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The Whole Truth about Santa Claus [text]

App description: A Christmas tale without any bright red suits or great white beards. In this tale, Santa Claus is named Fred and he needs all the help he can get from his friends to make sure all the presents are delivered on time.

iTunes Link: https://itunes.apple.com/fr/app/toute-la-verite-sur-le-pere/id562888257?mt=8

iDevices used for the reviews: iPad1 - iPad2 - iPad3

Total reviews: 10

Developer: Françoise P.

Andrew M.

What I liked I like the story concept very much. It is a great app for teaching children about the true spirit of Christmas. The graphics are very well done and fit the story well. There is enough animation to make sense for a book app without being distracting as a book like this does not need lots of interactive features (in my opinion).

Improvements I think it may be important for parents who are thinking of buying the app to know that this is a book that plainly contradicts the traditional story - particularly if they have young children. While this is a GREAT tool to teach your children that Santa is not literally real, parents should not buy the app for their child to use and "accidentally" discover the truth. All existing aspects of the app are excellent, in my opinion.

General review This is another great book app by the folks who brought us The Sweet Song of the World. For parents who want to teach their children about the spirit of Christmas (and that Santa is not literally real), this is an excellent app. Graphics, animation, narration and navigation are all very well done.

Frances A.

What I liked What I liked about the app The Whole Truth about Santa Claus is its very imaginative and original story. I also think that this story allows children to think outside the box and has the potential to ask them many questions allowing them to think and express their own opinions instead of just reading for the answers. It gives them the possibility to think, is this possible, what else could be possible if this is possible. I like that it gives the chance for this. I also thought the name of the people in the story was nice; it had names from all different cultures which is unique.

Improvements What I don’t like about the story is the name. Many children believe in Santa Claus and they need that hope that Santa Claus is going to come and bring them gifts. When reading this stories it takes the magic away from the understanding of who Santa Claus is and why he bring children gifts (i.e.- on naughty or nice list). Another thing, that I did not like about the story is that children can just look at the pictures instead of reading the stories. I think the read to me option should be first and you should be able to turn off the read to me option is they want to.

General review The story had an amazing positive message and morale; hard work and working together pays off in many different ways, you can help and bring happiness to others. The story was an easy read for children, especially because they have a read to me option; where a child can press a button to have the story read to them. Maybe making the book longer and splitting up the pages could help beginning learners read and enjoy the story as well.

Marcel W.

What I liked This is a great book app with different take about the story of Santa Claus. The app has an interesting art style that complement the story well and excellent narrator. Although the sound effect and the background sound are nice, I do find it somewhat distracting.

Improvements The loading time of this app is slow 3 seconds minimum on iPad mini. It displayed the default screen then it went black for fraction of a second and then load the default screen again before the app actually load. For some reason the app always defaulted to French maybe this is French app localized to English. There are social media and external link buttons that can easily be clicked. I don't like how you have to hit the sound button on every page to get the story read to you, if its own then it should be on for the next page. Background noise is reducing the narrator's voice.

General review This is a book app with an interesting and different take of story about Santa Claus. The illustration style of this app is great and complement the story very well. There are some basic interactivity through out the story but don't expect in depth interactivity

Erin K.

What I liked I really liked the story and the illustrations. The story was amusing and well paced and I liked how light-hearted and interesting it was. A very different and far more believable Santa story. The illustrations fit with the tone of the story and I really liked how the animations on each page were subtle but were interesting and really helped tell the story. The audio was also well done.

Improvements My wife found it interesting that the app started up in French and so did I but I really wish that it would default to English if I switch the app to English. I also would like to see the audio turn on and stay on as opposed to having to press it on again after every page. I know the focus is supposed to be on the story but the little interactive points would be nice to see on every page. It might give a reader another incentive to come back to the app some more.

General review Overall this was a very interesting and engaging ebook. My son and I both enjoyed the story and it was executed very well in all the areas that mattered. It had a consistency of style and tone that fit perfectly with the material. The are was engaging and added to the story without being too distracting.

Dheeraj R.

What I liked >The unique imagination involved. I expected the app to tell me that Santa lived in the North Pole, but it was completely unexpected what was actually mentioned.
>I liked the part where they say that Santa (Fred) reads the letters. Even though this app is practical, it still manages to keep the children believing in Santa. They still have hope, that somebody will deliver them presents, and this is one feature that really appeals to me. The last thing I'd want is children to stop believing in Santa.
>The graphics were simple, but effective. Its important that the message is conveyed.

Improvements >There should be music in the main menu. The app looks incomplete without some music in the menu.
>The app's default language should be English. If this app is to be sold on the US App Store, the default language must be English.
>There was a video shown at the end of the app, which I suppose was in French. But for those who don't know French, like me, the video can't be understood. I'd like to see an English version of that video.
>A sequel to this application. Probably about Fred getting recognized for his activities, or something like that.

General review I think the graphics were simple, but very effective. It doesn't matter about the graphics, as long as the message of the app is conveyed. If there was an option, I would rate it 4.5 out of 5. There are only minor changes needed, and then it would become a top application. It's a unique application, one that I have never come across before. On an overall, it's a good app, and it's even better that I came across it during Christmas time.

