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Wubbzy's The Night Before Christmas [text]

App description: Wubbzy’s The Night Before Christmas is a festive deluxe story experience, based of the classic The Night Before Christmas holiday poem. Perfect for the holidays, the app includes three reading modes, games, coloring pages and danceable music videos for kids of all ages.

iTunes Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/wubbzys-night-before-christmas/id581701393?mt=8

iDevices used for the reviews: iPad3 - iPhone4S

Total reviews: 19

Developer: Carmen H.

Camila A.

What I liked I like that the app does a modern, kid-friendly twist on a classic poem. As I come from a non-smoking family, I appreciate that the app replaces the part where Santa holds a pipe in his mouth with a candy cane instead. The graphics are cute with interactive tidbits in every page (in non-book mode). I like that the app has three reading modes to fit different needs. The Grown-Up Corner is also great for starting discussions with kids.

Improvements - The music videos didn't show up correctly on my 3rd gen iPad (they were zoomed up too much) - I can provide a screenshot if necessary.
- It would be great if all the AppStore links and the "rate app" prompt were put in a protected parents zone.
- I wish that there were less splash screens to quicken the process of opening the app.
- The mini games were a nice addition but they were weakly executed. Santa's Sleigh Ride was somewhat pointless because you didn't really have to do anything to complete the game. The "aww" sound effects in the Dress-Up game got really annoying after a while.

General review This is a nice book app even if you are not familiar with the Wubzzy series. The story is kid-friendly and the graphics are cute with lots of interaction in every page. The music videos unfortunately didn't work for me but otherwise, this is a good app.

Kaylene M.

What I liked A beautiful app that will have children delightfully engaged. It's bright, highly interactive and the Christmas theme excites children waiting for the season. I really liked the parent corner which encourages parents to interact with their child and gain an understanding of how well their child comprehends the story. Younger children will enjoy the coloring aspect of the story.

Improvements The storytelling is a little too fast for younger children to comprehend what is being said as there are a lot of words on each page. Maybe fading in and out a few sentences at a time will help children to focus on a little text and achieve greater understanding.

General review I really like the 'gift of giving oneself' message portrayed in the song attached to the story. It provides an excellent starting point for parents to discuss with their child the joy we can bring to others in the simplest ways. A well designed app that young children will really enjoy.

Eric P.

What I liked 1. The storybook has a good interactivity - a mandatory for most apps designed for juniors.
2. I find the Dress-up games to be nice activities. Based on my experience, juniors love puzzles. And it's great to insert these games in-between the pages.
3. I really appreciate the Grown-up's Corner. It gives some insights to how the developers see the role of parents as they're reading the story.
4. Finally, the three music videos are nice additions to the storybook. It helps to keep juniors interested.

Improvements 1. Better accuracy for the Sleigh Ride mini games. The touch area for the sleigh can be too large, and it causes the control to feel a bit awkward and inaccurate.
2. There are parts of the story where the illustrations don't match up. For example, when Wubbzy awaited for Santa, he was sleeping in his bedroom. Then, after he met Santa, he was sleeping on the floor (presumably in his living room). Shortly afterwards, they were out in the open saying goodbye to Santa. All of these don't add up - especially with the storyline.

General review This is not a new story, but the implementation lacks something to make it special. While the addition of activities, music videos and games is nice, but it doesn't really help if the storyline, illustration and the moral story aren't good enough. It maybe helpful if the developers could focus more on how to make the storyline a great one, rather than splitting their energy to the other app elements.

Maria B.

What I liked My son likes watching Wubbzy and Walden on tv and he's very happy to have a Wubbzy Christmas App. The storytelling is interesting with language that is age-appropriate (for preschoolers) accompanied by bright images making children itch to touch and explore.There are also many activities to choose from and my son liked playing the games (go figure) more than coloring characters.

As a parent, I specially like the section in the end where there are suggested text to help fuel discussion of the story with my child. I also like that there is Help section and good navigation.

Improvements While I appreciate the many choices the App offers, I think it is both an asset and a distraction. There are too many things going on within the story (the games, the clicking, the endless Christmas decoration all over the place) and repetitive sections. I feel "Read and Play" should be scrapped because there is already a section on games and it only distracts from the story. If the main purpose of Read and Play is to let beginner readers to read each word, it should just be incorporated in "Just a Book" section.

General review The App offers vibrant interactive images and modern retelling of the Night Before Christmas through the use of Wubbzy comic character. there are different activities to choose from - Read the book, play a game, watch a video or paint a character. There is room for improvement in reorganizing to fine-tune this App but it could still stand on its own in its current form.

