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App description: Legend of Fat Ninja combines the skill based gameplay of physics games such as Angry Birds, with the arcade scoring and chaining mechanics of Pinball and point based arcade games. Every time you launch Fat Ninja into a level, you are able to direct his movements by simply tapping in the direction for him to attack. Can you make the highest score??

iTunes Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/legend-of-fat-ninja/id522849915

iDevices used for the reviews: iPad2 - iPad3 - iPhone4S - iPhone5

Total reviews: 19

Developer: Kenneth J.

Tony B.

What I liked The name Legend of Fat Ninja is great in my opinion. Icon is pretty good. Instructions to start with are a good detailed description of how everything works. The comic strips telling the story, animations, graphics, etc. are all very good. The game seems extremely professional and cool looking. Game play is very fun and accomplishments add to the fun of it. After playing Angry Birds for awhile, my thought was 'this is it'? But this game seems to have a lot more to it. Great job!

Improvements Ninja should be fatter or have a more comical or interesting appearance. First few game plays were difficult because I was flying around so quickly that I couldn't tell what I was supposed to accomplish. I finally caught on once I noticed the icon below me that would indicate where a Ninja was - this was not clear from the instructions. Help should also be on Main screen. Unpause button wasn't as noticeable as Restart. After first level, instead of Restart and Exit, you should have some button indicating that you can go to the next level.

General review Overall game play of Legend of Fat Ninja is great. It is fun to play and you can feel yourself getting better and you really gain a desire to want to get better and accomplish more. My only complaints were minor like Help should be on the Main screen as well, the unpause button wasn't quite prominent enough, and the Ninja should have been fatter. This is definitely a game I will be playing frequently, better than Angry Birds in my opinion.

Ontoinette T.

What I liked This app is similar to Angry Birds with a little more flexibility. I like that you can manipulate the direction in which your ninja goes. You can move the ninja front, back, up and down to take out the bad ninjas and objects. I also like the fact that you can pause your game and resume at the point you left off.

Improvements The game takes a little while to load and each time you open the app you have to sit through the story line. I would like to see the ability to bypass the story line and go straight to the game. I would like to see the graphics enhanced. The colors are a little bland. It would be nice to see more vibrant colors.

General review Overall this is a fun game for anyone who enjoys Angry Birds. The added flexibility of being able to move your ninja front, back, up and down after launching him into the air is great. The save feature is great for when you need to step away from the game but don't want to lose your game progress.

Diane C.

What I liked - Legend of Fat Ninja is pachinko with a plot! What sets it apart is not only do you need to hit specific targets on the ground and in the air in order to stay airborne, but you also need to pay attention to enemy ninjas, who are sneaking around trying to make off with your supplies.
- Wonderfully bright, crisp graphics, at least when Fat Ninja himself isn’t flying, spinning and diving across the screen.
- Fun spinning, kicking visuals that fit perfectly with the Japanese-themed battling style of this game.
- Nicely responsive controls that take some practice to master.

Improvements - I had serious problems playing this game on a 3rd gen retina iPad. The game froze when you pressed the reload button after an unsuccessful level. You needed to kill the app and restart everything from the beginning if you wanted to play again.
- Controls for sound are hidden under the pause button for each level. It would be nicer to access these settings from the main screen.
- No way to skip the introductory branding pages nor the initial explanatory scenes.
- Need to add screen-rotation ability.
- Game involves a bit too much luck versus control for some tastes.

General review I enjoyed this unique take on pachinko. While some improvements in both visual and game play would make this shine, it’s quite playable as is. I recommend it for ages 8 and up as it requires some dexterity finesse that will frustrate younger players and the violence, while mild and cartoonish, might be of concern to their parents. Older children, and like-minded adults, will enjoy this as a pick-up-and-play title.

Jose F.

What I liked The title is hilarious. I liked the graphics and the story line behind the game. My fourth students that I showed this app too also liked the storyline and characters. The game play also appealed to them in that it was reminiscent of Angry Birds, which almost all were already familiar with. The ninja aspect along with the story line of competing chefs made the game new and different enough for it to be more than an Angry Birds knock off.

Improvements I was using the iPad3 and the game freezes when I attempt to replay or exit the game. The screen simply goes black. I have to exit to the main screen and then exit the game completely to restart the game.
I would also like to see the game reduced in difficulty for the first level. Maybe, I am just no good at these types of games, but I couldn't get past the first level. I had a few of my students try and neither could they. One of them is an Angry Birds fanatic, and he found the first level too difficult. It'd be nice if there was a level added for those of us that are more casual gamers.

