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App reviews for "Bo's Matching Game V1.0" [text]


Bo's Matching Game V1.0 [text]

App description: Bo's Matching Game offers new possibilities (counter, question mark, ) for kids to play Memory, while they learn colors, numbers and vocabulary! The App is meant for kids from 2 (the Lulu and Tommie game) to 6 yrs (Try the colors theme in 20 tiles). It can be played solo or with other kids or parents. Also great for kids to learn English - EAL/ESL.

iTunes Link: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/bos-matching-game/id574307389?l=en&mt=8

iDevices used for the reviews: iPad2 - iPad3 - iPhone4 - iPhone4S

Total reviews: 10

Developer: Esther N.

Marc Edward D.

What I liked I personally love the song in the background. It was well done. My son loves to listen to it. I also like how this game had a voice that tells the name of each item. This feautre will let kids learn the name of each item while enjoying the memory game.

Improvements I think the mini-game should be improved or changed (the one with a sleeping child at the background). My son didn't like it or I think got bored fast since there is really nothing to do than to match the item by scrolling up or down. I think it is also a little boring because sometimes I need to drag and drag on the right selection screen to find the matching item. Maybe change it to a dream bubble. For example, the child is dreaming of this item and you will need to tap on the correct matching icon falling from his other dream bubble. I wish the background color can be changed to other color

General review I think this is a nice app to boost mine or my son's memory. The song in the background is very well done and me and my son like it. The voice telling each item's name is a good feature of this app. I just wish that the background color in the main menu can be changed to other color or at least change it to something more livelier. I also wish to see a feature where you can use the photos in your album to use in this pairing game.

Frances A.

What I liked What I like about Bo’s Matching Game is that it has an extremely cute start up. The song that is playing when you are on the board deciding where you want to play in is wonderful. I love that it matches the theme of the game to match and find two of a kind. I like that you can match on boards of six, twelve or twenty depending on the child’s skill level. I also like the voice that is telling the child what each item it; it is a nice feature of this app. I also like that you have a choice between two different ways to match items and play.

Improvements There are a few things that I don’t like. I would rather ads not pop up during the middle of the game, when having children play they clicked on it and got brought out of the game. That should be on the home screen. Also, though I like the images I think that they might be a little too simplistic compared to other games with the same features. Another thing I wish the game had would be rather than counting how many times you guessed wrong, if there was a way to take background data on this instead. Also, make the ability to have multiple profiles would make it better overall.

General review Overall, I think that the game is nicely put together, well thought out and adjusted for children of various ages and skill levels. Children did enjoy playing the game and loved the music, so that does mean a lot. It did not hold their interest as long as other games though. I think it needs a bit more work before it would be the best matching game on the market but it has a great amount of potential. I can't wait to see some future updates.

Nico D.

What I liked 1. The first thing that I noticed when I started the app is the song. The kid really loves it and now he sings it around the house.
2. The user interface is very simple and that helped the kid(4 years old) to acces the games on his own.
3. In the mini game where you have to choose from 2 columns I really like the scrolling can't go too fast so the kid missed the object only once or twice.
4. The cards are color coordinated and this makes it easy to find 2 of a kind.

Improvements 1. I would like to see more characters in the mini game. Lulu and Tommie are not enough.
2. The selections of objects, animals and colors are pretty good, but you have to add all of them to the 6 and 12 card games. The 6 especially has a limited selection of cards and the game is getting very repetitive.
3. The language options are very limited, it needs more to choose from. The kids could learn some new words by playing this game.

General review This is a good memory game. You can pic from a range of difficulty and enter in a colorful and pleasant world for your kid. The app needs some updates in the language and diversity of characters, cards sections, but that's not something major. The app has a great value, it's only 1 dollar and it is worth every penny.

Aundrea W.

What I liked Bo's Matching Game is a vibrant and colorful app that is sure to please the smallest eyes. It is eye-popping and simplistic in nature for young children to work individually or with a parent or guardian. I loved that several options were given as to the type of memory game to be played and the selection of tiles such as 6, 12, or 20. If another choice is desired, individuals may choose the Lulu and Tommie game. This game is for the smallest learner to match pictures on both the left and right sides. An added feature is the music and vocabulary that appears when memory selections are made.

Improvements In a future version of Bo's Matching Game, I would love to see realistic pictures or photographs used in the memory games. The cartoonish pictures used lack originality. Young children learn vocabulary through the use of environmental print. Although I love the color pink, options should be given to change the background color. You should also be allowed to turn the sound on or off.

General review Bo's Matching Game is a good memory game that has the potential to be great. The vibrant colors and pleasant music are sure to capture the attention of young learners, however, the content falls flat. The cartoonish images do not give the learner a realistic view of various presented images. The vocabulary voice-over is good and should continue to be used throughout the app.

Caitlin O.