Valerie M.

What I liked We really like this app, for the wide scope of activities and reinforcers. We especially loved the errorless painting and puzzle components that allowed of kids with physical disabilities to work on their motor skills. Kids liked being able to explore or just have the book read to them. Having three levels of reading was great and being able to select specific words to hear them repeated was a nice benefit. The graphics were entertaining and the interactivity was fun. The options and ability to control the environment were well-managed as well.

Improvements I am always looking to see how books can become more universally accessible to kids with disabilities, especially more significant disabilities. It would be nice if the read to feature would have the option of continuous reading so that a child who cannot control the motor patterns can still have access to the full story read continuously. There were some pages touching any star produced a response, but not on the green background Santa page, and that upset some kids. Consistency of response seemed expected.

General review Wubbzy is a hit with kids of all abilities! We especially loved errorless painting & puzzle activities that allowed even kids with physical disabilities to play & explore. Having 3 levels of reading was great & being able to select specific words to hear them repeated. It would be nice if the read to feature included continuous reading. Consistency of response would help. Overall, engaging graphics & interactivity made kids want to play more.

Nathalie C.

What I liked > The 3 different options of reading, for different kind of needs around story time.
> The "night" time interactivities (switching on/off lights)
> The "santa's sleigh ride" game
> The "wuzzle-Tree Dress-Up game
> The tone and the rythme of the story
> The grown-up's corner

Improvements > I'd like to see less "jumping and bouncing" interactivities, and may be also less interactivities that don't convey a meaning
> I'd like the marketing page to be less appealing and less easy to click on.
> I'd like to see difficulty levels for games to be better adapted to kids of different ages

General review Another addition to the great Wubbzy's collection, "The Night before Christmas" is also a nice tribute to the well known short story (even if it could be closer to the original). Kids will enjoy the joyful text and animations, but will also discover games and videos..

Mitch W.

What I liked This is such a good app. It reads to you so you can follow along and help your reading skills. My kids just love it! You also can choose to read and play along with tons of interactive features for them to click on and just have fun. Great app buying it for Ipad so the screen space is a lot bigger for them!

Improvements It did crash while in the middle of when Santa came in first and also when we clicked read it for me the first time. It booted back to home screen, I would like to see some more features or maybe a free trial for another wubbzy app with purchase of this one. I also suggest more interactive games in the middle of the story that was a big hit! Also more paint available there are only a few drawings for the kids. More features in the paint like stickers and stamps and possibly ability to print off so they can color in real life!

General review This app is awesome. The kids are having a blast playing on it. Great smooth interface, fun interactive features and well worth the price. This has gotten my kids hooked on Wubbzy and they are begging for more. They love the way its like a storybook but they can click around and actually interact with it. 5 stars!

Eric L.

What I liked There is a ton of content in this app, it's much more than just a book. My daughter (3.5 yo) was able to page through the story without any help from me so the interface is simple and intuitive enough for her to figure out without any prompting. The activities interlaced with the story were appropriate for someone her age as well, she figured them out without a problem. The story kept her entertained until the end and we even went back and watched the music videos.

Improvements On the Wuzzle Tree Dress-Up activity we found it somewhat difficult to place the pieces since they were small and covered by a finger while being placed (the tree ornaments were the difficult ones). It would be nice to have a free-form in the coloring mode and (maybe we missed it) an undo feature in that activity as well.

General review My daughter and I enjoyed this app. It was much more than just a story book, there are activities spread throughout the story and most of the elements on the story pages are interactive. The story is entertaining and the activities were appropriate for a young child.

Julia P.

What I liked I loved that the app has 3 main reading options that allow for a lot of adaptability. I enjoyed the interactive games interspersed throughout, as well as just the interactive aspects of each page. I like that you can click on each word and have it read out loud - this would be a great help to young ones learning to read on their own. The thoughtful questions at the end of the story are a great touch. I also like that the story remembers your place and you can pick a page to return to. The app is well organized and appealing.

Improvements Everything you read or click on in this app is extremely small on an iPhone. It's hard hard for kids to click on specific things, which can be frustrating. Other than that, I loved the app and it would be a stretch for me to come up with further suggestions.

General review This app allows for a lot of adaptability and is thus appropriate for a wide range of ages. The interactive games and pictures make reading fun, and the story itself is engaging. Although the text and the pictures are a little small for kids using an iPhone, the app is still ideal for young ones learning to read. I will definitely use this to keep my kids entertained and learning this Christmas!

