buy any extra soldiers as I didn't understand that's what I was supposed to be doing. Then once the game started and the enemy and I both took our first turn, some dialog happened and the game seemed to be stuck. I couldn't press anything. I had to quit and restart.

General review While I generally enjoy turn based RPGs, this one just isn't up to par to be a paid app. I would expect a much cleaner interface with a bit more instruction in the beginning to get me up to speed. Turns could be a bit smoother with some automatic cycling of your characters rather than having to search them out manually on the map.

Jon S.

What I liked The app drew me in quickly. I am not an RPG player, but I quickly started to size up what I needed to do. Before I knew it, I had been playing the game for about thirty minutes. I am used to games where you have constant action, but I liked having to use strategy and looking ahead to plan my attacks.

Improvements One of my main complaints is that the app crashed both times I played it. Not your normal, I can pick back up where I left off crash, but I lost the game. That is very frustrating when you play a game for 20 minutes and lose your place. It would make me stop playing the game for fear that I was just wasting my time.

General review I really enjoyed the app and would play it a lot more if the crashing issues got fixed. I thought that the graphics were simple, but it reminded me of Legend of Zelda and gave it an old school charm. I thought the audio was enjoyable, but it is nice to have the option to turn it off. Overall I think it is a fun app.

Eric P.

What I liked The app seems to have a promising gameplay and storyline. The gameplay is quite straightforward for a retro-style turn-based RPG. The move and fight actions can easily be understood. The fact that you have three save slots also reminds you of the old SNES games.

Improvements The game often freezes on me. I had to replay the game over and over again. This forces me to be on the first stage forever. The delay between moves and fights are unbearable at times. I don't really want to turn off the fight animations, because it's what makes the game interesting, but they're a bit too long. The dark background of the game is also a bit jarring to play on the iPhone for a long time.

General review I love playing turn-based RPG games, but this won't be an app that I love playing nor would recommend to my friends. I think the app needs a lot of polishing and play testing. The map is too large to play on an iPhone, and one level is too long to finish too. We need shorter games to play on mobile devices like the iPhone.


What I liked I like the strategy aspect of this game. It took me a little while to understand what to do. But the strategy of moving your men around will take a while to master. Not a game to play just for a few minutes, but a game to actually think about and use your brain. I played this game on iPad, but could easily be played on any Apple device.

Improvements I would like to receive more direction on how to play before I started. I had no idea what to do when I started. I didnt understand at all what was going on the first few minutes I started playing. After playing for about 30min I got stuck. In between turns the game just froze. Continued to play music and play the animations of the guys, but couldnt take my turn and the enemy also wasnt making any moves.

General review Decent strategy game, but left much to be desired. I was expecting an action packed game. Once starting the game, the strategy is somewhat addicting. Need to workout issues, though. Still sitting frozen in the this game for about 20min now. Tried restarting.

Emily B.

What I liked The grid-like design appeals to both my son and me; the design is fairly rudimentary, which gives it a retro feel, which I quite like. Also, I appreciate the fact that the action is relatively mild. We have't proceeded to any of the higher levels yet, but it isn't gory. If it were, I wouldn't let my son play it. So far so good. The encyclopedia is a good reference -- something to go back to again and again.

Improvements I'm seeing a couple of typos in the "Encyclopedia" section -- no big deal but I think it could use some careful editing & even rewriting to make the story more compelling. Also, the game has crashed a couple of times. I'm playing it on my iPad and this is unusual for my device. The game crashes after the action really speeds up on the enemy turn. Another improvement might come in the form of more upfront instruction. I think my son found this game more intuitive than I did, but I thought it was a little hard to get into, and would have appreciated some strategy instruction right off the bat.

General review My nine year-old son is just beginning play RPGs, and has been playing Kirin avidly for 90 minutes (I'm actually about to take it away from him!) He really likes it. But it's crashed a couple of times, and we've had to reboot our iPad, which is a pain. The story, as developed, is fine for younger players but needs a little more polish & sophistication for older players. I liked the audio, but my son turned it off, so it's good to have the option.

Gabriel H.

What I liked This app is a great idea. The story line is very deep and complicated. You buy your army and it is not just automatic, it adds another element to the game. The contorls are intuitive. Unfortunately I could not get to deep into the game because it crashed at least three time and I had to restart every time.

Improvements I like to play games with my home button on the side right and the game would not flip. Also the zoom should be kept constant, meaning if I zoom out and the click on one of the characters then it should not zoom back in. The crashing needs to be fixed. Maybe have a short tutorial in the beginning because it is very easy to get lost. Some of the thing like the skill I have no clue what they do. I did not really like the graphics but maybe some people do.

General review This game has the potential to be a great RPG but the crashing really kills it. It has a great story line and some great characters. I really wish that I could give it more then two stars but until the crashes get fixed and it gets some major updates it is almost unplayable.

Frances A.