General review This is a pretty fun game with an interesting and quirky little story line. The game play is very similar to Angry Birds, and in that sense it's pretty intuitive as to how to play. I found it a bit difficult to handle at first as it requires you to do a bit more than Angry Birds. My students and I found it challenging and fun to play.

Damon B.

What I liked I like the comic book style of storytelling before the levels. The artwork is a very unique and interesting style. This game is addicting and hard to put down. There is enough challenge to make a player want to play again. I like that each game is different and there is some physics involved. The soundtrack is very engaging.

Improvements There is a learing curve to playing this game. It would be nice if there were mini levels to start the game to learn how to control the ninja character. I played the game over and over before finally I was able to complete the first level. I did get frustrated at first and had to come back to the game at another time.

General review While the game takes a bit of getting used to and it is hard to control the character, once one has learned the "way of the fat ninja", the game is addicting and difficult to put down. With a unique comic style storyline and catchy soundtrack this game is challenging enough to keep the casual gamer satisfied.

Edwin C.

What I liked The music, the animation, and the simplicity of playing the game. The game reminds me of playing pinball. Instead of keeping the pinball from falling into the bottom, you have to keep the ninja flying. Overall, it is a fun game and is very easy to play.

Improvements I had a lot of trouble seeing where I am supposed to land to hit the correct target or thief. The little markers help but it was difficult to judge the proper angle to hit the targets. It would help if I can see what's below but this is difficult due to the size of the screen.

General review I like the game, it is simple to play, which is good for kids to figure out quickly. My only complaint is that because it is so much like pinball, it can become boring eventually since you are just bouncing around and hitting things. The one thing that frustrated me was I only had three lives per game, which is rather limited.

Cheng Z.

What I liked This game is full of creativity, the graphics are nicely done, the control is exciting and challenging. It's somewhat like angry birds at first sight, however it really surprised me positively when i started to play. The characters inside the game are cute, especially the fat ninja flying in the sky. Also the achievements are great, it makes the game more fun and pushes me to play harder and accomplish different missions.

Improvements I think there should be a tutorial at first instead of several instructions or pictures. When a player starts the game for the first time, the game should be paused automatically and highlight those objects to show players how to control the ninja and what's the final goal.
Besides that, the BGM can be improved. i know it's a ninja music, but it'll be much better if the BGM becomes more exciting in order to match the excitment from the gaming itself.
A multiplayer online mode would be a nice addition as well.

General review I think Legend of Fat Ninja is a fantastic app, the kind of app you want to play everyday. The controls are simple, just tapping in the direction for the ninja to make a dash and attack, but it's still a little bit hard for me in later levels: easy to start but hard to master. So i'd appreciate if there was an in-app purchase to increasing the number of lives to make it easier. All in all it's totally worth the price and I highly recommend this app.

Nico D.

What I liked 1.the gameplay is unique, the combination of angry birds and pinball is a new concept that really works
2.the integration of game centre is a plus, adding achievements and leader-boards makes the game even challenging
3.the graphics are great, I really like the cartoony style and vivid colors
4.the tutorial is excellent, it explains all you need to know in a very nice visual way

Improvements 1.when I play the game I want to see more of the level so I can decide where to go next. The ninja icons are oke, but it's hard to know where you go. Please make a zoom out option so I can see more, like pinch to zoom out in angry birds
2.i'm playing for sometime and after I killed some ninjas the music goes off, the sounds are still on, but the music is off. After I restarted the level the music was oke. Please fix this bug, it's annoying

General review This is a unique game that combines the gameplay of angry birds with that of pinball. Adding the cool cartoony graphics and the good sounds and the game is very well made. There is a bug with music going off but that that's nothing. The game can get addictive and it's very nice to challenge friends over Game Center

Anny G.

What I liked I enjoyed the concept, music, and artwork of this game. The game is beautifully designed. I liked the physics of it, and the idea behind it. It is a really fun game, that is quite addictive. It certainly wasn't too easy! I like the characters that I saw, and that you can pause and see the directions at any time.

Improvements The first level is really hard. I played it about ten times last night, another 10 times since,and I still haven't beaten it. The chef moves so quickly on the screen that it is really difficult to maneuver him. If there was a way to slow down the graphics overall, that would be great. I felt dizzy while playing it, and so did my husband. Neither one of us could beat the first level, and.we are both avid gamers. Perhaps a couple easy levels as tutorials?

General review Bottom line, this game is addicting. I keep going back to it even though I can't get past the first level. This game is fast paced with great artwork, story, and music. But, it's really hard. Even after Assn hour of gameplay, neither my husband nor I could beat the first level. I am not frustrated yet, but I can see it happening soon if I can't figure it out. This game has a great concept but just moves too quickly for me to control the character

Michelle W.