Kristina K.

What I liked This app is very true to the Wubbzy characters. I was worried that the characters wouldn't sound like they do on the show, but they do! My son loved this app! It is very versatile, and is a great adaptation of the story The Night Before Christmas. We love all the interactive features throughout the story! This app is very engaging and keeps all users interested in the story.

Improvements I think it would be great to be able to have your child be able to interact with Wubbzy and the characters. Maybe even have an option to have Santa ask them what the child wants for Christmas and then child can record their wish list and submit it to Santa at the end of the story. Another great addition would be the ability to customize the app to include your child's name being said at some point by the characters. Kids really love hearing their name in stories.

General review Overall, I really enjoyed this app and plan to recommend it to others with children. All of the features included make this app very well worth it. The menu is awesome and makes it easy to navigate within the app. I also liked the feature of being able to select from "Just a Book", "Read to Me" or "Read & Play". Just a Book is great for bedtime! Thank you!

Amanda A.

What I liked I liked the app, because it put a spin a familiar Christmas story. It was an enjoyable story with funny named characters that grabbed your attention. Great idea including the two versions 'read to me' and 'read and play.' The app will definitely catch young children's attention with the background animations and characters.

Improvements I would like to see improved in a future version is in the 'read to me' feature that the background animations be muted. I could see now a young child could be distracted and not listen to the story. Also, maybe if the story could be read the whole way through first then you would be able to go back to play with the animations.

General review My general opinion about this app is that it will put a new spin on a familiar Christmas story for younger children to enjoy. They will be able to read or follow along with Wubbzy, Santa, and the reindeer. The interactive features make this app even more fun and engaging!

Ricki B.

What I liked 1. Child friendly pictures with engaging interactive visuals/sound effects
2. App has detailed instructions,easy to navigate and you can return Home in the midst of an activity
3. Love the story line with catchy adjectives, e.g. clattery clatter, flashity flash - a nice feature for teachers and therapists introducing 3 syllable words
4. Love the added features (games, coloring) - age appropriate and simple - creates independent activity for child

Improvements I would suggest putting the games at the end of the story. Storyline is simple, yet challenging for the child to remember. Inserting a game in the middle of the story disrupts the flow of thought.
One of the videos froze. I had to delete the app and re-install. Otherwise, this app is seamless!

General review Wubbzy & his friends are the cutes little characters who engage the reader with interactive visuals/sound effects. This app has detailed instructions,is easy to navigate and has a flexible return Home button on every page. I love this Christmas story line with catchy adjectives, e.g. clattery clatter & highlighted words when read. The added features (games, coloring) are age appropriate and simple for a young child to do independently. LOVE IT!

Courtney D.

What I liked I love that the book has two different story modes. I love that the user can highlight a word, if necessary, and it will read it to them while they are reading to self. I love all the interactive pieces throughout the app. I think this would be great for following directions, receptive language, and expressive language goals. I love the games sprinkled throughout and the coloring pages at the end. I think the comprehension questions provided are an asset, too!

Improvements Like stated, the interactive pieces are good, but instances like Santa flying off, which are described in words, is not followed through in interactions. Is this a possibility for a later update? Also, depending on the user and their fine motor ability, they may, or may not, struggle with the matching games included.

General review This is a great interactive book that can serve many purposes. I see this working on following directions, prepositions, possessives, vocabulary, comprehension...the list could go on! I would recommend this app because it covers literacy, but makes it fun and motivating with the interactive portions!

Jon S.

What I liked Altering the Night Before Christmas Wubbzy style was a great idea. It engaged my children and they enjoyed the three games hidden in the story. The option to have the story read to you, read on your own, or to even read without the animations is great. The music videos add a fun reward after reading the book. The Wubbzy storybook apps always feel you get good value for your money with the games, story, and videos.

Improvements I would like to see the words in the music videos highlighted when they are being sung to help with reading fluency. The app does it for the storybook, so it needs to be consistent throughout the app. I liked that two of the games had a shape matching feature, but the third game has no learning value. Three different learning skill games would make the app complete.

General review The Wubbzy storybook apps are affordable and provide great entertainment for children. They help with reading fluency, and make reading fun with the interactive animations and games. The music videos are one of the best parts of the cartoon show, and are included in the app to give a reward after finishing the book. Taking the Night Before Christmas classic, and giving it some Wubbzy flair is a great idea.

Joy R.

