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Worlds: Tracing App - LITE v1.0 [text]

App description: App is aimed for Kids 5-7 years old. App teaches vocabulary + letter tracing rules. Kids at this age are explorers. When they learn, they like to feel object with as much senses as possible: see, hear, touch. Our goal was to make them feel they are fully present in the object's natural context. It's only app in appstore, combine this and tracing.

iTunes Link: https://itunes.apple.com/ru/app/worlds-tracing-app-lite/id504493206?l=en&mt=8

iDevices used for the reviews: iPad1 - iPad2 - iPad3

Total reviews: 5

Developer: Yury P.

Eric L.

What I liked The game graphics are appropriate and very well done. The spoken words and letters are annunciated very well (voice talent, perhaps). The controls/UI was intuitive and east to understand, even for my 3 year old daughter. The music was not too distracting and it was also appropriate to the game. The fonts and text were clear and easy to read.

Improvements First, although the music is appropriate it would be nice to be able to turn it off so a setting for that would be nice. Second, my daughter clicked the IAP links a few times and had to hand the iPad back in order for me to return her to the game. Third, I would love to see a flash card / free-form mode where a kid could just practice letters outside of the game-play. Finally, the app requires tracing letters in a predetermined fashion, free-form would be nice (why does an O have to be drawn in one direction and a W have to be four strokes instead of 1 long one?)

General review My daughter is learning the alphabet so I gave her this 'game' to play with and she spent quite a while playing through all of the levels that were available in the free version and then went ahead and unlocked the full version. The app is well crafted and certainly worth the download, the additional content will keep your kids playing for hours!

Nico D.

What I liked 1.the graphics are very well made, and I like that they are cartoony so the kid can pass quickly from watching tv to learning on the iPad
2.the fact that the game has achievements makes it even challenging, so the idea of finishing it is greater.
3.i really like that the complicated letters can be made from multiple lines, so the game is not becoming to complicated for a 5 year old.
4. The fact that the game has a lite version is amazing, so parents can try it out before they make more level purchases.

Improvements 1.you have to add more colors for the kids to enjoy (my kid wanted that)
2.it would be great if the game had more language options, so the kids could learn some new words when they are pronounced by the app.
3.the fact that you have to complete all words in a level to pass to another one is not good. If the kid gets bored for some reason he must have an option to go to the next.
4. the stars at the top of the word you are trying to write are confusing to kids. You have to come up with a better system of evaluating the progress.

General review This is a very well make educational app. The graphics are crisp and the controls are very precise. Tracking words gets even more challenging when you add in the achievements. The app needs more language options and more colors to right with, but after you play the first 4 free levels you will defenetly buy the next levels via in-app purchase.

Erin B.

What I liked I love the tracing feature of this app. It promotes the correct way to form a letter, and any deviation doesn't work. My kids at 3 and 6 try to make their letters every which way, but this app is strongly enforcing correct form! I like that the vocabulary is on the object, making it very easy for my kids to associate the word with the picture. I like that the letter is spoken after being traced and that the star shows the correct way to trace the letter before hand. My kids love being able to change the colors of the letters.

Improvements I would like to be able to see the entire word while tracing. If that is not possible I'd like the app to scan through the letters at the end while spelling the word. I would also like to see more color options for the letters. I'd like to see the words sounded out phonetically as well as using the letter names.

General review My kids (3 and 6) really enjoy this app. It's wonderful for tracing and learning the correct way to form the letters, as well as learn some new vocabulary. My 3 year old is labeled to practice his letters while my 6 year old is practicing spelling and form.

Lena L.

What I liked I thought Worlds: Tracing App Lite v.1.0 was a fun app for little children who are learning to write. I like the idea of having different scenes to tap on and unlock words. Naming each item in the scene allows the child to associate the letters with a picture and begin to read words instead of just tracing them.

Improvements The following is what I would like to see changed or updated in a newer version of this app:
1. I don't like the sad stars a child receives when they attempt to trace the letters too many times.
2. I would like to see arrows telling the child which way to trace, to eliminate the guessing.
3. I would like to see the app provide not only the letter name but also the sound when traced correctly.
4. Last, I would like to see a picture shown after the word has been traced and said out loud.

General review All and all I think this is a good beginning app for children to learn to trace letters. My child enjoyed tapping on each word and tracing it in order to complete the whole scene. This app allows children to learn letters and begin to read words.

april s.

What I liked -The intro graphics of the map are engaging, and the graphics throughout the app are nicely done.
-The music is calm without a lot of unnecessary noises, which helps the child to focus.
-I like that there are different scenes and words within a landscape.
-The narration is clear and understandable.
- The animation while tracing is done well and is not too fast.
-The pronouncing of the letter after it has been traced.
- The spelling of the word and repeating of it when tracing is complete.
-The amount of words available once unlocked.
-The free version does give a clear idea of the game

Improvements - different modes of play, like being able to drag the letters into place for kids not yet ready to trace or that are having some difficulty tracing, being able to drag a whole word to the picture, or once completing a level being able to use the words and pictures as stickers.
-my ASD 4 year old was discouraged when the word made him start over, he had been trying very hard to trace but to limit how many times he can try a letter and then to make him start from the beginning of the word made him want to quit the game. He did NOT like the game.
-the lack of labels were a little confusing

General review The graphics are good, the music is soothing and calm, plus the variety of levels and words are great. I have boys ranging from ages 3-9 years old, my youngest loves to hear the words spoken and my 4 year old thought it was too hard.. he got discouraged because there is on limit mistakes. If there was more interactivity I'd like the price more and even pay more for it.