What I liked My 3 year old was so excited to see another Bo app on our ipad. He loved playing all of the matching games. I love that he is learning something and having fun at the same time. The colors and music are great. It is a definite plus also be able to turn off the music and sounds. I also like that you are able to pick the number of squares used in the matching game and that when pressing the ? the child is able to see the cards.

Improvements I would like to see additional games added as the app evolves. Adding more choices in teh matching section would be great. Also I feel that the child may need some voice over when first starting that tell them exactly what to do. Such as match the two pictures that are the same. When you fist open the app there is the song, but my son needed some more direction before he was able to be independent.

General review My 3 year old was so excited to see another Bo app on our ipad. He loved playing all of the matching games. I love that he is learning something and having fun at the same time. The colors and music are great. Children are given the opportunity to make their own choices with in the app as to how many squares they would like in the matching section or if they want to be the boy or the girl.

Elizabeth C.

What I liked I liked that you have choices on what items you want to match and that there are academic items to choose from. I also liked that you can choose how many items you want to match at a time. The second game with Lulu and Tommie is nice, because the user has to scroll and search for the right matches and place them in the boxes for a match.

Improvements I would like to see letters being added to the matching choices, as well as an increase in items that can be matched. Maybe add 8, 16, and 24 item matches. Also, while playing the Lulu and Tommie game, the items are difficult to choose and drag to the boxes. It was frustrating and I had to press several times for a response. The wait time between picking items in the matching/memory game is also long.

General review This app is great for matching/memory. There are two different matching games to choose from from the home screen, one will take you to 8 different choices for matching, such as household items, transportation vehicles, numbers, foods, animals, colors, everyday items, and shapes.I liked that it keeps track of how many tries it took to get all of the matches correct. I liked the scrolling and dragging feature of the Lulu and Tommie game as well.

Mary H.

What I liked I like how the matching games have themes, such as "colors" or "food." It is helpful that each item is identified with a spoken voice. The overall look is fantastic, with simple lines and bright colors that would be very appealing to children ages 3-4.

Improvements There are no directions to begin the game, so you have to randomly tap pictures to get started. At first I thought I was listening to a (long, but cute) intro song.
On the matching game, with Tommie or LuLu, you have to tap the the picture on the left first, then the one one the right. I'm not sure why. When tapping, the response is a little irregular, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.
There is nothing to indicate the progress of how many matches you have created. I think kids will get a little bored, because there is no progress indicator or no new levels to achieve

General review This app contains two matching games. Both are simplistic in nature; match two items in one of the games and in the other, a classic flip the card memory game. Gorgeous illustrations and color which will appeal to kids, but the games lack originality. Bottom line, I would not purchase this app for $1.99.

Kim S.

What I liked The pictures are engaging. I liked how when you touched a picture and/or turned over a card, it labeled the item. The fact that the number of tiles for the memory game can vary from six to twenty depending upon the age and development level of the child.

Improvements I would love for there to be directions for each activity that are stated automatically. I would like there to be some indication as to what each button does. I found it a little difficulty to find the information button to be able to pull up the directions.

General review This is a simple app that would be good for typically developing students. The fact that the app has two different types of games is a positive and the fact that you can choose three different levels of tiles for the memory game is also a positive. Overall, I would rate the app as fair. I am not sure that this is an app that I would be recommending to others,

Nathalie C.

What I liked > The music,
> The discretion of the parents corner, quite well hidden
> The ad on the homescreen with no link to appstore.
> The Lulu matching game : very simple, but great for younger kids : you choose one, you try to find the same. May be a scoring or any incentive might be a great addition, though?

Improvements > I'd like to see the parents corner protected from taps, even if it is kind of hidden.
> I'd like to see a more ergonomic homescreen and navigation.
> Bug ? Sometimes, the sound stops working.
> Style of drawings is not always the same (look at the frying pan for instance).
> The navigation is not very intuitive at first, especially for younger kids, I'd improve it
> The game can be slow sometimes.

General review This game is a great addition to Bo's collection of stories. It's a great collection of memory matching games, with a very nice talking addition, that is great to learn new words (or words in english for non english speakers). Maybe this game could be improved by better navigation.

Jessica B.

What I liked Bo's Matching Game has bold and colorful pictures. It also has three different levels of game playing (size of boards). Having the two separate game types is also a benefit for the learner. I like the six categories that help the user learn different concepts or vocabulary words. I liked the balloon and sound effects that signify a completed game.

Improvements During the matching game, it would be nice to have something let the user what to do next. The arrows on the side are not bold, bright colors. To move to the next puzzle, it would be nice to see an arrow highlighted. Some instructions on each page would also be nice. A wider assortment of pictures in each category would also make the game a better vocabulary learning game.

General review This matching game is a little simple but works good if an adult helps them figure it out. It has two different types of matching games with more than one level. The game gives the learner a wide variety of concepts (numbers, animals, etc.) to learn. Overall, this game could be really great with a couple of improvements.