What I liked The story was great! I love the interaction at various points during the story. This is for my students who have a hard time staying focused and listening to an entire story. It gave them the opportunity to stop and get their wiggles out before moving on. I also loved the questions at the end of the story. Really great! Overall... A verynice app :-)

Improvements Although the story was great and my students really enjoyed it, I thought the narrator read way too fast. I think it would be nice if in the future the story is read a bit slower. That was my only issue with the entire application. Overall it was a great!

General review My general opinion about this app is: This is a great educational and fun app for children of all ages. It's definitely one to keep handy for those days you want something to keep the kiddos busy. It's a great classic story with a twist of it own which makes it different from the rest. The interaction is truly great. I teach kindergarten and the kids didn't want to put is down. They love it!

Suzanne B.

What I liked The kids loved the games. They varied from the sleigh ride that had to dodge snowballs yet collect presents and matching shadows to shapes. The music and videos entertained the kids as well. The changing colors and lights were also a favorite. The three versions: read to them and play, read themselves and play and a book with no interactions provide variety.

Improvements Some of the interactions on he pages were not engaging enough for the kids. Some pages had a lot of interest to the kids and others the kids were disappointed as they were barely interactive. The kids wanted more movement such as the videos or the music. An example of this is the page where Santa is on his sleigh. He says ho ho ho and moves minimally. The kids were disappointed but overall most of the pages were interactive and elicited smiles and giggles.

General review This is a good little app that just needs a few more tweaks to keep the kids involved on every page. the games and the music/ videos entertain the children who want to do these pages over and over. The options of how to read the book offer a lot of variety.

Aundrea W.

What I liked I had no idea that Wubbzy was such a popular character with students. From the onset, I liked the vibrant colors and the tremendous options available that included several activities for the students. The videos were awesome and had the students singing right along. Within the video, the words to the song were displayed at the top. This was great for the visual as well as bodily-kinthestic learner. The Help menu provided more than adequate information to users of the app. Questions that arose with the students were able to be answered from the Help menu. This was a thoroughly enjoyable app.

Improvements In a future version of the app, I would like to see more videos under the Videos option. The students played the three videos quite frequently and needed more variety. A description of each character would be nice. Since I was not familiar with this character, I did an Internet search. A small character description would be helpful for teachers, parents, caregivers, etc. who need a little refresher.

General review What an awesome app for students! Wubbzy's The Night Before Christmas is a great app for kids of all ages. I was impressed with the color scheme, various options, and support found throughout the app. As an educator, I like to find apps that are similar in nature and within the app, there are five additional choices to download. This app is good for beginning readers who may need some assistance or that emergent reader able to read on his own.

Amanda S.

What I liked I really like all that's included with this book (painting, videos, games, and book!!). I really like the flag menu at the bottom (I like that it is hidden until you need it!). I like the different options while reading the book for different age and learning levels. I like that the book can be interactive, my kids loved touching all the objects on each page to see what they would do! The three modes are great, I like the read and play best (it keeps the kids interested in the book when they get little game breaks!).

Improvements In the painting section, I would like to see an option to free color (I love the automatic coloring with tapping for little ones or kids with fine motor delays) but my 6 year old wanted to color it himself. (I have seen options in apps for free hand or magic color). I would also like to see a free decorate in the tree/snowman game. It would also widen your demographic range. (The matching is great for 2-4 years olds!) On your flag menu, I suggest changing the order, put options at the end.

General review This is more than just a cute book app! This app allows your child to interact while engaging in a story. It come with three different modes to match each child's learning level (Read to me, Read & Play, and Just A Book). It also comes with 3 games, painting, and videos for the kids to enjoy. I really love the Read & Play mode because it keeps the children interested longer! I highly recommend this for ages 3-6!

Michelle W.

What I liked I liked that there different options for how the book could be read. The videos had a great message for kids. Help area was explained well. Loved how the words were highlighted on the read to me book and at a good pace for newer readers. Great idea to have a game in the book to keep kids engaged.

Improvements I do not like apps for kids that take them to the internet, even if it is to the apps website. I would like the app better if facebook and twitter are taken off. On the interactive sleigh game there is no penalty if you get the items wrong. In the paint section it was kind of hard to select different colors.

General review Fun app for kids to read along to the night before Christmas. Nice interactive graphics in the read to me section of the app. Cute videos with good message for kids about Christmas. Lots of great options in the menu section to chose from for example, videos, paint, games and pages. Overall, well designed app kids will love it.