Libby C.

What I liked Very original and amusing story with charming illustrations. I especially like the falling snow. The music is delightful. The story is available in English or French and the narration is pleasant and professional. I love that it is zany enough that even children who still believe in Santa Claus probably won't be fooled. They know this version of the story couldn't possible be true! I enjoyed that the story was multicultural and had a great message of cooperation, kindness and sharing.

Improvements Opening screen defaults to French, and has to be set to English each time. I would like a pause button, the ability to turn off the background music/sound effects separately from the narration, highlighting as words are spoken and a "Read to Me" function rather than having to choose on each page. Hard to know where the interactive animations are located- we had to poke all over the screen. I wish the characters had a non-alcoholic drink and it is a bit creepy that Fred walks into houses using master keys. I wish kids could not access Facebook and the app store directly from the app.

General review This is a highly original, funny and entertaining story telling "The Truth" about Santa Claus. The illustrations, music and narration are very nicely done and the story is available in French and English. Even children who still believe a little bit in Santa Claus will think this is hilarious. There is a great message about cooperation and kindness. I wish the app did not default to French and that kids could not access Facebook or the app store.

Becky W.

What I liked I was fascinated by this app! I never wanted to rush through it. I listened to the pleasant narration in English while accompanied by thoughtful background sounds. It all worked together beautifully. The illustrations were simplicitic to draw the reader to the heart of the text and for once I enjoyed minimal interactions.

Improvements I was perplexed by the highlighting and underlining of some of the text. It kept my mind working to determine if there was more there than random placement of graphics. I couldn't find the reason. I believe there needs to be more warning about the nature of the story being for much older kids - teens and such. Perhaps in the title? I know for content it earns a 4+ rating, but I wonder if that can be changed. And finally, the last page would be more powerful by removing the first part of the third sentence "There is no magic" and add a final sentence to that paragraph, "That is the magic."

General review This is a powerful story for teens and young adults demonstrating the kindheartedness present in every day citizens not just during the holiday season but throughout the year. This opens to the door to search within to find how to be more like "Fred". This heartwarming, touching story brought tears to my eyes.

alexandra h.

What I liked This app had cute music, was very unexpected, and you never knew what was going to be said next. It was a very different type of santa story and the aspect of hidden santas was a brilliant concept. Also thought it was great how all different types of people and cultures were included.

Improvements Honestly I cannot think of a way that this story could be improved. Would not personally have my four year old that has autism read this outloud. I would change a few things just so santa and secrets santas would not confuse him but beside love it. I was not thrilled it was in french and made my son wait while i took away his ipad so i coud read it and he was not thrilled either. The direct link to facebook was unexpected and maybe disable that option in the app instead of having to go into the ipad settings. Besides those though the graphics were great, music, and no visible glitches.

General review Never knew what was going to be said next and i loved the aspect of how anyone could be santa. Love that this story implements that anyone can be generous and giving. The music was cute, the graphics are engaging, and the overall experience was entertaining. Do not like that it starts in french or that my son had a direct link to facebook so i disabled him being able to. All and all a cute app that anyone of all ages would enjoy.

Courtney D.

What I liked I like the detail that went into the app. I love the movement/animation that is "sprinkled" throughout the app. The interactive moments were appreciated as well. I love that the story has some vocabulary that may be new to the user/parents that are reading this story. I believe that adds that element of literacy building that can be missing at times.

Improvements I could not figure out why some of the words were highlighted or underlined. There didn't appear to be a pattern that I could make a connection to, nor did I find a spot that gave me insight into the purpose. It would be beneficial to know what the reason is, so that it can be keyed into by the user(s). There should be a statement somewhere in the description on iTunes that this book informs that there is no true Santa Claus, or maybe there is no Santa Claus that rides around on reindeer and uses chimneys to deliver toys. I think that is a very important piece to know prior to purchasing.

General review The title of the app is very indicative of the content. This app informs users that Santa Claus is not making toys all year, nor does he ride around on sleighs, but rather there are many individuals that devote time like Santa Claus would if he truly existed. I think the story is full of meaningful vocabulary. The animation and interactive pieces are great, too!

Shannon W.

What I liked I love this alternative story on Santa Claus. The illustrations are whimsical and cute. I loved the moral lesson in this story and it is one that every older child should know at this time of year. The fact that Christmas can only happen when you put giving first as opposed to receiving and that with teamwork a lot can be accomplished. The music and sounds were delightful throughout the book and I actually found myself turning up the volume to listen to it over and over again!

Improvements I'd love to see this app done in other languages. My 14 year old nephew is learning French at the moment so he enjoyed reading the French read along in this book. It helped him with pronunciation and comprehension. Perhaps if this app also had the option to keep the "read to me" option ON throughout the whole story instead of turning it in with each page. That became a little tiresome to have to click the button on the bottom of the screen for each page.

General review This story REALLY hit home for my 14 year old nephew and myself. We are in the Hurricaine Sandy devastated area and are beginning to see the many local Santa Clauses in town. Many of our friends have lost their homes and it's great to see local people like "Fred"in the book helping to make Christmas for so many young kids this year. This story teaches so many moral lessons that I will be sharing this app with other parents that I know!