What I liked This is an interesting app that is somewhat similar like angry birds but with a twist to the game play. I like how you can tap on any part of the screen to get the fat ninja to go to that direction and it really differentiate this game from angry birds. I like the art style of the app and the sound effect and music, it really complement the game play and complete package.

Improvements Unlike angry birds, I can't see the rest of the level prior to launching my character. It will be great if I can preview the whole level so I can plan my move. When my character is flying I feel like the frame rate is not keeping up making the background becomes very blurry.

General review This is an interesting twist to an angry birds like game with simple game mechanic addition that really makes it better than angry birds. I always have an issue with certain type of game with fast moving background giving me motion sickness and unfortunately this is one of them. I'm sure I'm in the minority so I'm not going to fault the game for it.

Dheeraj R.

What I liked >I liked the background music in the main menu. At first, it seemed a little awkward, but then, it set in well with the menu.
>I also liked the font of the application, all the text looked really cool, and resembled the Japanese language.
>I liked the graphics. Though they were simple, they were nice.

Improvements >I'd like to see a video intro on how to play, instead of the text. Personally, I don't like reading so much, instead, watching a video would be much better.
>I'd like to see the first few levels unlocked by default. I found it pretty difficult to get past the first level, and if I didn't past the first level, it was a dead end. There was no other level I could try.

General review It's a good app, but it is pretty complicated. Although the font is good to look at, it is kind of difficult to read. I felt the game was pretty tough, and I never really understood the connection between the ninja and the evil cook. I think the whole concept of the game is a little messed up, and there is lack of clarity.

Targo D.

What I liked Its simular to games like angry birds which I happen to play a lot. It has adopted some of the good parts from there and has added many more of its own like the ability to control to ninja after you have shot it. This I really enjoy and I think it makes it even better than angry birds. I really like the high score part, it makes it addictive and gives you an additional objective to the game. It has an interesting intro to the game which really adds that much more to the game. I am over the moon with the instructions as this is the one falling point of most apps but this one did it perfectly.

Improvements My complaints are minor but valid none the less. I believe the ability to skip the script after having watched it before would be nice as it gets irritating watching it over and over again. I get the feeling that the ninja is unable to go in just any direction as it sometimes doesn't follow my fingers path(could just be me) and i feel this should be looked at. The game also seems a bit repetitive and maybe some changes, besides just the change is scenery, would be good for example in angry birds you get different birds with different abilities so each level is quite different from the rest.

General review The app has been done very well and is definitely one I would buy. It definitely meets the standards of a payed app and is worth the cost. It does have a few areas it could look to improve such as controls and variety. There are however no actual issues as the game is fun and addictive and I managed to play it without finding any bugs.

Phillip K.

What I liked This app does a good job of creating a game that can be enjoyed from all levels of players. I had a variety of people play this, ranging from my 2 year old, my 8 year old, and myself (38). My 2 year old was able to touch the screen and keep the ninja flying for quite some time while not knowing what he was doing. My 8 year old was able to use strategy in regards to what he was doing. Overall it was fun for all ages.

Improvements One thing that would be very helpful is the ability to pan out when you first get ready to launch your ninja. I have found with the Angry Birds app that it is a useful feature to plan you route of attack and see the "board" more clearly, thereby getting the most out of your launch.

General review Overall I thought this app was fairly fun. I had a hard time getting the overall game strategy when I first downloaded it, and I actually put the app aside for a 4 or 5 days. I saw my 8 year old playing it, and watching him it sparked my interest a bit more and I really started to enjoy it. It is definitely an app that you can play many times over and not get bored or learn the "secret" like you can on other apps.

Courtney D.

What I liked I love the movement that the ninja demomstrates when moving through the street. I like the use of extra taps to make the ninja continue upward instead of falling. I like the arcade game feel with the angry bird twist. I love the detail that is within the app in regards to graphics. I like that the user is ale to gain those extra movements by attacking people and things.

Improvements Without a specific target, it is hard for a user to determine where to land. I don't know if. My screen was locking up, or not, but I wasn't able to move to see the street or the intended areas to attack. I think that would be a great thing to look at, if it is a glitch, rather than my iPad. There were a couple instances where it would not let me direct his movements during the attacks by tapping. If a little more instruction could be included with the tapping, informing the user the importance of swiping, that might assist in the understanding of the extra feature!

General review This is an incredibly addictive game. The added features that accompany this game separate it from Angry Birds, adding an entirely new dimension. The concept is similar, but the tricks and extras allow each turn to last as long as you can maintain it. That added edge makes this a game you won't want to put down!

marina w.