What I liked Kirin Wars is a very basic turn based RPG game. It gives you a little bit of background and you must as in all RPG’s beat your opponents to gain points and level up. You are started off with two characters which is similar to most RPG’s. The graphics are also good for younger players. I like that there is an encyclopedia in the beginning of the game that tells you information you need to know to play the game. It goes over game mechanics, units and commanders, skills and abilities as well as the World of Kirin. It also gives you options to turn the music and sounds on or off which I liked.

Improvements Things that I did not like about the game is that it crashed anywhere from 4-8 turns in and then you had to restart from the beginning again. On the first level there should be some tips and tricks given for those who did not go to the encyclopedia because they were eager to play. Most RPG’s will teach you the game in the beginning so you can continue to play. Also, at the level this game is, The app right now is not worth the price. It is not different from RPG’s that you can download for free. Make some improvement to graphics,learning strategy and overall function of the game and test again

General review Kirin Wars is a turn based RPG game. I think there is potential here for something great but it needs some work. RPG’s that make money is because they have something people want to come back for; right now this is missing that magic. Users can learn from trial and error. It is a good game for children beginning to learn how to play RPG’s. Also, I would like to see this as iPad game because it would it would be better on the iPad due to the larger

Seth B.

What I liked The app looks and feels like a true RPG should on the iPhone. I have played many of the same types of games but none hit the fighting scenes better than Kirin Wars. It felt natural to make my way around the map and interactions and battles felt flawless.

Improvements Although the instructions presented on the app's main page were great, I found it to be extremely frustrating that I could not access them while playing. With a game this in-depth there should be much more mid-action instruction while a user is playing.

General review The amount of content that the developers have to work with is tremendous. The gameplay and fighting engine that has been placed into the game is spot-on. Perhaps with a bit more in-game instruction this RPG would be the perfect saga starter. I look forward to seeing more in the series since the storyline creatively leaves the end of the game a bit unfinished.

Michelle W.

What I liked I enjoyed playing turn based rpg in the pass and this game really brought back some old memories. For a turn based rpg, the game is easy to use. I was able to play the game without reading any instruction so this was a big plus. The game don't have any social media link or external link

Improvements The art style of this game is definitely not for me. I thought it was strange that during the cut scenes, none of the non main characters have any eyes. The app crashed on me after the fourth turn the first time I played the game before I had the chance to save yet. I would like to be able to move a commander with all of his/her units all at once instead of moving them all one by one. I find it hard to get to my units from the in game screen. The diamond indicates where they are but I still have to find them my self. How about taking me directly to the units when I click on the diamond.

General review This is a turn based rpg game that should be fairly easy to pick up for veteran players. The art style is definitely not for me and I find that getting to my units were not easy. Fight mechanic is easy to do and to understand. I can't see my self recommending this app to any of my fiend.

Larry S.

What I liked The depth of the game is impressive. Within the Encyclopedia section of the game, you can read up on the game mechanics, units and commanders, skills and abilities, and the world of Kirin. You could spend hours just reading the background material. With 35 commander types and 29 units, there is a lot of variety to the game. After playing a couple of turns, I had figured out how to play and use my units effectively. Having the game broken up into missions and allowing you to save games in progress is key. Also the ability to pitch to zoom is also a great feature of the game.

Improvements Overall the game plays well but there are a few areas where it could be improved.
1. Experienced numerous crashes when playing these need to be checked into
2. Smoothness of the game, game seemed choppy at times
3. A better interactive tutorial would be helpful
4. Fonts used in the game were hard to read on smaller screen.

General review For those that enjoy retro style RPG games, Kirin Wars fits the bill. The game will provides hours of game play and has a very impressive story line. With tons of different units and 15 missions, there is a lot to do. While playing the game I did encounter some crashes and choppy game play, which hopefully the developer will take care of in future updates. Overall it is not a bad game and is one RPG fans should enjoy

Taylor S.

What I liked I liked the introduction to the app and the graphics. At first, it seemed like the game would be quite enjoyable. The story line caught my attention, and being able to choose what character you were was definitely a key portion of it being an RPG game. It was also great that you could determine what types of soldiers, etc you wanted to utilize, and could assign them to different teams.

Improvements I would like to see better instruction. After the initial plot starter, the game was unclear. I had no idea how to move my character, initiate battle, or progress. The directions were either unclear or nonexistent. As an experienced gamer with many RPG's, I know that this is an imperative component for success in the game itself.

General review I did not enjoy this app. Although it seemed like it would be a fun time at first, the lack of direction made it unbearable. No one has enough time to figure out the directions on their own in some sort of guess and check function with their characters. In addition, although there were objectives, I did not know what they were until I looked for them myself. The game has potential, but has a lot of improvements to be made.

Chakkrapan C.

What I liked The icon of this app (even if it's much different from the game). The game is very easy to play and story is very interesting. The sounds go along very well with game. The texts are very clear and easy to read. The display of the game is similar to the map, easy to know where the enemies are.

Improvements - I would love to see better graphics in a future version of this game. It would be great if user could easily access a help menu while playing.
- I'd like a clear hands on tutorial when the game, so I can quickly understand the rules, how to play the game and have fun with it
- The last thing is the level of details of the characters.

