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About us

As iOS indie app developers we've loved the whole development experience: the "Apple system" is really great from this point of view.
We found it very difficult to get people to beta test our app before release. At marketing times after release, we faced the huge difficulty of getting enough reviews on the App Store in order to get a rating displayed. We refused to ask our friends/family to post biaised reviews.

Therefore, we decided to create ReviewForDev service in order to help those with the same dilmma, especially indie iOS developers. We see this service as a win/win for:

We also offer other useful extra services that don't exist anywhere else such as Promo codes giveaway contests.
Any developer or reviewer can create their contests even if they are not registered on ReviewFordev. They get a link (URL) to share with the participants and can also implement a small widget to feature the contest on their blog/website. The idea is simple: the quickest participants to click the button win a code ! You can take a look anytime at the list of public contests available.

How does it work?

The developers who would like feedback for their app send us a "request for review", which is used to obtain information about particular iDevices and target profiles they needs for the reviews.
Once we have validated this request, all the matching reviewers are requested to apply to review the app. We select the best profiles and if we reach the requested number of reviewers, the developer can confirm and proceed to purchase.

Once we have validated the payment, each reviewer gets 10 days to submit her/his review.
- if the app is live on the app store: the reviewers must purchase the app (and we'll pay extra money to compensate exactly this cost),
- if the app is not released yet: the reviewer will download from our server the files to install the app on her/his iDevice (this is called Ad Hoc installation).

Each time a reviewer submits a review, we manually control it according to our review guidelines in order to ensure the best quality. If we believe it is acceptable, we pay the reviewer for this job.

We noticed that most of the reviewers actually post the conclusion of their review on iTunes as well as on our website, but we cannot guarantee it will always be the case, since we leave it up to the reviewer's decision.

How much does it cost for developers?

Once developers register, they can use our simulation tool in order to find the most consistant plan and adjust the settings according to their budget.
As an example, the first review plan (5 reviews for a $0.99 app) is $39.99. To see the exact pricing table go to this page.

We're totally sure you'll love ReviewFordev once you've tried it !