What I liked The first thing that caught my eye was the well done introduction on what the game is about, and a well done tutorial on how to play the game as well as all of the other features that come along with it. The graphics are great and the music is a plus. Most games come with loud annoying backround music but this makes the game enjoyable to play. Legend of Fat Ninja within the game itsself is fun!

Improvements I noticed on the iTunes app page for the new features which I believe I have downlaoded the most recent version was an intergration with facebook and twitter which I have not seen any ability to do so on the application. I understand the game is filled with many files that are constantly uploading and reloading as the game is being played but my battery life has signifigantly decreased within playing ten minutes of the game.

General review Absolutly amazing. Legend of Fat Ninja is a game that really incorportates a highly realistic, and valuable experience for any user that plays. I was very impressed with the applications interface overall as well as the game within itsself. Your game should be an example for how all games should be made. The app is personalized for the gamers experience, and impressive physics that add to the reality of the game. Good work! :)

Charly J.

What I liked Challenging and fun! Great character(s). The music was great too! Intense in a good way and funny. We had so much fun playing this. I liken it to Angry Birds ONLY because of the launch technique after that it is a totally different game and style. My seven year old hustled me on this btw! LOVED IT as my submitted review shows. I became addicted to this game and lost track of time (frequently) trying to do better than my kids (which I failed miserably at). This is so much fun!! I liked/loved everything about it. Had I seen it in the store though I feel like I would have bypassed it - not sure

Improvements Had a hard time in the air bouncing around (lack of spatial issues perhaps - not sure) even just starting out was difficult for me to understand where exactly I needed Fat Ninja to go which was somewhat part of the fun but also frustrating as well. Didn't bother my seven year old at all and to me it never stayed the same but he felt like he knew what would be where (good for him *lol* not for me - he's on the spectrum - higher end).
I feel I would have bypassed this in the store - not sure if because of the name or the avatar but it would not have been my first pick which is sad bc so good! Fi

General review Originality minus the launching which IMO is seen in a lot of game plays. Once you get past that as stated it is a totally different game. From wanting to double-hit birds etc to build up more lives/points/dashes to on no there's the ground *splat* This was fun and we had a blast playing it together and laughing. The music was never an issue nor were the sound effects. Overall, I really enjoyed this game and feel it's worth purchasing one of the

Jon S.

What I liked The graphics and sounds for the game were very good. I like the concept of the game too, a cross between Kung Fu Panda and Angry Birds. It was entertaining to play and I found myself wanting to play it more. It wasn't easy from the start, so you had to practice the game in order to improve. Challenging games are more fun to play, than something that is too easy.

Improvements I struggled with what I was trying to accomplish to win the game. I knew I was supposed to knock out the chef, but I never saw him after he was in the intro. So I knew where he was hiding, but I couldn't knock out everyone to get to him. I also would like to be able to toggle the screen to see where I am shooting instead of launching my Fat Ninja blindly.

General review I think that the app is very challenging. The concept of the game is fun, and left me wanting to play it more. I like the graphics and sound that go with the game, and think the production is very well done. The game is not easy, and I think that gives the app more value than a game that is easy to master.

Mitch W.

What I liked New cross between angry birds and the classic cat cannon games. I like the design and the new concept of launching the chef and collecting ingredients. Great big vivid picture on my Ipad. The kids seem to have gotten a hang of it pretty quickly because the controls are very easy to learn. Can't wait to get to further levels and see what upgrades are available and what kind of characters I run into.

Improvements I would like to see a future improvement for the ipad. When I click replay when i fail a level it locks up on either a white or black screen. I have to hit home, close the app and reopen. This happens every time i fail a level and hit replay. It also happens after i complete a level and click exit. This really needs to be improved especially if we pay for the app and constantly have to crash it to get it to work again.

General review I enjoyed the game except for the crashing issue. Great new concept with some classic ideas in it. I like that there are lots of different levels which makes me want to keep playing to see what they have in store for me. Quick easy to learn controls make for a all around great game. I would definitely recommend this game.

Odile L.

What I liked The game is quite addictive and you end up enjoying crashing everything down. It is dynamic and graphically well made. As the scenes are not to long, it is motivating to play again and again.
The pause option with the possibility to stop the music and the sound effects is a good option.

Improvements The game is quite difficult to master at first. Maybe an active tutorial could replace the page of instructions. If it is aimed for young children, there should be several speed options. Also it is a bit confusing not to be able to see where the fat ninja is targeting. Here again there could be a "whole scene" option.
Each time you "replay", the time to redownload is a bit long.
If presented as a kid app, you should warn straight away that it is connected to social network.

General review Legend of Fat Ninja is a good app for those who are not contented enough with Pinball or Angry birds. It's a good mix of both games and this mix makes it very challenging. As it is not very easy to master, there should be more help given to the beginners.