General review The game is very hard to play and to understand. Several important things are not up to par like graphic or absence of a menu while playing. The graphic and the story in the beginning/intro look very good. The small improvements requested could turn this app into a hit.

Valerie M.

What I liked Kirin Wars had great graphics that loaded smoothly even on an original iPad. There was great documentation to help understand the way the game plays. Lots of choices and opportunity for advancement. When given to gamer teens, they easily hung on to the concept and moved through with eagerness.

Improvements Ability to rotate screen. Current fixed rotation places volume buttons on stands, messing with volume.
There was great documentation to help understand the way the game plays, but it was almost overwhelming to the novice gamer A talk through demo mode might be more useful.
Think it is more a 12+ game in my experience, if not by elements, by comprehension. I had no success with this game in the under 12 set, mostly boys, all with some RPG experience. Teen and young adult gamers we far less frustrated and less likely to get lost.

General review Kirin Wars has great graphics that load smoothly and play well on all devices There is great documentation, but a walk through demo might start newbies and younger players better than extensive reading. We had volume issues with screen orientation when on side with volume control. People most interested were teen and young adult players with moderate to high previous experience in RPG's.

Gadi A.

What I liked Kirin Wars is a turn based role playing game (RPG). The developer has clearly crafted a wonderful realm steeped in history, mystery and imagination. The game has a clearly well developed combat software. There is a great deal of imagery during combat between opposing sides. Swords literally swing and arrows fly, thus creating a very fulfilling game experience.

Improvements Whilst this is a superb gaming experience, there are a few improvements that would definitely enhance the game. The game actions are really complicated, which is necessary, and not an issue in itself. The problem lies with the enclopedic instruction book. During game play it is not possible to access the manual. Each character and army have properties and characteristics that the user could not possibly memorize. Yet there is no access to the database.

The battle scenes are truly impressive. Yet when special abilities are used no animations are utilized.

General review Developers of this Role Playing Game have created an impressive realm steeped in history and imagination. Imagery during battle is fulfilling although would be improved if special powers also had animated scenes. Access to the instruction manual during gameplay is essential but lacking. This minor change would tip gameplay to a 5 star app.

Jose F.

What I liked The storyline is extremely in-depth with tons of information about the characters and the world in which they inhabit and battle. The game-play reminds me of games of my youth like Shining Force, but with improved graphics. I liked the ability to be able to select my team from the beginning of the game. It is an easy game to learn to play, but becomes much more interesting because of the strategy involved to play.

Improvements The game kept crashing and exiting the program after playing for a bit during the first level. What was most frustrating was that I was actually getting the hang of the game and then without warning I'd be exited out. When I reenter the game, I can load the same game, but have to start the battle from the beginning.
Maybe I missed it, but it wasn't clear to me during my first battle what the whole "Tap to Assign" was meant for until my second attempt that I realized that I was supposed to hire guardsmen or archers for the campaign, so maybe just a small help or info button at that point.

General review Very cool looking game with a highly in-depth story and tons of background information on the characters and world in which one is about to engage in battle. After extended game play, the game freezes and exits the program. Aside from that glitch, the game moves by quickly and extremely smoothly without a lot of dragging for the CPU to make its moves.

Targo D.

What I liked Has a really good intro and you are also able to skip it. All the graphics leading up to the game are very good. The music suited the game. Has a decent story line. Has a helpful encyclopedia that gives you information on the game. The options/controls to change settings and enter and exit the game all looked very good and were clear and easy to use and everything just really looked interesting and appealing to the eye.

Improvements The graphics of the actual game were not very good and remind me of some of the original Pokemon games. The music doesn't change. The quick save works but not sure how to do proper save, the instructions on how to play the game were not very good, the encyclopaedia was only found much later and it was difficult to read and not very attractive. The game is quite basic with little strategy involved. The game is slow and has no score or real challenge to keep the players attention. The app kept crashing about halfway through my first mission. You can walk through and on walls and any objects.

General review A lot of effort seems to have been put into the launch, design and look but the actual game has been neglected. The game looks really great when launched, (great intro and layout) but once you actually start the game you are quite disappointed. The controls are awkward and the game has no real entertainment or goals and so doesn't keep your attention for long. Game really needs a lot more work

melissa r.

What I liked App has a great concept that would be enjoyed by many. The sound effects and background music were brilliant and helped to add to the atmosphere of the game play. Storyline was fun and involving and additional missions to purchase would definitely add to longevity of the app.

Improvements App crashed the first time I played it to the extent it had to be deleted and reinstalled. Also found it annoying to use on an iPad yet not quite able to play it on iPhone effectively. Retro style graphics were fun initially although I did find it tedious after awhile especially when it came to the map.

General review A great app that no doubt many enthusiasts and newbies would love alike. Atmosphere of app is enjoyable although the graphics do take away from this. Missions are great and become very addictive. With crash issue fixed and a separate iPad app to appeal to iPad customers this could be a fantastic app.